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--->> download the softsubs here <<--

Translator: ssunsett
Spot Translator: jhhong86
Editor: badstar, ssunsett
Timer: r3dc1nc1n
QC: endlesseternity
Encoder: ..::Tammy::..
Uploader: xsoulwindx
Coordinator: viruslove_dbsg

download the raws here

Credits: TVXQF + virsulove_dbsg & tvxqluv @ GOE;SS

DOE subs are out!

{GOE-SS} [DVD] Dating on Earth [English Softsub] DO NOT HARDSUB THIS (synched to TVXQF 1.03gbversion).srt

{make sure it has the .srt extension if it doesnt just rename it.kthanks
the subs work! i tried them}


" English Hardsubbed will also be released for this project. We might wait for our own rips (from GOE;SS staff) and use that one instead for the hardsubbed.

This is not the only surprise that we have for you all.

We are also ALMOST over with the Making of Dating on Earth! Watch out for it too! :) "


地Yoochun updated his cyworld

he looks kinda down and blue... TT.TT o_o
"the silence...and the "Bye Bye" from his minihoompy doesnt look good to me
oh and he canged his BG music,too
he has a very sad EMO song LOL

His status says something like:"Be my guest rindamyeon little eyes."

".......만" = "Only..."

球上恋screencaped by me(kity)
click to enlarge picture

爱》(Dating on Earth) [No Subs]

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1. from 爱人裕秀
2. repost together with the picture below


p/s: i think this file is going to be deleted. So whoever wants to download it, please be fast!If this file is deleted, i'll delete this post as well.

This one still got no subs.
And the size really shocked me...1GB....

[Downloading Raysource]

Juz in case u don't hav Raysource to download this, here is the downloading link :


Follow intrustion and you'll finish installing in no time at all.

After finish installing, open the downloading link for "Dating on Earth" i've posted b4.


After that, u'll see this page...


K are u ready?!!!!
Who's ready to see Dating on Earth?!! I dunno about u..but i know i cant wait!!!
so here u are..download link for the whole movie!

Dating on earth
Size: 1036 MB
Length: 01:13:43
Resolution: 800x432
Format: AVI
Credits: 爱人裕秀 + TVXQ Family+mikageishi@LJ

click here for download link on MU
there are 11 parts.
after downloading all parts join with HJ Split

another way to download it is this:

subs are comming soon.goess team is curently subbing it
if u rather watch it online u can do it here
check out this user's channel for the other 9 parts

enjoy^^ and don't forget to vote for our blog on diromo.You can see our TVXQ TOPLIST VOTE button in the right corner of the blog.under the banner.
kthanks <3>[FULL MOVIE] Dating on Earth Part 1/10 DBSK Drama


oh and Happy New Year! hope 2010 will be much better for u all

oh and completely random.my cousin lelis showed me this last night
look at these two checking out that girl ROFL
same tastes eh? ^^

i saw these 2 videos and wanted to share it with u
its my reason to believe in dbsk,too

Let's Believe in DBSK

Why I Believe In TVXQ

Dating on earth
I searched all the pics i could find and zipped them for u^_^
can't wait for the movie to release
enjoy the pics! there are many more but i cant post them all
click here to download the zipp i made

credit:Toink3@soompi + DBSKnights

can u tell im jj biased?

credits: sharingyoochun & as tagged
for more details abt the movie click here

TVXQ @rehearsals in Japan
u can see JJ .he is the one wearing the black hoodie on his head
and the other members


pic taken from keita's blog


Tohomobile pics!


We submitted our blog add on diromo yesterday and got the confirmation today so u can start voting! help us make it in top 10 at least^__^ fighting!
You can find our voting button on the right corner of the blog---->
the "TVXQ Toplist Vote" one ^_^ start voting...GO!
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click "Enter and Vote" and u will be directed back to our blog.VOILA! easy as saying "DBSK" lol^_-

I just saw TVXQ live again! i think its the 3rd or 4th time this month! what a beautiful way to end a year dont u think?
stay tunned for tomorrows performance!! thanks for inventing Keyhole and internet! <3>091230 東方神起 The 51st Japan Record Award Stand By U [HQ]

credits: sharingyoochun

credits for the pics: purplelykthat

Because all of us love and support DBSK,we want to show Avex Entertaiment that DBSK is popular in Romania/Europe too.That's why we want them to aknowledge our existence.This way we can make them export DBSK goods everywhere,even in Romania^_- Showing a little support to our fellow romanian cassies aka.Crystals vote for our Romanian forum,help us get no1! ------> click here <------

click for a larger image^_-

(ENG SUB) Bigeast station #144 - (1of 2) Final episode w/ all 5 members

the title breaks my heart TT.TT

(ENG SUB) Bigeast station #144 - (2 of 2) Final episode w/ all 5 members

credits: OneTVXQBEStation

091225 Tohoshinki Stand By You at Music Station Superlive


Xmas Eve is here! I wish u all a Merry Xmas and i hope u all spend precious moments with ur loved ones! oh and i'll make sure Santa comes over at each one of u ^_- it's a promise!
btw where are u all spending holidays?leave a comment if u travel somewhere nice ^^

方神起、 Merry Christmas!!!

now let's leave these 5 angels enlighten us with their voices/tvxq carrols compilation


Tvxq's Break Out-Sold out LOL ~

TVXQ new single BREAK OUT is out!!

enjoy! and please buy it! support the artist! go to yesasia.com and order it!
also mirotic dvd is available for pre-orders.guess what the 3rd cd is....

download link

DBSK 東方神起Break Out MV (Eng + Japanese + Romaji Subs) Edited Again

and here are some videos from SMILE AGAIN fanmeeting subbed!
and others..just check this user's channel and u'll find more there^_-

First of all i want to wish my all time favourite cousin Lelis a Happy Bday and a Merry Xmas

glitter graphics
Glitter Graphics, Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

Im sorry for not being able to be with u on this important day but u should know i always love u and care about u! Have fun mwahhhhhh saranghaeeee.Chukaee!!

everybody pur ur hands up for Lelis! LOL

I made a new friend on Twitter.an awesome one!

she even sent me a xmas card and a tvxq bracelet all the way from america.u know the one from the international fans project! i simply love it.im wearing it all the time^^

it says "Always keep the faith" and "I believe in TVXQ"

look how cute the card is ^__^

i loved her xmas card..but most of all i loved the last words she wrote,quote:"Lets continue to be delusional and keep JJ to ourselves" !

i say: definetly lets continue being delusional! feels soo good^^
and thanks for being my friend.i want u to know that u will also always have a friend in me even if we are far apart!
always keep the faith! aja aja hwaiting! ^_-

Merry Xmas everyone!!!!
Have fun and take care of ur health!
and fighting at ur finals!!


even if there are rumors and hardships let us always keep the faith! ne?

my current wallpaper always keep the faith!

gosh i luv his blond hair

The Cove

[click to enlarge photo]

I found out about this movie from Olivia Lufkin 's tweet( Avex japanese singer).
everyone should watch this documentary! its a must see for both japanese ppl and others!
for more informations about the movie click here to go to the official site and to learn what u can do to help stop the slaughter of dolphins!
dolphins should be loved and not eaten!
you know what a smart quote says...: " If u really love someone let him go and make his own choices" !
dolphins should swim free in the oceans and not be held in captivity!
i cried watching the movie...please watch it too!

  • The Taiji dolphin drive season is from September 1st until April 30th.
  • Most Japanese people are not aware of this annual ritual.
  • The meat is distributed throughout Japan for consumption.
  • Much of the dolphin meat is given away to Japanese children for school lunch programs and the parents do not know it is toxic.
  • All dolphin meat has toxic levels of mercury. If an average bottlenose dolphin on the East Coast of the US washed ashore, it would technically be considered toxic waste.

!!!! click here for more facts about this !!!

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, The Cove follows a high-tech dive team on a mission to discover the truth about the international dolphin capture trade as practiced in Taiji, Japan. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, including hidden microphones and cameras in fake rocks, the team uncovers how this small seaside village serves as a horrifying microcosm of massive ecological crimes happening worldwide.

The Cove: Ric O'Barry Message

The Cove exposes not only the tragedy of dolphin slaughtering in Japan, but also the dangerously high levels of mercury in dolphin meat and seafood, the cruelty in capturing dolphins for entertainment, and the depletion of our oceans fisheries by worldwide seafood consumption. We also see how the mandate of the International Whaling Commission has been manipulated by the Japanese Fisheries Agency for its benefit and its subsequent effect on the rest of the world.

After i finished watching the movie i was so shoked about the fact that not even japanese people knew this was happening..so i thought i should ask some friends of mine on twitter about this and here are the feedbacks:
i asked if they have ever eaten dolphin meat or ever heard someone who had?

Dolphin!?No~Kity!I haven't!and I don't wanna eat them(>_<)They are too cute!! Why?Why?Have u!?" "No,I have not . I did not know about it . eat dolphin ? I can't believe . "

hi. well i dont eat dophins and i'll never do that..i guess in a small part of japan, there maybe ppl eat dolphins but it's uncommon. "

hello^^ dolphin meat?? No. The dolphin is very loved in Japan. No one can eat. dolphin is healing mind for the Japanese.^^ "

as u can see...nobody ever heard of such thing..and nobody would ever think of doing such thing...japanese people love dolphins too..its just that many of them might be consuming dolphin meat without even knowing it..thats the worst part!
so my advice is...dont buy meat ur not sure about...

The Cove: Mercury Clip

The Cove Trailer

Report from Taiji Dolphin Hunt day #2

Hayden Panettiere tries to stop slaughter!!! (Long Version)

This was posted by j.adore@soompi. I am just reposting this because it has a lot of relevance given that there are so many rumours etc floating around. I think most of the points are valid here. Please read it.

Edit : To clarify, it is an old post, I know but it's still relevant. See why.

Note , I do not have the link to the original post. This http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=274042&st=26320 is where I am copying it from.

We had a family dinner tonight so there was couple family members talking about this case b/c a lot of them are involved in the industry. They said that one of the things SM could/would do is to degrade the member’s public image. So there might be articles/videos/posts in the future of one of the members doing something they shouldn’t be doing. My aunt works at an entertainment company as big as SM, and she said SM executives must be pissed off b/c they are already losing this case just through the media. Their stocks have gone down and the public image of the company worsened. Not only that, if this goes to courts, he probably will have to change the contracts of all the artists as well. They say at the moment, the members to be in favor of the whole situation, but a lot of them agree that there probably will be a move by SM to overturn it before the court date if it leads to that. There has been so many posts by fans that have degraded SM’s image as well. There is that infamous video of Yunho, Junsu and their hair stylist, each member looking like they are going to faint at a concert proving how overworked they are…

SM isn’t going to just stand there and let the media control the situation.
This has happened before with Shinhwa and HOT as well.

My uncle works at SBS and he’s said multiple times how well mannered DBSK members are and their work ethics haven’t changed since their debut. But as someone in the field, he knows SM won’t be just standing there. They will do whatever it takes b/c at the moment, they have nothing to lose. I’m already thinking that they are prepared for disbandment and want to ruin the 3 members first.

One of the things they can do first is to separate the fans. The fans have a trust toward the members right now and they might try to turn the fans back towards the members. This might be through the press or it might be through someone posing as a fan, releasing information. Most likely, it’ll probably have something to do with their private lives. Anywhere from exaggerating their latest visit to a bar, saying something offensive… etc. The rumors/articles about trouble between the members is not even a start for what SM might do. That’s nothing. They might start targeting one member out of the three in order to bring down the validity of the 3 members. They might actually bring the 2 remaining members into this more to show good vs. bad sort of thing.

When the dispute started, they first used the makeup company as an excuse. Then they refuted that they gave the members 11 billion wons and cars. Now, they’ll probably resort to more crude methods. The thing very different about all other cases before this is that there wasn’t a strong bond between the members of previous group. And between the fans as well. So whatever the media says, even if it seems totally unrelated to the dispute, DO NOT trust it. This is a scary industry. I mean, this is an industry where managers record sex tapes of their female celebrities to keep just in case anything happens. This is a dirty, dirty, scary, evil industry.

Even if there is videos of them doing something wrong, keep faith. The members are only human so even if their mistakes, flaws, wrong doings are reported, or their is a video circulating around, just keep your faith. I’ve been just hearing a lot of things that will be happening and it just worries me what is coming and what they will go through.

So just trust in them because they have stated their positions multiple times. That seems to be the only thing fans can do at the moment. Stick together as one, and just give the boys 100% trust.

Credit: j.adore@soompi

GAH this hurts my eyes TT.TT
jae dont hold her like that...you can only hold me like that ^__^


this is my current wallpaper !

and some bonus.these were made by my friend Su from twitter!
all credit goes to her! i love them! these are my current DP on both of my phones! and imma print them on my pillow and can soon! uhm actually..tomorrow! imma post piccies ASAP!

and a pic i found on someones twitter.a good pic of jae ! thats a good stalker! kkkk
gosh i luv his car!but i luv him more :X XOXO

You're like a summer breeze to me right now-UNTOUCHABLE
i hate winter!!!


everyone is getting married lately O_O

Tablo and her wife just returned from their honey moon in Prague.aish my all time favourite lace for a honeymoon!and my no1 place i want to visit next time,aside from Seoul !

speaking of weddings....i want to congratulate my good friend Lee Soo Min(ex Black Beat leader and member).He is getting married tomorrow with his lovely wife Hanna ^__^
I wish them lots of happiness and joy and a baby soon kekkee^^
Chukae oppa!

"I, KYO (Singer), Jinyoung (Blackbeat/Super Junior's teacher)"

i took the liberty to take this pic from his cy.im sure he won't mind:)the wedding pic he send it personally to me:)

speaking of! US cyworld is closing! SUX!!!!

i dedicate this song for you Lee since i know its ur favourite and im sure u'll sing it at the wedding too ^_~

and OMG i cant actually believe ur getting married x_X

here's one of my favourite SM town MVs that u participated in!


MBC to make TVXQ documentary and turns to…


Cassiopeia? That's what it looks like! Yoon Hae Jeong, a screenwriter of MBC recently announced that popular program Star Documentary will be making an episode for the ever-so-popular TVXQ/DBSK. Though the fivesome has undoubtedly shot up to top-tier fame internationally, this thirty-minute documentary will reportedly reveal the hidden stories behind the idol image of these so-called 'Rising Gods of the East'.

Of course, one cannot consider TVXQ without its enormous fanbase. Fun fact: Cassiopeia is singlehandedly the largest artist fanclub in the world; the Guiness Book of World Records reported 800,000 official members in 2008, and that's not even including the unofficial fans both in Korea and worldwide. And that's why MBC will be taking interviews from not only childhood friends and people close to TVXQ, but also getting in contact with fans in Korea in order to make this documentary "through the views and voices of Cassiopeia". MBC will be asking fans about which TVXQ stories to include in the story in order to faithfully express the warmth and love of Cassiopeians.

"We hope to tell the touching yet almost unknown story of how DBSK became Asia's top artist," Yoon Hae Jeong expressed. "We would like to include their stunning musicality that has been ignored due to their 'idol' status, their overseas activities, and each member's efforts, passion, sweat and tears to achieve his dream of becoming a singer."

"Although it may be a stretch to create such a documentary about DBSK, especially in such a sensitive situation ... we believe that what everyone needs right now is a documentary like this," the screenwriter added in light of the recent controversies between TVXQ and SM Entertainment. "[W]e believe that a documentary that is filled with the love of the fans will be a great strength to the members to help them endure this situation."

So with that, the broadcast will reportedly be taking place later this week on the 23rd with interviews from the members themselves, teachers, close ones, trainees, composers, and of course, the ever-adoring Cassiopeia. Fans will most undoubtedly look forward to the never-before-seen pre-debut and overseas footage from their past years of fame.

It's incredible to see how important fans have become for idols these days. Gone are the days of fangirls sticking at home and merely spazzing over songs with their friends - from supportive (like the fan movement Hottests have taken for Jaebeom) to negative (SNSD Black Ocean, Super Junior Only 13 Movement), fans are proving to be an unprecedentedly powerful voice in the entertainment industry.

Thanks to beth k for the tip!

Source: [MBC Every1+Daum Television+DNBN]
Translation: jeeelim5 @ tohosomnia.net
Credit: tohosomnia.net +allkpop

this is gonna be awesome! can't wait for it to air!


so November 11th it is? Not sure which site this screen cap came from though, but I hope it’s already official ^^

Title: Confirmation of movie “Heaven’s Postman” airing on the 11th of November

Youngwoong Jaejoong, Han Hyojoo, Kim Changwan and Shingu acting. Director – Lee Hyungmin

The movie is scheduled to be screened at 5 CGV cinemas

source: [神迹域”hero-love/rockjj]
translation credits: tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
shared by: tohosomnia.net

Please do not add on/remove credits


chunnie's omma chongmal nomu nomu keopta^^

looks like they are at Micky's Ice cream shop.actually his mum's shop

i want some time-out icecream juseyooo!! ^^

i've been thinking and i cant find any informations abt these pictures...just that its a project in collaboration with his mum..well we can all see this but then again..it coincides with the announcement of that special MBC program they are planning to do abt DBSK from debut years till now.so i thought maybe they interviewed her here and she prepared all those stuff for the interview..and maybe invited some fans too..to show their support^^

just a suposition

credit: TVXQROOMMATE + f-plant*33*@TTF
Shared by : sharingyoochun@wordpress

last night i fell asleep listening to jae's flawless voice,listen here:


gah i just listened to bigeastation 135 and they still havent aired none of my emails T.T
looks like...imma have to flood them some MORE!!! lol
*for those who don't know where u can send emails to tvxq im going to explain now so pay attention!
you go to their bigeastation official site...that means here!!
there u can see a "mail" button,click it^^

1st: Real name *optional

2nd : Your ' radio name '

3rd : Your ' sex '(first is male/2nd is female) and ' age '
/lol i sent so many emails checking the male field b4 someone translated this for me
LOL aishhh embarrasing!

4th : Your ' address '

5th : Your ' phone number '

6th : Your ' occupation '

7th : Message to ' programs '
1st one : TOHO-experiences
2nd : How can I say it in Korean ?
3rd : TOHO-psychology
4th : Want you to answer it
5th : Love situation - Lovin' You -
6th : Message to TOHOSHINKI

8th : Your ' mail address '

Last one : Messages you want to tell them ( You need to start a new paragraph sometimes )

9th: a song request (if u have one)

u will see then 2 buttons down there...
after completing all the fields press the LEFT button to "SEND" it!
and voila! u will get a message telling u that ur email was succesfully sent! congrats! now pray that they read it too^__^
a japanese friend of mine from cyworld helped me translate these fields and also sent them an email in japanese too^^luckily they will read it.the rest of the emails i sent were in english..maybe thats y they dont read it :(
so i did this for others that dont know japanese and want to try their chances anyway:)good luck again! i allready had so many failed attempts lol..but im not giving up! NEVER:D

im currently watching "What happened in Bali"! awesome drama and more awesome OST!
im simply loving it!
after i finish this drama i plan to watch Glee...
im also watching gossip girl,vampire diaries and heading to the ground
still waiting for heavens postman to air!!!
and now this documentary will be added to my waiting list ^^
oh and i just found out one of my friends from twitter is translating "Thorn year" on her LJ.
and im planning to read it ASAP! ^^
for those of u who dont know what im talking abt..its that famous YunJae fanfic that even jaejoong read aish


so if ur into that kinda stuff...
u can read it here:



omo i cant wait for HTTG's next episode!! its the one where they kiss!!! i hope!!

look at him he's so excited too^^kyaaah lol!!


uhm..is Yuhno feeling Yoochun;s but here? o_O

i wanna know what jae's new tatoo says so bad!!!
if u have any ideas do let me know on twitter
or in the cbox of this blog^^
my current wallpaper ^^haha so pink!

and my current dp on my phone

" uuuuu you have me all over the place"

Fly high!
we're allways be here to catch u when u fall

Jaejun~ah...i wanna LIVE A
lol just ignore the next "Article" its just for the romanians.too long to translate it sorry..anyway its about a romanian's experience in japan..very interesting and funny^^


> Orice calatorie e o experienta a diversitatii. Dar foarte putine
mijlocesc saltul de la diversitate la diferenta. Una e sa te misti în
variatiunile multiple ale aceleiasi teme, alta este sa te simti catapultat
pe o alta planeta.
> > Ca, de pilda, cînd calatoresti în Japonia.
> > N-am fost niciodata în Africa, în Australia sau în Caraibe.
> > Pentru mine, Japonia ramîne, de aceea, tot ce poate fi mai altfel, mai
neasimilabil, mai "strain".
> > Te poti simti strain în Indonezia, parcurgînd drumul de la Jakarta la
Jojakarta, asa cum se simte strain orice european "civilizat" într-o
enclava arhaica si, pe deasupra, asiatica.
> > Te poti simti strain în bucataria chineza, în coloritul, moravurile si
inocenta americane, sau în expresia lingvistica a Ungariei vecine, din care
nu poti selectiona nimic cît de cît familiar.
> > În Japonia însa alteritatea e radicala.
> > Te misti în spatiul unei alte umanitati, al unei lumi paralele.
> > Nimic nu seamana cu ce stii.. Nici macar asemanatorul...
> > N-am sa fac demonstratii pretentioase, de morfologia culturii. Nu
Spengler, nu Frobenius, nu Blaga... Am s-o iau de jos, de la obiceiuri
curente, de la cum stai la masa si cum duci la gura, de la bai si closete.
> > Trebuie sa încep prin a recunoaste ca baile sînt, în mai toate
hotelurile lumii, suficient de diversificate tehnic ca sa ceara, odata ce
te-ai instalat, cîteva momente de studiu si acomodare. Caldul si recele,
cada si dusul, reglajul jetului, plus tot felul de mici ingeniozitati si
nuante locale tin spiritul în alerta si produc, în faza inaugurala,
accidente mai mult sau mai putin picante: te uzi, te arzi, te sperii.
> > Fata de ceea ce poti pati în Japonia, toate acestea sînt însa bagatele,
> > Am avut parte, de pilda, într-un hotel hiper-modern, de o experienta
unica: closetul avea aspectul unui scaun de cosmonaut, cu spatar reglabil,
brate late acoperite de micro-computere, beculete albastre si rosii, în
perpetua scintilatie, si orificii amplasate scandalos, în cele mai
amenintatoare unghiuri.
> > Obiectul m-a confiscat definitiv, deîndata ce am intrat în baie.
> > L-am cercetat îndelung, ca pe o finalitate fara scop, terorizat totusi
de ideea ca scopul poate oricînd sa apara, ca un imperativ categoric.
> > Atractia maxima o reprezentau, fireste, numeroasele butoane de pe
bratele scaunului, însotite de inscriptii în japoneza.
> > Am reflectat cîteva clipe, am evaluat riscurile si, în cele din urma,
m-am aruncat în necunoscut.
> > În fapt, necunoscutul s-a aruncat asupra mea, ca o ghionoaie isterica,
ca un balaur multicefal.
> > Odata pornit, mecanismul functiona - ca progresul însusi - dupa legi
> > Într-o clipita, întreaga baie a devenit un amplu spectacol de sunet si
> > Eram înconjurat de arteziene torentiale, de tipurituri si haiku-uri
indescifrabile, de complexe miscari de revolutie si rotatie.
> > Nu doar closetul raspundea incultelor mele comenzi, ci toate robinetele
încaperii, oglinzile, peretii, pardoseala.
> > Proportiile odaii, eclerajul, înclinatia obiectelor anexe, toate se
modificau imperturbabil, sub privirile mele amarîte, filtrate de
incontrolabile perdele de apa..
> > Am simtit, împietrit ca ma îndrept spre un final imprevizibil. Mi se
parea ca de acest closet, de electronicul sau delir, depinde brusc soarta
omenirii. Ca pot declansa cutremure, inundatii, ploi de meteoriti,
glaciatiuni. Ca, poate, fara sa vreau, am dat peste misterul facerii în cea
mai pura (si sordida) varianta materialist-dialectica: o stîngace apasare
pe butonul gresit, într-un originar closet galactic.
> > Din fericire, la un moment dat, toata harmalaia a încetat.
> > Am stat un timp nemiscat, ca sa nu stîrnesc vreo recidiva, si m-am
retras apoi, sfîrsit, în dormitor, unde atmosfera era pasnica: numai, sub
pat, o lumina spectrala, care îti lumina papucii ori de cîte ori lasai
picioarele sa-ti atîrne perpendicular pe mocheta. S-ar zice ca fata de
acest abuz tehnologic closetele traditionale sînt de o paradiziaca
simplitate. Nu în Japonia.
> > În programul calatoriei mi-a fost introdusa, ca o favoare, ca un
deliciu pitoresc, si o noapte la un foarte scump hotel traditional.
> > Regretatul meu amic, Theodor Enescu, pe atunci director al Muzeului
National de Arta, a fost prima victima a acestui episod.
> > L-am pierdut, scurt, într-una din toaletele aliniate lînga receptie.
Omul încerca sa iasa, dar ceva, un procedeu ritual, încalcarea unei anumite
succesiuni a gesturilor, îl tinea blocat. Cabina cu pricina includea tot
felul de scule si recipiente de lemn care, printr-un sistem de scripeti, nu
permiteau deschiderea usii decît dupa o anumita combinatie de miscari
igienice, alternînd balansul cu rasturnarea, rotirea si clatirea...
> > La rîndul meu, am încasat prima trauma cînd, intrînd în camera care îmi
era rezervata, n-am vazut decît un paralelipiped gol, fara nici o piesa de
> > În mintea mea îngusta, de european rasfatat, lucrul care nu poate lipsi
dintr-o asemenea camera este patul. Intri, te întinzi putin, îti desfaci
bagajul, rasfoiesti pliante s.a.m.d.
> > Aici nimic.
> > Am privit nelinistit spre batrîna însotitoare care lucra pe post de
"bagajist" si i-am dat de înteles, prin semne limpezi, ca nu pricep cum e
cu dormitul. A scos imediat dintr-un perete o rogojina de lux, pe care,
însa, s-a grabit sa o reintroduca în lacasul ei "de zi".
> > Am reluat, alarmat, pantomima: vreau sa ma întind acum, pe loc, chiar
daca nu ma culc înca.
> > Nu, mi-a pantomimat, în replica, cu o blînda cruzime, interlocutoarea
mea - ziua nu dormim, nu ne întindem. Ziua stam pe jos, cu picioarele
încrucisate, si umblam de-a busilea.
> > Spre seara, m-am hotarît sa cer de mîncare în camera. Alesesem, mai
curînd la întîmplare, ceva în care identificasem cuvîntul "vitel". A aparut
o fosta gheisa, destul de obosita, si m-a invitat în baie, adica într-o
camaruta îngusta, cu o copaie de lemn patrata.
> > "Nu - zic - nu baie! Mîncare! Vitel, care va sa zica! Papa!"
> > "Ba, din contra - îmi semnalizeaza cu un surîs buddhist preopinenta -
mai întîi baie! Papa la urma!"
> > Dupa cîteva trecatoare accese de demnitate, cedez: intru în
scaldatoarea de lemn; gheisa dupa mine! Se atine, rînjind, cu un manunchi
de nuiele aromate în mîna.
> > Refuz sa ma dezbrac, insista, nevasta-mea se întristeaza, gheisa e de
> > Încropim, pîna la urma ceva, un ritual incomplet ("interruptus?"), dupa
care am dreptul sa ma asez la masa, pe jos evident, dinaintea unei portii
de shabu-shabu. Asta înseamna: un platou cu felii subtiri din carne de
vitel cruda si o oala cu apa în care clocotesc legume, mirodenii si brînza
de soia. Se ia, cu doua betigase, cîte o felie de carne si se agita în
fiertura din oala pîna dispare tenta de crud.
> > Gheisa ma asista draconic.
> > Primul simptom al europenitatii mele e ca nu pot agita carnea în zeama
fara s-o scap dintre betigase.
> > Decid, pragmatic, sa n-o mai agit, s-o tin pe loc pîna vad ca s-a
> > Gheisa devine nervoasa: n-am voie sa cad în imobilism; carnea trebuie
agitata, altfel nu se patrunde cum trebuie de miresme. De cîte ori încerc
sa trisez, ma priveste sever si îmi sopteste militareste: "Shabu-shabu!"
Trag concluzia ca "shabu-shabu" înseamna, pur si simplu: "agit-o!",
"misc-o!", "stînga-dreapta!", "hais-cea!". Cina se încheie melancolic, în
insatisfactia partilor, si cu perspectiva neîmbietoare a unei rogojini
> > A sta la masa dupa tipicul samurailor presupune oricum, pentru
european, mai exact pentru încheieturile lui, o încercare dura,
barbateasca: fara exercitiu, pozitia în lotus sau semi-lotus e o tortura,
mai ales daca se prelungeste pe toata durata unei mese: anchilozeaza
picioarele, rastigneste coloana si distruge apetitul.
> > Mi-l amintesc, din nou, pe Toto Enescu, pe post de victima.
> > Fuseseram invitati sa participam împreuna la o ceremonie a ceaiului. La
sfîrsit, Toto, si asa chinuit de dureri osoase, avea dificultati sa
recupereze postura bipeda: era ca un nod ud, de nedezlegat. L-am dus la
masina sub forma de statueta de bronz, un Buddha chircit, în pozitie de
> > Un alt patit fusese Gabriel Liiceanu.
> > Invitat la masa de un profesor din Kyoto , specialist în Zen, a înteles
repede ca are de trecut o proba grea. Trebuia sa stea cuminte cu picioarele
sub el si sa manînce din boluri misterioase, oferite de o oficianta care
aluneca între comeseni pe genunchi. Dupa scurt timp, filosoful român a
simtit ca pierde controlul membrelor sale inferioare. Amortite, strabatute
de mii de ace, ele îi confiscau întreaga atentie si asa hartuita de
insolitul bucatelor si de discursul sibilinic al interlocutorului. (Gustul
valah percepe anumite supe extrem-orientale drept extract de cîrpe si se
obisnuieste greu cu ideea ca fasolea batuta se poate freca cu zahar pentru
a deveni desert).. Trebuia, fireste, facut ceva! Trebuia schimbata pozitia,
pastrînd, totusi, aceeasi stilistica, de vreme ce a cere un scaun era
> > Gabriel s-a hotarît, prin urmare, sa-si adune picioarele în asa fel,
încît sa-si poata sprijini sezutul pe calcîie. Dupa chinuitorul "lotus"
dinainte, noua postura parea mîntuirea însasi. Dar numai pentru cîteva
minute. Calcîiele nu sînt nici ele antrenate sa suporte întreaga pagoda a
corpului. În plus, o apasare disproportionata suprasolicita, în aceasta
pozitie, degetele îndoite ale picioarelor.. Sufocat de durere si de sudori
barbare, prietenul meu a adoptat, într-o încercare disperata de a iesi la
liman, o noua atitudine, de o riscanta radicalitate: s-a asezat pur si
simplu în genunchi, cu trunchiul drept, dominînd - fara autoritate -
fapturile gracile ale celorlalti, pentru care "lotusul" nu parea sa creeze
dificultati. Scena avea, probabil, în ochii celor de fata, ceva patetic.
> > Liiceanu trebuie sa fi aratat ca un taran de Octav Bancila, exploatat,
obidit, flamînd, cazut în genunchi dupa o rascoala ratata.
> > Dar cît poti rezista în genunchi, daca n-ai practica zilnica a
> > Mai ramasese o singura varianta. Neortodoxa, greu integrabila
tabietului nipon, dar parca mai confortabila: pozitia "Lorelei". Te lasi
binisor pe o parte, sprijinit într-un cot, ca fecioara pe pajiste...
Japonezii au contemplat cu discretie tot acest program gimnastic, la
capatul caruia victima a iesit din joc, lichidata. Si cotul amorteste! "Un
scaun! Un regat pentru un scaun!" - striga mut fiecare madular al
filosofului. Nu exista alta solutie decît abandonul. "Vai, ce gradina
frumoasa aveti!" - a gemut Gabriel iluminat si, ridicîndu-se, a pornit,
tam-nesam, s-o viziteze, lasîndu-si amfitrionii cu lingura la gura, între
doua îmbucaturi.
> > Am facut o experienta asemanatoare cîtiva ani mai tîrziu, cu acelasi
profesor, de-a lungul aceleiasi ceremonii culinare.
> > Prevenit, am încercat sa rezist pîna la capat, cu pretul unei perfecte
obnubilari intelectuale.
> > Nu stiu nici pîna azi ce mi s-a spus în timpul dejunului.
> > Ceea ce, de altfel, seamana cu o clasica experienta Zen. Ca disciplina
spirituala, Zen e arta de a sta, de a sta cum trebuie, asa încît corpul
tau, duhul tau, lumea din jurul tau si universul întreg sa intre în ordine.
Esential în acest efort e ca crisparea efortului, efortul ca program sa
> > Constiinta trebuie eliberata de rationalitate si de premeditare.
> > În cazul nostru, al lui Gabriel si al meu, doi calatori din Far East-ul
european, esecul era perfect. Reusisem sa stam prost, cu ochii scosi de
efort, constienti de neputinta noastra si încercînd sa o dominam rational.
Facusem totul pe dos. Buddhismul Zen ne da însa voie sa spunem ca e si
aceasta o cale. Calea româneasca: stai strîmb si judeci drept. Stai cum da
Dumnezeu! Stai cum poti! Asta-i situatia! În definitiv, nici japonezii
astia, care pot sta ceasuri întregi încremeniti în proiect, nu sînt în
regula.. Sa se mai miste si ei nitel, sa dea semne de viata. Vorba gheisei
mele: "Shabu-shabu!"

ce pot sa spun....GENIAL!

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