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~ Korean Music Festival Hollywood Bowl 2009 ! ~



Saturday, May 9 6:30p
at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

MC: Son Ho Young

So for those of you who do not know, the Hollywood Bowl is at the location for the 7th Annual Korea Times Music Festival featuring some of the hottest Korean groups. Past artists include, Super Junior, DBSK, Epik High, Lee Hyori, Fly to the Sky, Chae Yeon, JYP, Big Bang, Ivy, Lee Seung Gi, and even our overseas hopefuls Rain, BoA, and Seven.

As of now, the event organizers have announced that Girls’ Generation, Lee Juk, Lena Park, Kim Changwan Band, and Son Ho Young (who will not only perform but MC as well) will be in the lineup this year. The bigger names will be released sometime in March.

The Korea Times presents the 7th annual Korean Music Festival to celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of the Korean American immigration into the United States.



(There is a Service Charge)

2) Phone via Korea Times (LA): 323.692.2055 | 323.692.2068 | 323.692.2070
(There is a Service Charge)

3) Walk In (The Office will be Open this Saturday at 10:00am)
(There is no Service Charge)


more details at the official korean music festival site click here!

yay so it's official! HB is gonna rock ur socks this year!! it's gonna be SS501(all 5 of them!) and shinee and girl's generation(SNSD) LOL lots of GEE GEE huhuhuh:))
now that i think about not that sure about DBSK attending HB this year ...because of their busy schedule promoting their 4th japanese album at the hmm dunno..but there's still a keep ur fingers crossed...remember last year?there were also last minute changings so...we can still hope^^

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~ Marriages ahead ~

ShinAe from famous couple AlSin(we got married) got married for real!

Alex congratulates ShinAe on marriage, Wednesday March 25, 2009 Korea

Singer Alex wrote on a post on his own Cyworld minihompy on 24th March with the title ‘Congratulation ^^’.

He was referring to his made-believe wife ShinAe in MBC variety show We Got Married on her marriage.alshin_250309_2

He attached a picture of a heart on a plate in the post and wrote, “From now, it is to you guys to do some great cooking. To walk together. To get tired together. To sleep and wake up with that person together. This is so beautiful. Congratulations.”

looks like it's not "Yeeh!" her real answer:( i really hoped AT LEAST one of the first 4 couples from WGM to be togheter for real in the end:( looks usual i'm getting dissapointed in the end.

sweet memories...i'm sure there were some real feelings even just for a short time when they filmed the reality show...or at least i hope
I really hate fake people

SinAe happy or faking it for the photoshoot?
oh well..anyways u know what they say..."the purpose excuses the ways".I heard that she married in a short nottice because her father was really sick,and i guess she wanted him to see her accomplished...

Marvelous Musical Couple says “I do” - Melody Marries Miyavi!

see?he really is happy by her side:)

well looks like we know now to whom were adressed those lovely words from miyavi's myspace profile:

"Let's escape from this fuckin' boring world
Hold on to me and
Don't let go,k?
Our bright future is right here"

I'm really happy he found his way,his happiness.Congrats for the wedding and for the upcomming baby! May ur life and marriage be blessed and please ignore the bad rumors.People seriously need to stop bashing him and his wife.I read so so many ugly and mean comments,even some threatenings to his wife...what's wrong with u people??If u really love him,be happy for him!

Recent reports say J-rocker Miyavi and retired J-pop singer Melody have gotten married. A Tokyograph article sports the nuptial ceremony as a private gathering attended by their closest inner clique. So far Miyavi has used his myspace blog to air his apologies about not being able to announce the news himself. Melody, who was born in the US, is one of the most celebrated singers in Japan. Last fall she announced she would leave her musical career to concentrate on creating her own clothing line. Few fans of these artists have expressed disappointment in not knowing about any previous engagement. However, there are scandalous rumors circulating that Melody is currently pregnant.

this is not a pic from his wedding!

Miyavi has said he will make an announcement about these issues at his upcoming concert in Tokyo on April 5th. He will also be playing the USA for Anime Matsuri during the second weekend of April in Houston, Texas.

the official blog post from miyavi's myspace profile:

Saturday, March 28, 2009 6:49 AM

Current mood: impatient

Thank you for your sweet sweet messages.

First of all,
let me apologize that I couldn't announce it myself before the news came out.

But I still can't say anything for certain reasons.
What i wanna yell out for now is...

Who the fuck would wanna hide some thing important for him from his fans who love him ?
Who the fuck wouldn't wanna share some thing happy with his fans who are supporting him?
Who the fuck would wanna on purposely betray the fans he loves?
Who the fuck would wanna make his fans sad like this?

You know I wouldn't.

What the fuck can I believe ?
Who the fuck can I trust ?

Where the fuck is love?

But I know that what happened is all my responsibility.
And I'm fuckin' stressed that I can't explain anything in japanese right now.

But I will make an announcement for sure.

Whether you believe me or not,
I'll keep saying I LOVE YOU no matter what.



now i'm starting to see more and more clear his blog entries from myspace

P.S:Yes i have him on my friend's list

take this one for example...i think he was trying to prepare his fans for the BIG NEWS:

" Saturday, February 14, 2009 9:55 PM

Current mood: calm

i was rethinking abt my life at the beach in OKINAWA.
it's been a long long time since i went there when i was hurt.

but this time, it's completely different.

my wings are not broken.
my heart is still beatin'.

my life is related to my music.
my music is also related with my fans.

so, i've been thinking abt how to deal with my fans.

Whatever happens,
i'll keep singin n playing my guitar.

much love "

" Saturday, January 24, 2009 3:36 AM

Current mood: exotic
Somewhere, some ppl r celebrating for their bright & hopeful future.
Somewhere, some terrorists and some government r still conflicting.
And somewhere, some artist is thinking abt his lovely fans while he's being quiet. "

Sunday, November 09, 2008 4:22 PM

Current mood: warm

somebody, feed her a milk plz !!

or...[and he posted a gif. with a baby saying :"Daddy,milk!"

the pictures are taken from his myspace also this capture:

"anyway this iz my hair stylist's second daughter !!
isnt she freakin adorable?????????????
she totally knocked me out ..."

as you can see he always loved kids ^^


Name: Melody Saimo
D.O.B: February 24 1982
Birthplace: Hawaii,U.S
Age: 28
Bloodtype: O
Quick Facts

hehe they both love the sea^^

  • She began her career in Japanese music in 2003
  • Her songs have been featured in many Japanese commercials ranging from videogames to automobiles
  • Her first single, Sincerely become a major hit, reaching third spot on the Oricon charts
  • One of her most successful singles "realize" was featured in the J-dorama Dragonzakura
  • She had her first solo music tour in 2006
Interesting Facts
  • She was raised by Japanese parent in Hawaii so she can speak English and Japanese fluently
  • She's the VJ for a new Japanese music show called J-MELO
  • J-MELO is recorded completely English and is about introducing J-music to the world
sexy much? oh he's gonna be a smeexi daddy that's for sure ^^


well what can i say?congrats for the couples

TVXQ in Guinness World Record
second time!

Idol group TVXQ put its name on the Guinness World Record Book for the second time. The super hot quintet was listed in the world record book as the most photographed celebrity in the world. From the day of their debut to March 19, 2009, the five members are estimated to have been photographed about 500 million times in magazines, albums jackets, and commercials, etc. The total figure includes individual photos as well as group pictures.

This is the second time that TVXQ made it in the Guinness World Record Book, following the one in 2008 for having the largest official fan club. Cassiopeia, the male band’s official fan club claimed of having more than 800 thousand members.

ss501 is coming to hollywood..

dasndjbawf i want back to hollywood NAO!!!!!
Lelis pack ur bags!!! oh wait i forgot..our visa expired:(((
wahhhhh TT_TT

New! Must Read!
SS501 is going to be at HOLLYWOOD BOWL CONCERT taking place on May 9, 2009. IT WILL HAVE ALL 5 MEMBERS PERFORMING!! ^^
lets go support the boys so they keep coming back to the U.S

Host: We Love SS501!!!
Type: Music/Arts - Concert
Network: Global
Start Time: Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 6:25pm
End Time: Saturday, May 9, 2009 at 9:25pm
Location: 2301 North Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA 90078
City/Town: Hollywood, CA

u can buy ticket on this website :
View all of it at >>

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News ~

JanDi and JiHoo’s wedding photos?

Wedding photos of JanDi (Goo Hye Sun) and JiHoo (Kim Hyun Joong) were released today, teasers to the episode of Boys Over Flowers on 17th March has caused another topic on the internet amongst the netizens.

One of the photos even featured JanDi kissing JiHoo.

On this episode, JanDi had wanted to give the 2nd prize of a wedding photo conference to her sick younger brother, and she and JiHoo had taken part in the wedding photo conference together.

However, JanDi and JiHoo got the first prize which is a trip to JeJu island. JanDi was obviously sad with the results and JiHoo had pleaded the group who got 2nd price to exchange the prizes.

Some of the comments by netizens, “It is shocking to see that JanDi and JiHoo actually go well together”, “HwangBo said before, ‘HyunJoong ah, you said you won’t bring another woman with you to JeJu island’”, “what about JoonPyo and JanDi ㅠㅠㅠ” etc


«De 47 de ani visez să-mi văd soţul lăsat în Coreea de Nord»
Articol semnat de Dorin Chiotea

Mai jos sunt nişte randuri triste, pentru care politica stupidă a celei mai crunte dictaturi din lume poartă toată vina. De 47 de ani, singurul cuplu format dintr-o romancă şi un nord-coreean aşteaptă să se revadă. Ea are 75 de ani, el ar trebui să aibă 83. Georgeta Mircioiu, o doamnă respectabilă din Bucureşti, a acceptat să ne spună cea mai dureroasă poveste de dragoste şi fidelitate pe care am auzit-o vreodată. Povestea vieţii ei.

Georgeta şi Cho Ciong Ho s-au întâlnit în 1952. După Războiul Coreean, mii de orfani din Nordul comunist au fost trimişi la studii în China, Uniunea Sovietică şi în ţări cu regimuri asemănătoare din Europa de Est. Ea era profesoară, el fusese unul dintre supervizorii guvernului RPD Coreene pentru 3.000 de copii - cei mai mulţi - “Am plecat prin 1959. Era o altă lume, chiar dacă nici în România propaganda nu lipsea. Dar noi eram fericiţi, trăiam unul pentru celălalt, într-un bloc, alături de alte perechi mixte. Un mare neajuns erau raţiile de orez, nu se găseau alimente, dar noi cumpăram de la magazinele pentru străini”, povesteşte Georgeta, care devenise acolo, între timp, studentă la franceză şi coreeană. La finalul lui 1960, a venit să nască în România. “Spitalele lor nu aveau de nici unele şi nu puteam risca. Am plecat cu trenul, am născut-o pe Mi Ran (“Frumoasa Orhidee”) pe 22 decembrie, apoi am revenit la Phenian în septembrie, anul următor. În tot acest timp am muncit să strâng bani de tren şi pentru haine, am luat cu mine tot ce puteam”, rememorează doamna Mircioiu. Străinii însă nu mai erau doriţi acolo, iar românca nu avea de lucru. Nici la facultate nu au mai lăsat-o să care fuseseră expediaţi la şcolile speciale din România. La un moment dat, Ciong Ho a devenit chiar directorul unei asemenea instituţii, aflată în oraşul Siret, din nordul Moldovei.

“Ne-am simpatizat reciproc. Soţul meu era un tânăr blând, onest şi hotărât. A muncit cu mult devotament pentru copiii pe care-i avea în grijă”, îşi aminteşte doamna Mircioiu. Într- o zi, Cho i-a spus brusc şi serios, dar emoţionat, că are de gând s-o prezinte părinţilor lui, deoarece vrea să se însoare cu ea. Vestea a surprins-o, pentru că până atunci nu se înfiripase nici o idilă între ei. Doar câţiva paşi de dans, pe care frumoasa româncă i-i “preda”, din când în când, în puţinele momente de relaxare, l-au făcut să creadă că poate fi femeia vieţii lui.

Vreme de cinci ani, cei doi s-au tot întâlnit, dar nu s-au mutat împreună. Nimeni nu şi-a dat seama de sentimentele lor, cu toate că lucrau cu încă 36 de colegi de breaslă, coreeni şi cinci români. Încă de la început au făcut cerere pentru a se căsători, deşi regimurile din ambele ţări nu încurajau acest lucru. Până la urmă, aşteptarea a meritat: pe 12 aprilie 1957, la Bucureşti, au devenit oficial soţi. În 2007, ar fi trebuit să sărbătorească nunta de aur.

Totuşi, oficialii din RPD Coreeană au pus o condiţie: Georgeta şi Cho au obţinut aprobarea, în condiţiile în care urmau să-şi ducă viaţa împreună la Phenian. N-au stat pe gânduri, mai ales că sperau la mai bine, aşa cum sunau lozincile vremii.

“Am plecat prin 1959. Era o altă lume, chiar dacă nici în România propaganda nu lipsea. Dar noi eram fericiţi, trăiam unul pentru celălalt, într-un bloc, alături de alte perechi mixte. Un mare neajuns erau raţiile de orez, nu se găseau alimente, dar noi cumpăram de la magazinele pentru străini”, povesteşte Georgeta, care devenise acolo, între timp, studentă la franceză şi coreeană.

La finalul lui 1960, a venit să nască în România. “Spitalele lor nu aveau de nici unele şi nu puteam risca. Am plecat cu trenul, am născut-o pe Mi Ran (“Frumoasa Orhidee”) pe 22 decembrie, apoi am revenit la Phenian în septembrie, anul următor. În tot acest timp am muncit să strâng bani de tren şi pentru haine, am luat cu mine tot ce puteam”, rememorează doamna Mircioiu. Străinii însă nu mai erau doriţi acolo, iar românca nu avea de lucru. Nici la facultate nu au mai lăsat-o să vină, inventând diverse pretexte. Trebuia să devină cetăţean nordcoreean, dacă dorea să continue. N-a vrut. Alte 70 de familii ruso-coreene împărtăşeau aceeaşi soartă, pentru că anii ’60 au adus cu ei sloganul “stop revizionismului”, de care Marele Conducător Kim Ir Sen s-a folosit pentru a destrăma toate căsătoriile de acest gen.

În 1962, a fost începutul sfârşitului. Mi Ran, care pe atunci avea un an şi jumătate, s-a îmbolnăvit grav - avea o deficienţă severă de calciu -, iar mama şi fiica au venit în România pentru tratament. După câteva săptămâni, când au dorit să se întoarcă la Phenian, Ambasada Coreei de Nord le-a refuzat vizele. “Mai întâi m-au înştiinţat că soţul meu a murit. Am cerut dovezi legate de rămăşiţele pământeşti, dar nu mi-au mai răspuns o vreme. Apoi, ba îmi spuneau că a dispărut, ba că trăieşte şi că nu poate pleca nicăieri, pentru că ţara are nevoie de el”. Din fericire, calvarul familiei minţite fără ruşine a fost atenuat un pic de corespondenţă. Până în 1966, Cho Jeong Ho i-a scris prin intermediul fratelui său, inginer în sudul provinciei Hamgyong. În ultimul mesaj, soţul i-a povestit cum a fost angajat ca profesor la o şcoală din afara Phenianului, apoi a fost trimis la lucru într- o mină de cărbuni, întrucât partidul îl solicitase acolo. Omul promitea din inimă că va face orice să-şi aducă nevasta şi copilul aproape. Printre rânduri, doamna a dedus realitatea crudă a unei condamnări la muncă silnică. După care a urmat tăcerea, apăsătoare şi grea. Următoarele scrisori i-au fost returnate acasă. Cu lacrimi în ochi, Georgeta a parcurs lunar, ani în şir, drumul până la ambasada ţării, “prietenă” cu a noastră. Un purgatoriu al reîntregirii, în care orice moment trecea cumplit, în care ea îşi reproşa că l-a lăsat singur să ispăşească o pedeapsă absurdă şi nemeritată. În 1971, când fostul dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu a vizitat RPD Coreeană, a venit şi ultimul răspuns oficial: “Cho e viu, dar situaţia e de aşa natură încât nici el nu poate părăsi ţara, nici străinii nu o pot vizita”.

Calvarul cuplului a fost subiect de roman în Coreea de Sud

Dar ea tot nu s-a lăsat. A scris pe unde a putut, la mai toate organizaţiile internaţionale. A fost nevoită să muncească din greu pentru a-şi creşte fiica, iar statul român a ajutat- o. “Am primit casă şi serviciu. N-am avut nici o problemă, nici o presiune. Doar că în necazul meu a trebuit să mă descurc singură. N-am înţeles cum se vorbea de prietenie între ţările noastre, iar realitatea în care trăiam eu era incredibilă”. După Revoluţia din 1989, doamna Mircioiu şi-a păstrat elanul. Crucea Roşie Internaţională, Amnesty International şi ONU au ajuns pe lista speranţelor ei. Marile ziare din Coreea de Sud şi televiziunea de stat KBS i-au prezentat cazul. Tot în Sud, în 2001, a apărut romanul “Iubita din România”, al unei scriitoare în vogă, Kwon Hyon Suk, inspirat din drama ei. Cu toate că e convinsă că nord-coreenii au desfăcut de mult căsătoria, nici nu s-a gândit să-şi refacă viaţa. Iubirea devenită interzisă de politica absurdă a celei mai izolate ţări din lume a traversat deceniile nealterată, dar udată mereu cu lacrimi de dor: “Îmi lipseşte în fiecare secundă. Zi de zi, de 47 de ani, am visat la clipa în care mă voi trezi sau voi adormi iar alături de Cho. Nu mai avem mult de trăit, dar văd cu ochii minţii tinereţea noastră. Parcă seară de seară vorbim prin telepatie, de aceea sunt sigură că trăieşte. Vreau să ne mai plimbăm pe la şcoala unde ne-am cunoscut, să mai dansăm măcar o dată... Simt că oricât aş lupta nu e destul, dar totuşi mă apropie şi mai tare de dragostea mea”.

Obişnuită să sufere, Georgeta Mircioiu îşi ţine amintirile în jur, de parcă totul s-a întâmplat ieri. Ea lucrează de 14 ani la un dicţionar coreean-român, pe care speră să-l termine până la sfârşitul anului. În acest fel se simte mai aproape de sufletul-pereche de care s-a despărţit brutal, dar pe care nu l-a părăsit niciodată

Ambasada de la Phenian, nepăsătoare!

Libertatea a contactat, încă din noiembrie anul trecut, Ambasada României în RPD Coreeană pentru a solicita ajutorul în cazul Georgetei Mircioiu. Am informat telefonic şi am trimis prin e-mail toate datele pe care le deţinem, fară să primim vreun răspuns până în prezent. De asemenea, la fel s-a întâmplat şi în cazul reprezentanţei diplomatice nord-coreene de la Bucureşti. De aceea solicităm public Ministerului Afacerilor Externe si ministrului Cristian Diaconescu implicarea în această problemă gravă.

Peste 3.000 de tineri comunişti au fost şcoliţi gratuit în ţara noastră

Copiii nord-coreeni care au fost trimişi în România între 1952 - 1960 au făcut două săptămâni cu trenul până la Tuşnad, după ce iniţial au staţionat la Beijing. Circa 1.000 erau elevi de liceu şi studenţi, ceilalţi 2.000 erau mai mici. Câţiva erau ai nimănui, alţii aparţineau unor înalţi oficiali decedaţi, care aveau însă rude în viaţă. Cei mai mulţi erau bolnavi din cauza mizeriei în care au fost nevoiţi să trăiască, atunci când ţara fusese aproape distrusă de război. După ce i-a ţinut în carantină o vreme şi a amânat începerea şcolii pentru 1 octombrie, statul român le-a oferit condiţii decente în localitatea Siret (nordul Moldovei).

“Limba de instrucţie era coreeana. Profesorii români predau materiile de bază, artele, româna şi rusa. Cu toate că majoritatea copiilor începuseră să vorbească o română fluentă, pe tablă se scria în ambele limbi, pentru a fi siguri că înţeleg toţi”, îşi aminteşte Georgeta Mircioiu.

În 1960, şcoala a fost vizitată de o delegaţie formată numai din femei, membre ale Crucii Roşii nord-coreene. Copiii şi studenţii erau mistuiţi de dorul de ţara lor şi cei mai mulţi au cerut să se întoarcă. Decizia a fost luată după un an: toţi au fost puşi la tren, şi duşi au fost. În realitate, repatrierea a fost făcută pentru că mulţi compatrioţi aflaţi în Germania de Est au fugit în Vest. Deşi aveau pregătire superioară şi ţara lor ducea lipsă acută de specialişti, unii dintre ei nu au fost apreciaţi, în timp, la adevărata lor valoare. Cei care aveau alte viziuni faţă de “ordinea socialistă” s-au trezit expediaţi la munci grele în minerit, construcţii sau pescuit, ca muncitori necalificaţi.

huh..un articol gasit de lelis..mi s-a parut demn de impartasit ^^

Jang Ja Yun's manager tells the truth about JJY's death!

Recently deceased Boys Over Flowers actress Jang Ja Yun past and possible reasons for her suicide are beginning to surface.

First it was reported that she died of depression and there were even reports saying that her manager stated she was murdered, well, that might be true... to some extent.

It has now been exposed that the up and coming actress was beaten and forced to sleep with the Production Director (PD). Her manager is now revealing the gruesome first hand accounts of the suffering and assaults against her, despite her family not wanting this information to be leaked. Jang Ja Yun hand wrote documents listing her tragedies. Before her death, she asked her manager to expose the person responsible for her attacks. She told him she didn't want her family to think she died of just depression but from something far worse.

The manager has yet to reveal more specifics regarding the documents but he did state the contents to be very shocking and disturbing. He only said so far that there were incidents at room saloons and bars, and being forced to sleep with the PD. Other abuse include being physically beaten with water bottles and receiving threatening text messages. All this abuse took place in the past year and even just week before she committed suicide, she went to the head of her company to ask for help from the harassment. But she was beaten and told to just endure it.

She confessed in her letters that she was forced to do the dirty deeds, because she had no money and was emotionally weak. Jang Ja Yun's manager made a public statement that although exposing her truth to the police and media is going against her family's wishes, he wants to see the person pay / punished for her death.

The manager is cooperating with police to bring the PD in question to justice. Currently, the PD is in Japan.

It's been reported that the manager has tried to commit suicide also after revealing this statement and is currently hospitalized. He tried to commit suicide to avoid any backlash from exposing the truth about Jang Ja Yun.

more about this subject here


Alex Chu - Flower Pot

hehe for the "We got married lovers"
my favourite alex&sinae part

as for DBSK news and piccies..miahn but i really dont have the time to upload all the new pictures from magazines and stuff...really!!
i am still sick and i have lots of homeworks for college and tests to attend so i must prepare intensly!
but please do check my affies for i am sure they are updated^^


sâmbătă, 14 martie 2009

~ A date with Hyun Joong (F4 Ji Hoo) ~

An interesting korean holiday

I just found out an interesting Korean culture. One month after Valentine's Day i.e. on March 14, they celebrate White Day (화이트데이).

In Korea,
Valentine's Day is a day for females to present chocolate gifts usually to a member of the male gender as an expression of love. On White Day, the men who received the chocolate on Valentine's Day are expected to return the favour by giving gifts, usually more expensive to the women.

Black Day (솔로부대) is celebrated one month after White Day which is April 14. On this day, single people go out together and eat noodles with black bean sauce called Jjajangmyeon (짜장면).

Well, if a lady did not give you chocolates on Valentine's Day and you have no sweetheart to give expensive gifts to on White Day...then go eat black black noodles on April 14! Over here in Malaysia you can eat "Hokkien mee" instead of Jjajangmyeon. ;-)
Now, have you heard of White Day and Black Day? I have not heard of this before one of our readers Clammy mentioned it, and our Korean language teacher further elaborated on this.

White Day is also celebrated in Japan and Taiwan. It actually originated in Japan.

Today is White Day! Did you get any chocolates or gifts? ;-)

Reference: Wikipedia
Artwork credit: Rooster

Kim Hyun-joong's Guerilla Date on Entertainment Relay

Kim Hyun-joong getting ready to go on the Gyro Drop.
It takes you 30 stories high and then whooosh! It drops you...

It looks like Kim Hyun-joong decides to go to Lotte World /Magic Land for his "Guerilla Date" segment on Entertainment Relay. In the entertainment program, celebrities are taken for a walk along the streets or in a public place and is interviewed by one of the hosts on the show.

Kim Hyun-joong (23) took a break from filming KBS2 drama Boys Before Flowers for his interview. Fondly known as Ji-hoo sunbae (지후선배) in the drama, the 23 year-old singer/actor looked just as charming and romantic as his character. Although he was rather playful in this interview session. He challenged the reporter to taking the Gyro Drop -- a heart stopping exhilarating ride in the amusement park.

Hyun-joong's "Guerilla Date" will be broadcast on White Day (March 14) on KBS2, 9:50pm.

Don't forget, you have a date with me on White Day!

or else

aish i am soo sick:( i have a bad flu x_X sorry for the late posts...but i dont have time for anything:( nomu nomu miahneyo

aish i would so love to go to Lotte World once
Gyro Drop :X:X

Lotte World official site here!

In a row!

DBSK - Kiss the Baby Sky PV

keep`em comming!

DBSK - Survivor PV

marți, 3 martie 2009

Dbsk the secret code full album preview [download]+Boys over flowers delayed ~

hehe me like this photo^^

but please DO BUY THE ALBUM OK?
don't forget is always at ur service for pre-orders ^_^
u kno` dbsk hates piracy..i know that too but...let's consider this just a peeking ok?:))

official THE SECRET CODE site here!!

FileName:[DBSKnights] The Secret Code Album Full Preview
Size: 9.23MB

Song List:
1. Secret Game
3. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
4. Nobody Knows
5. Beautiful you
6. 忘れないで
7. 9095
8. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
10. Stand Up!
11. Survivor
12. Kiss The Baby Sky
13. Bolero
14. ウィーアー!
15. Take Your REMIX-
16. Box in the ship
17. 千年戀歌
18. Purple Line
19. Non-stop Mix
20. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(アカペラver.)

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Credits: Ran@baidu + DBSKnights +TVXQfever + TohoWebsite

ok let's get back to my current addiction heheee BOYS OVER FLOWERS..well...considering the fact that i'm still at episode 11 due to my busy college schedule..i don't think i'm gonna be harmed by the delay so much..I HOPE!

Boys Before Flowers broadcast delayed

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Boys Before Flowers filming schedule meet
hiccups as Gu Hye-sun is recovering in the
hospital after a minor car accident

I don't know about you, but when i found out how Korean broadcasting systems produce, edit and air their dramas, i got nervous just hearing about it. Before a 16-episode or 24-episode series has completed filming, the drama is aired. In fact, the drama starts airing a couple of episodes into filming! Well, with a schedule like this, the producers and actors are probably highly stressed, because everything has to work like clockwork! Delays and falling behind schedule mean you won't have an episode to show the next week.

Murphy's Law struck for the cast and crew of Boys Before Flowers when lead actress Gu Hye-sun (Geum Jan-di) met with an accident on the 27th February -- yes it was the day of the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards. I guess this answers my question as to why Hye-sun did not attend the awards ceremony.

As a result, filming cannot continue and Episode 17 (which was to be aired on 02 March) was delayed.

The Accident

Goo Hye-sun was riding in her car returning from filming location to Seoul. Her car collided with a dump truck, causing her to slam into the seat in front of her. Although initially it was reported that she suffered no damaging injuries, it was later revealed that Hye-sun had to get stitches for a cut at her mouth. Plus the impact had caused swelling to her face and this would certainly hamper filming.

Lee Min-ho to the rescue

In an interview with Goo Hye-sun at the hospital on the 28th Feb, she revealed that her co-star Lee Min-ho (Gu Jun-pyo) was actually the first to arrive at the scene of the accident and promptly whisked her to the hospital for treatment. Ahhh....he's her real life hero too. ;-)

Hye-sun said:
“After the accident occurred, a van that looked a lot like Lee Min ho’s passed by. With my head ringing, I slightly remember thinking, ‘I wish that was Min ho’s car.’ As the car door opened, it turned out that it was really Min ho, and he began to run toward us. At that time he looked like the savior of the world. Had I gotten to the hospital any later, my recovery would have been later as well. I was so thankful.”

Lee Min-ho comes to the rescue
Gu Hye-sun watched the Baeksang Arts Awards on TV

Being injured and all, Gu Hye-sun couldn't join in the festivities and had to watch the Baeksang on television.
“I was shocked when I saw Lee Min Ho fall on the red carpet. I laughed without even knowing. I thought the stitches in my mouth had come undone(laughs)."
Hospital Visitation

Her co-stars Lee Min-ho and Kim Hyun-joong -- the two who worked the closest with her in the drama came to visit after the Baeksang awards ceremony. How sweet!
Later, Lee Min-ho went back to work filming the drama. Filming scenes that did not involve Hye-sun of course. Korean entertainers are a hard working bunch!

On March 01, all four of the F4 members visited Hye-sun.

Her co-stars visited her at the hospital

Compensation: Special Episode

Production company Group Eight announced that a special will be aired on Monday (02 March), with Episode 17 on Tuesday. The special will feature F4 members showing behind-the-scene footages at filming locations as well as never-before-seen clips -- perhaps even some NGs!

Gu Hye-sun is expected to start filming again mid-week. Well, we send her love and hopes she recovers real soon!

Gu Hye-sun FIGHTING!

Sources: Yahoo!news, Dramabeans, Shigella Virus

today i listened the whole day to the Boys over Flowers OST and "I'm loving it "^^

check out some of my favourites:

Lee Jung Sik - I Know (Saxophone Inst.) (Boys Over Flowers OST)

Kim Yoo Kyung - Starlight Tears (Boys Over Flowers OST)

SHINee - Stand By Me (Boys Over Flowers OST)

Boys Over Flower OST Someday - Do You Know


T-Max - Paradise (OST Boys Over Flowers Theme) MV (english subbed)

Hyun Joong singing Komapta (Thank You) live

and i love this one!it's one of my fav songs...fits so well the HwangBoo couple story ne?^_^ for the WGT fans...they should know..*winks winks

Boys Before Flowers: F4 Talk Show Special

As you probably know by now, Gu Hye-sun’s recent accident caused some filming delays, so a special broadcast aired today instead of a regular episode. Episode 17 will air on Tuesday, so next week’s episodes will be 18 and 19.

Also, a few other bits of news:

  • There will be NO extension.
  • Therefore the series will end on Monday, March 30, followed by another special broadcast.
  • A second OST will be coming out, which will include Kim Hyun-joong’s acoustic-y version of “Because I’m Dumb.”
  • The photos below include shots of Gu Hye-sun’s smashed van. The F4 guys all visited her in the hospital and expressed their concern, and wished her a speedy recovery.

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