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the album is allready no1 on Mnet ^__^
check it out on the official site:

yes! as promised,9:04 minutes of the music drama special !!

more to come stay tunned aye?
big thanks and credits to: hoonfami

28.4.09 F4 5 years Later - Ep 2 Yi Jung Story - Boys Over Flowers - Mnet Music Drama

rtist(s) : Various Artists
Mini Album : F4 [Special Edition]
Release Date: 28.04.2009
Language : Korean
Bit Rate: 192 kpbs

The song featured in the BOF Music Drama trailer is track #1 by Kim Joon.

*Red text are new songs.

1. 비워내기 (Feat. 김조한 KIM JO HAN) - 김준 (KIM JOON)
2. 지금 만나러 갑니다 - 김범 (KIM BUM)

3. 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (클럽 Club Version) - 티맥스 (T-MAX)

4. 숨겨봐도 안되는 마음 - 이지혜 (LEE JI HYE)

5. 행복이란 - 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong)
6. 가슴이 어떻게 됐나봐 - A & T
7. 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Ballad Version) - 티맥스 (T-MAX)
8. 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Dance Version) - 티맥스 (T-MAX)
9. 널 사랑해 (Bang Bang Boom) - 티맥스 (T-MAX)

All 9 tracks are included in the file.

Download links:

credits: lovekoreastar+
credits: soompi + lks + daum

[LIVE HQ 09.04.09]T-Max (티맥스) - 나쁜 마음 먹게해 (Fight The Bad Feeling)

[LIVE HQ 09.04.09]Kim Joon (김준) & Kang Min Kyung (강민경) - I Love You Oh Thank You

kim joon performing a cover of saranghae gomawo from MC MONG

since he was not so much into the spotlight in the drama,he gets all the attention now
he modeled for andre kim and now the special edition of BOF is told from his point of view.he even has a GF too in the "5 years later" special edition of BOF stay tunned for more updates

mmmmkayyy lets see....since its been suuuuch a long time since we updated the blog...i decided to go throught the headlines of most of the sites i visit and "Extract" the esential.
as u can see "uri" F4 have been very very busy was released the first episode of the SPECIAL EDITION of episode comming up next week.
looks like the episodes come out as musical video..i m not sure yet since the full episode has not been uploaded YET! i m still checking youtube for it.if u found it please let me know.just leave a message in the c-box.kamsahamnida:D

now lets check out just some of the many CFs and adds that F4 have been working at

Kim Bum Mario Kart Wii CF - Full version

more vids on wii's official site;)

Kim Bum It's Skin CF 30sec 20090418

09.04.23 Haptic Mission TV CF (eng trans)

and surprise!!

Kim Bum singing at Japan Fanmeeting

he can sing too!
ah perfect much? xD

28.4.09 Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, Son Dambi -Haptic Mission - Long CF Version 2 part 1/3

just follow the links there to see the rest of the parts^^enjoy

28.4.09Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, Son Dambi - Haptic Mission CF- Long Version 1 part 1/3

another version!

28.4.09 F4 5 years Later - Ep 2 Kim Joon Story - Boys Over Flowers - Mnet / 비워내기

ah the long waited special edition...its a bit confusing but i think things will be clear soon enough..this just leaked today so please be patiens..the other parts will be uploaded soon on ytb we have the users promise ^~ :

"Yi jung Story , Please wait!!! I will upload soon.
F4 Special has 2 parts.
part 1 released tonight with Woo Bin and Yi Jung Story. /13mins (Ep 1+ Ep2 )
part 2 is coming next week with Pyo and Ji Hoo Story./13mins ( Ep 3 + Ep 4)
I love this song :D
The first track on F4 Special Edition feat. Kim Bum and Kim Jun:
비워내기 (Feat 김조한) - 김준(Biweonaegi (Feat. Kim Jo Han) - Kim Jun) "

here u can download the songs from the special edition album:

F4 Special Edition Mp3 and Download Link

[090424]SBS.Intimate Note-SJ.Gee and SorrySorry Dance cross-dressing

ah this is too much for me to handle i laughed my heart out!
must see:)
i have a permanent grinn on my face since i saw this vid haha
puts a smile on my face every time i watch it.
they are outta control!!!! hahaha

Im sure most of u allready know this one:

[MV CF Vers.1 HQ/HD 720p]Lee Min Ho (이민호) feat Jessica Gomez - Extreme (익스트림)

lee minho's digital single extreme.

until next time..something to...

tada~ and stay healthy! stay away from the swine flu!
its serious sh#|

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~ Hwang Bo comeback !!!! ~

uhm before i start this post i want to personaly apologize for the late posts..its not only that im busy but im also very very lazy lately -__- and i cant bring myself to write everything that i would like to here:(
ah there are so many things i want to talk about..but because there are SO MANY i dont think i m gonna be able to do that..since i am losing my ideas very there are soooo so many updates for tvxq that i cant keep up anymore..without lelis's help(since she is busy with her big exam and all)
:( miahn nomu nomu miahneyo
and i also want to apologize for the's loading so slow:( i know...
ok here we go! ^^

as i was surfing the internet today i found two GREAT NEWS
and and last but not least thanks to all the readers we have reached the step of over 60,000 visitor! kamsahamnida!

HwangBo to comeback as singer

[DL] Hwang Bo (황보) - 믿을 수 없는 말 (Can't believe the word)

Release Date: 2009.04.21
Genre: Ballad
Language: Korean
Track List: 01 믿을 수 없는 말
download link:

Singer HwangBo will comeback with a ballad single ‘Unbelievable Words’.

She will comeback with a more matured image, the single talks about the feelings after knowing one had to say goodbye to one’s love.

This is going to be the female version of the same song by singer-producer STAY. The song is rearranged to bring out HwangBo’s style, and also totally different feeling from the original version.

source: kbites

BOF Special Edition!!!!!

ah can this day get any better???~

The Boys over flowers will continue the story with the special edition on 28 th of April 2009.I cant wait,im waiting,counting for the days by days haha. The special edition,will continue about Goo Jun Pyo's (after five years later),you miss the curly hair? Well,in this really special edition no more curly hair, so this is the video of the special edition,i cant wait to see it !,i hope its interesting before this episode,and said no to love triangles ! -.-

Hwayobi & Sleepy Get Lovey Dovey

In Hollywood, it is not uncommon to see couples kiss, hug, and overall showing loving affection in public. But in the Korean Entertainment world, you do not see many stars out and about with their significant other without big hats, sunglasses, or over-sized clothing in an attempt to hide their relationship,let alone smooching right out in the open and on a stage no less! Hwayobi and Sleepy, who publicly announced their relationship are further cementing their couple status with a public kiss at Untouchable's mini concert. More pictures below:

Hwayobi was attending her man's concert to sing her part on the song "It's Okay" from Untouchable's first album Quiet Storm. She also sang "Half" off her newest minialbum and Alicia Key's "If I Ain't Got You." Sleepy initiated the show of affection: the couple has been together for 3 months. I personally hope to see more stars being open and able to have relationsips without public crticism!

credits: soompiradio

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Micky Yoochun's reaction

Micky Yoochun's reaction

I saw this video and also opinions of their fans and I just couldn't shut up.
To be honest I really respect their opinions but I think they're totally wrong and
I care too much about Micky not to say anything about this.

First off,did you actually guys tried to switch places?Have you ever tried to put yourself into Chunnie's shoes?

It's not easy for them too.They are people just like us and have problems.
I love and admire them even more for that because I can see how strong have become to leave their problems at home and always try to look perfect on stage for us.

In my opinion that was a healthy reaction and it shows that he is HUMAN and Micky has limits too.It's a thing called attitude when someone reached that limit.

Secondly,sometimes the fans are just too much...They will follow them everywhere.Is that normal?
Apparently it is for some of their fans.
I mean let's face it : we love them because they are smoking hot,they are talented,they have lovely voices but we must learn to love them even with their flaws cuz they can't be perfect.Again,we must remember that they are humans.

I'm curious where are now the brave fans that were saying they will love TVXQ no matter what.
I discovered TVXQ just a year ago but I believed in them since then.

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~ The end of BOF, now what? ~

Life after Boys Before Flowers

Boys Before Flowers : Final episode aired (in Korea) on March 31.
Filming wrapped up on March 29, 2009.

It's over now. All the hype, all the suspense on how the drama's going to end. It's all over...

Filming for Boys Before Flowers ended on the night of March 29, 2009. The tail end of filming brought the cast on a whirlwind schedule, taking them from all over Korea to Macau and culminated
at Korea's Incheon beach. Well, the dust has settled and now the cast and crew can only look back at the 5-months of hard work as a sweet memory.

The final episode of Boys Before Flowers aired on KBS2 in Korea on March 31, 2009. Imagine, barely more than a day of post-production time before the final episode went on air! That's the insanely hectic pace the drama cast and crew had to live with for the past 5 months or so. A dreadfully stressful, exhaustive pace. Congratulations to them for pulling it all off i say!

That's a wrap guys! Filming ends and the cast and crew celebrate...

What will life be like after Boys Before Flowers? Well, for starters i will probably stop crossing out Monday and Tuesday nights in my organizer as off limits and making myself available for other appointments again. Well, my Mon and Tues nights won't ever be the same again for sure. But you are not here to listen to my post-BBF withdrawal symptoms (besides, i have lots more episodes to go!).

Now that all the excitement of producing and first-time airing of the drama is over, what did the now scattered F4 members do? What did Lee Min-ho, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Joon and Kim Bum do on the days after they completed filming the drama? Let's take a peek.

The next day - for the first time in five months(!), the four had completely different schedules. Of course the first thing on all of their minds were to get some much needed rest. But here's what each ended up doing

Lee Min-ho : Exercise, facial and rest!

On March 30, Lee Min-ho got some much needed rest. He also worked out / exercised (which he says is long overdue) and made an appointment with his dermatologist for a one-hour skin care treatment.

That afternoon, in a telephone interview with Sports Korea, Min-ho mentioned "I feel much better after a one-hour rest and treatment at the dermatologist (he probably fell asleep when the dermatologist worked on his face)." Then he asked jokingly "Do I sound different when I am lying down?" However, Min-ho did not have the luxury of taking the entire day off. He had a shooting (photography) appointment later that evening.

Kim Hyun-joong : Fan meeting

Kim Hyun-joong a.k.a. Ji-hoo sunbae (a name which his fans affectionately still calls him) has one of the most organized and active fans groups around! On March 30, Hyun-joong had a rehearsal with his bandmates for the fan meeting which would take place the next day.

On March 31, Hyun-joong was at Seoul's Olympic Park meeting 4,000 very lucky fans. Kim Hyun-joong was joined by his SS501 band mates, Kim Joon and Kim Bum! Hyun-joong also told his fans that his band SS501 will be making a comeback soon.
Kim Bum : Busy shooting movie & CF

Kim Bum delved straight into shooting a movie after Boys Before Flowers wrapped up. The day after, he spent the entire morning at the film studio, then followed with CF shooting later. In fact, all the F4 members had a late night on March 29, taking photos and saying their good-byes. Despite staying up late the night before, Kim Bum had to wake up early for a full day of shooting.

Kim Joon : Begins his career as an entertainer

The end of Boys Before Flowers signifies a wonderful start to Kim Joon's new career. Before playing Song Woo-bin on the drama, he was in the band T-MAX, but was still practically an unknown face. Now, all that has changed and his career in K-pop entertainment has been given a kick-start. On March 30, Kim Joon was at the recording of an MBC entertainment program.

Kim Joon spoke to Sports Seoul via a telephone interview and said, "During the drama (BBF), I received much love from my fans. Now, after the drama, I intend to return all that love." He added that he aspires to become a good actor.

F4 and a girl: One of the last few pics taken by the main cast.
From left: Lee Min-ho, Gu Hye-sun, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Bum & Kim Joon.

Source: Sports Korea

DBSK in "Fast and Furious"

Dong Bang Shin Ki has a song in the film “Fast and Furious”, fourth in the “The Fast and the Furious” franchise. Daysgoby and I were sitting defenselessly watching an advanced screening of “Fast and Furious” .

while Paul Walker’s sexy behind was chasing down a bad guy, the sounds of a remix of DBSK’s song “Rising Sun” was permeating the atmosphere. Director Justin Lin made the film decidedly Korean. Han, from, “Tokyo Drift” was in the film, there was and there was a Korean character that Vin Diesel held out of a window.

DBSK has had, to date, the best musical debut of any other artist because their song was in a big money Hollywood film.

speaking of fast and furious...i found the pictures from Universal studious@L.A that we took this january

this is me with the car Vin Diesel drove in the last movie

Universal Studios@ West Hollywood CA

and this one's from the movie too..i'm not sure who drove it though..i guess the blondy guy(not sure though^^)
or maybe this was the one driven by the blond guy hmm i dont know xD miahn

The film comes out next month
yay can't wait! looking forward

Fast and Furious - Rooftop

credit to the video:MTSMondo

The Rooftop sequence where TVXQ's "Rising Sun" plays:
(From 0:42 to 1:20, you can see a korean truck right before the music plays.)

So..looks like that's it... the end of BOF...what am i going to do now? x_X what am i gonna watch every monday????? gossip girl is on spring break for 3 weeks! three!!!! OTOKE???
thank God at least i have "We got married"...and my tests TT_TT

currently listening to:
TVfXQ's 9095(over and over and over and over again xD )

~ Cheers, ~
kity ^^v