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~ Dbsk-Take your hands PREVIEW+Boys Over Flowers~

The secret code+ B-Pass Magazine pictures ~

090226 - DBSK/Tohoshinki - Take Your Hands Preview [AUD]

Gossip Girl 2x18 The Age Of Dissonance Promo OMG

finally!! can't wait~

Check back to the website on March 4th to learn how you can win a date/night with… Se7en!

credits on the pic:Se7en's official myspace

The long anticipated launch of Se7en's U.S. campaign is finally here!! It is packed with new pictures, videos and information about Se7en’s U.S. campaign and about the world wide release of his hot new music video “GIRLS” featuring the sexy hip hop diva, LiL Kim, which will be premiering on MySpace Music on March 10th, 2009!

i don't wanna spend the night with se7en though... o_O

Check back to the website on March 4th to learn how you can win a date/night with… Se7en! Get all the details of the contest here at to find out how to compete and win an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles for you and a friend to spend a night on the town with Se7en! The winner will also win a new phone and gift bag from Verizon Wireless and Samsung.
Also make sure to sign up for the newsletter by entering your email address in order to receive updated messages from Se7en. By entering, you will be eligible for random gifts and prizes such as autographed posters, t-shirts and CDs, through various contests that we will be holding in the up and coming months.

Se7en will also be keeping up his own personal blog to stay closer to you... his fans… so make sure you check it all out!

The time has finally come... so make sure you sign up for the newsletter update, learn how to win a night with Se7en and check out all the new media. And of course, check out Se7en’s world video premiere on MySpace and download Se7en’s song “Girls” on iTunes on March 10th

Thank you to everyone for your patience and your continued love and support. This is the time we need all his fans to really help make Seven’s campaign a huge success!
Much Love,
Se7en, RQM and YG Entertainment

for official source click here!!


translation: tvxqslave@soompi

090225 ~ 090226 Cangmin & Yunho UF Replies
Fan : I'm seriously going crazy over can someone make me feel so emotional!

Yunho : I...don't know either! kekeke thank you!

Fan : Are you in Korea or Japan now? ^__^

Yunho : Japan ^__^ Really tired...

Fan : My body's still aching after the concert~~ I held up my lightstick once I saw you on stage oppa kekeke

Yunho : Really? I hope you're not hurt~

Fan : Oppa! Taking big gulps of water is not good for your stomach! Drink slowly~~

Yunho : Thank you

Fan : I'm a little frustrated right now TT Reply me and I'll go study!!

Yunho : Go study~~ Then your dreams can be fulfilled~

Fan : It will stay in my heart forever~ I don't care what others say, TVXQ loves Cassiopeia the most ^^

Yunho : Of course! That's the truth...^^ Thank you! The concert was really fun!!

Fan : I have a test tomorrow...please pray that I'll pass!! AZA!

ChangMin : I'm praying!! FIGHTING!! ^^

Fan : I have to see oppas next year ^^* But if I don't...i'm not responsible~

ChangMin : Okay^^

Translated by: Choco@TVXQFever
Please take out with full credits.

[VIDEO] 090226 E! NEWS Idol star's brother&sisters - DBSK - Junsu/Jaejoong

[News] Hyun Joong watching Mirotic concert; and his new haircut!-DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki/SS501

It has been known that talent Kim Hyun Joong had attended Dong Bang Shin Ki concert personally.

He was at Dong Bang Shin Ki ‘ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC’ concert on 22nd February in Seoul Olympic Stadium. Even amidst his busy schedule filming KBS drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ he had went down personally to the concert.

It is known that Kim Hyun Joong and Dong Bang Shin Ki member Hero JaeJoong are very close friends. He had went down to the concert that day to give his encouragement and support.

Other than Kim Hyun Joong, other stars who attended the concert were national swimmer Park Tae Hwan and pop diva Lee Hyori.

On the 15th episode of KBS ‘Boys Over Flowers’, F4 member Yoon Ji Hoo’s (Kim Hyun Joon) appearance with shorter hair has been one of the highlights to the episode.

he looks like JJ!!

After today’s episode, netizens had went on to online noticeboards and commented about Ji Hoo’s new hair, “Today, Ji Hoo’s hair is really pretty” “Cuter when it is short” “Looks like he came out from teenager comics”.

The reason for that was said to be that Geum JanDi (Goo Hye Sun) will be a college student from this episode onwards.


no wonders why i liked Joong...


I know everybody is watching it!


huhu i'm only at episode 10:( no time to see as much as i'd want to...because of college GAHH


thank's to "Boys over flowers" i'm not getting so bored in waiting the new Gossip Girl episode to air.

march 16! it's not much when i have boys over flowers ne?


though i dont really dig his acting skillz...i really apreciate him more in WGT ...i dunno..he was natural there...he's not such a great actor in Boys over flowers...his actions are a little forced...but oh well who can blame him for anything?it's enough just for him to be there and smile hahaha u know u like it^^

I mean...c'mon...what's NOT TO LIKE?

and have you seen the other cuttie?Kim Bum:X:X:X
he looks so...SMALL lol but manly at the same time...ONLY IN THIS MOVIE!

i was like shoked when i searched other pictures with him..he looks so childish in all of them..but in boys over flowers no...he looks so manly and handsome ^^
check out his korean cyworld here

check out that smile DANNNGGG!

the leader of F4 is a cuttie too! Lee Min-ho aka. Gu Jun pyo

at first i didn't like him..that curly hair of his drove me crazy everytime..but now i kinda' digg it haha weird me! i have this crazy way of changing my mind out of the sudden.
the 4th member of F4 is not really so popular..well at least not until ep 10..that's as far as i've seen until now...he is like ,in the background somewhere..adding the "4" at the
"F" LOL,I'm not being bitchy,i'm just telling the truth...he doesn't even like a girl,he doesn't do anything to popp out,he's just like "Yo,yo,yo" and...that's all ! I'm not even gonna put a pic of him here..because i m too lazy to search for one.Gosh i hope ppl won't hate me because of this..and if they do.... -__- SEE IF I CARE!


it's F4 bitchesssss!!! XOXO

Lee Min Ho SectionTV interview

aka. [Gu Jun Pyo] keke ^^v~

SBS Section TV with Lee Yoon Ah, SBS Section TV announcer 090218

Lee Min-ho interview on SBS Entertainment Weekly

On a question that if he notices his recent popularity, He said "I just appreciate fans. My parents also enjoyed the popularity at first but now they are getting cautious since a lot of people have started to ask them for favours".

He also revealed his personal tie with Cha Beom Geun, a former coach of the Korean national football team. "I used to attend his youth football training camp through my primary school days, but I gave up the dream of becoming a football player because I liked hanging out with friends more than playing football. But I think football camp was the best memory from my childhood days and I really want to see him (Cha) again and say hello to him."

Now that you've read the translation, watch the video on YouTube. Lee Min Ho (Go Jun-pyo in Boys Before Flowers) was interviewed when he was filming a CF at Market-O! The interview starts around 3 minutes into the 7 minute video clip.

Lee Min-ho tells the reporter that he adores
petite and fair skinned girls

Oh yes, here's another piece on up and rising Boys Before Flowers star Lee Min-ho.

Over an interview on SBS' Entertainment Weekly which was aired on 18 Feb, Lee Min-ho talks about the girls he's dated, his recent rise to stardom and memories at football training camp.

The SBS lady who interviewed Lee asked if he has dated many girls before. Lee said, "Not really, about two only." He added, "I think I am attracted to people who are the opposite of me. I'm tall and dark and so I adore petite and fair skinned girls. I wouldn't mind how old she is."

Min-ho is usually so busy and stressed with such a
hectic schedule that he hardly has time to eat!
Today, a specially packed lunch with heart
shaped seaweed embedded in the rice was
presented to him. He eats it happily!

The Boys Over Flowers, F4 gang look-a-likes finally made their debut on Star King! And the resemblance is uncanny!

Who do you prefer? The originals or the look-a-likes?

Thanks to haneul and sillysweet2 for the tip.

090131 F4 vs B4 - 1/2 @ Starking

090131 F4 vs B4 - 2/2 @ Starking

here's a very nice fanmade vid for Gu Jun pyo and Jan di's love

[Fanmade] Kkotboda Namja Requiem

BOF - Poster Photoshoot - EnU 081126

let's digg in the photoshoot a lit'll

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You first heard it at Phrased Differently...the english you have it DBSK way!

the long waited 26th japanese single! SURVIVOR

[HQ] TVXQ~Survivor PV~ (MTV Version)

the song is good,catchy,the coreography is LAME

[LYRICS] Survivor

Everytime, everyday
everybody now is a survivor
Looking for everywhere
In this case, don't give up

Standing up from here
searching for the light
Together we have a chance
to change, so let's try
oh baby let's try

With One Smile
you find a heart Shine on me
Two Smiles
that we can join, Shine on me
Shine like the world does
Smile, Smile
Survive, Survivor!

Even if you're going
on a u-turn, it's not so bad
remember something important
Being alone is too hard
We can unite our feelings / thoughts to begin
Oh baby we can

Somewhere there's One Dream
With the main aim to Still (going) on
Two Dreams for a Brand new world
and someone to love
Dream Dream
Let's hug

With One Love
Tomorrow can be So easy
Two Love(s)
that we can join to Be happy
believe in yourself
Love Love
Survive, Survivor

Everyone is a Survivor
Together we are Survivors
Smile and dream now
Everybody Everybody night

With One Smile
you find a heart Shine on me
Two Smiles
that we can join,
Shine like the world does
Smile, Smile
Let’s hug

With One Love
Tomorrow can be So easy
Two Love(s)
that we can join to Be happy
believe in yourself
Love Love
Survive, Survivor

Credits :
For the bloggers, credit as kenoa@soompi with this direct link « » + frapbois@DNBN
Sharedby: DBSKnights

DBSK ~200209 Mirotic Tour Seoul - Yoochun Solo Stage [Full]~


for Yuhno's solo click here
but ya'll gotta be very patient because daum is loading sooo sloooww
but it's worth the wait!

HYUN JOONG!'s kinda complicated..i don't like him for me..i mean i like the couple JoongBo! i really do...and i would very much like them to be togheter someday.I just saw few episodes from "We got married"and i tell you this:THESE TWO PEOPLE LOVE EACH OTHER! I mean come on its SOOO obvious! u hafta be blind to not see it! the thing is..they are both celebrities..and celebrities have "Schedules" and managers that don't care about anything else:(
i so love the way he declares his feelings to her,he is soo innocent and sweet !
u have to see it to know it.

Long story short..this"we got married"(WGM) korean reality show booked three couples and they had to act like a real married couple.JoongBo is one of these couples.The thing is they are an akward one,because of the age gap between the two of them.She is six years older...but in time this wont be a problem anymore,plus she is effin sexy! SO IS HE! they are made for one another.

HAHAHA thank God i found this,or else i would've gone mad until the next Gossip Girl or TRUE BLOOD episode would air. huhuh

you can watch WE GOT MARRIED here


the drama boys over flowers(with hyun joong) here

090221[NEWS+FULL] DBSK - 3rd asia tour MIROTIC COncert INTERVIEW @ yeonyega replay

here is where they talk about jaejoong falling asleep while watching their(yoochun and his) bestfriend's(HYUNG JOONG) drama "BOYS OVER FLOWERS"
the three of them are all good friends and i find jaejoong and joong very similar in many ways (phisicaly and way of thinking) ^^

Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo MV - Don't Say Goodbye

THIS IS AWEEESOME!the song fits their story soo goood!I mean it's like DBSK wrote this freaking song for their friend JOONG and his BUIN(old fashioned word used for wife) Hwang Bo! I MEAN IT!! I recently found this accident and instantly loved it.Iam curently watching WGM,and loving it.
Joong is my curent obsession!! but in a good productive way...HAHA if there is such thing?!! :)))urmm..nevermind back to our stuff !

as for the RANDOM selection we have....

Korean Love Club

HAHAH interesting!
i found these two videos..and i think i should share it with u,asian lovers^^

A Korean-American filmmaker and her friends experience dating, Korean-style, for the first time in Koreatown, Los Angeles

gives me ideas of opening a business like that here hahaha
i like the karaoke idea too^^v

click here for the video

Pretty interesting vid. Korean clubbing this weekend? Hmmmm. =)
we sure need one of these arround here too %__%


"Secret Asian 007" is a video about a Korean-American filmmaker who is living a secret life from her traditional Korean family. She describes what it is like to break a major cultural taboo by dating an African American and the struggle to hide her relationship for three years.

click here for the video!

i found this video very interesting..a korean girl struggling with her mother..who couldn't understand her at all...hmm watch it! it has alot to learn mum sounds pretty much as her mum LOL:)))
my mum says koreans are criminals because they eat fished while they still are alive ROFL:) i laughed my heart out when i heard her:))))))))))
aeigoooo parents and their concepts...just ignore them and they'll go away..if ur lucky :))


All The Oscar Photos You'll Ever Need

click here for celebrities appearences at the OSCAR ceremony

and the oscar was held no other place than THE KODAK THEATRE..been there done that:)
arghhh robert pattinson:((((((((((

for more about OSCAR ceremony,gossips and dresses click here fav was as usually...the pitt couple ^_^ brangelina
they looked always!
oh and i almost forgot..congrats to our dear kate winslet..u know her,u loved her in titanic:)

Chris Brown won't let go...

but neither will Rihanna i'd say..

"In a recent tabloid report, a friend of Rihanna revealed that she’s still staying in touch with Brown, and in the process she’s making her loved ones increasingly worried.The pal said, "She keeps saying she wants to make sure that he's okay. She thinks this will all just blow over and they can go back to how they were." Adding fuel to the fire, there are also emerging reports that Chris was getting ready to cheat on Rihanna, and had plenty of inappropriate behavior with other women."

"sorry i stragled you,here's an iPod"

"Sources say that Chris Brown tried to patch things up with Rihanna by sending her an iPod,which means he isn't just a creep,he's a cheap creep.If someone tried to kill me i'd expect at least an iPod."

Chris Brown says he is "sorry and saddened" after being arrested for allegedly beating Rihanna.
The 19-year-old singer - who has been charged with making criminal threats following the reported violent attack on the "Umbrella" singer last week - is seeking counseling and insists he is dedicating himself to becoming a "better person."And we hope, a better singer.
In a statement released by his spokesman, Chris Brown said: "Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God's help, to emerging a better person."
He said: "At some point, she will speak out. I hope she will stand up for women all over the world."So do we. And here’s hoping when she does see him, she smacks him upside the head with an umbrella-ella-ella.

anyways Chris won't get so easy with this one..since he recieved some serious threathens from jay-z:
the same source reporting:

Chris Brown is a ‘dead man walking’ after he allegedly beat up girlfriend Rihanna, according to U.S reports. Hip-hop A-lister Jay-Z, who discovered and broke Umbrella star Rihanna, is reportedly furious with Brown.

The rapper is accused of leaving Rihanna with cuts to her face, a split lip and bite marks on her arm and fingers following an alleged fight in Los Angeles last weekend. “He (Jay-Z) hit the roof,” an insider told Us Weekly magazine. “Chris is a walking dead man. He messed with the wrong crew.” Rihanna has said in interviews how protective Jay-Z is over her, and that guys had to ask his permission to approach her. “I just found out from a mutual friend that guys will talk to Jay first before they try to approach me,” Rihanna told People magazine in 2007. “He’s very protective. Jay has my best interests in mind. “If it’s a good guy, I know Jay won’t shut him down. “But if he’s not, Jay will be like, ‘No, no, no.’


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~~ MIROTIC CONCERT !!!!!!!!!! ~~


09.02.20 Mirotic Tour - Wrong Number [Fancam]

Ok before we start the DBSK post i just wanted to show u a picture that aparently leaked from the's rihanna after she got beat up by her ex BF Chris Brown
it's...sad...that's all i can say.without no further the pictures(you can see her tatoo in the 1st picture and in the other ones too).
For those who don't know the story,or even the characters...please skip this part or google the incident.


lol? junsu on a broomstick?

mmmm rock like it ^^

HAHAH this is PRICELESS! junsu with a dolphin
and check out that pose in the middle pic DANG!

chunnie with his cute lil' pink hat

ROFL LMAO!! hahahahahhahahaha

and the best part! the gun part

dead x_X
i soo wanna see this in HQ!

yah's rude!and it's not the first time ur doing it..hmm

"look junsu i can fly!!!" ^0^

singing"we will,we will ROCK YOU!!"

Micky owning the stage!
i know this is old(the piccies are from SM Town) but is that guy kissing HERO?


micky and ricky(his bro')

u can see micky and his lil bro in the left

and his kick-ass car

credits:fangirlmitz+xietinloveshero+dbsksleeplessnights+dbskdream+as tagged

Survivor PV airing date on MTV

Tohoshinki's 26th Japanese Single "Survivor" PV will be aired on MTV on 2/23 at 09:00 ~ 10:30 :DD At last, a sneak peek at the hyped out single. I wonder if they're gonna come out with sticks and leopard prints?

Credits: lolly88@soompi + saki_azuki @dbsg + xietinloveshero

some fancams from the concert enjoy^^v

090220 JUNSU - Solo Stage :SMEXY DANCE" [XIAHTIC] @ Mirotic Concert

DBSK ~200209 Mirotic Tour Seoul - Yunho Solo Stage Checkmate~

090220 YUNHO - Flying witha Red Umbrella [CUTE]

090220 DBSK - INSA live JAEJOONG focus {cute Confettis}

090220 DBSK - HAHAHA song LIVE @ Mirotic Concert [YUNHO Focus Super CUte!!!!]


Bigeastation 99 P1 - Native Speaker Junsu?

Bigeastation 99 P2 - Tohokenbunroku