sâmbătă, 10 octombrie 2009

Last year of college oficially started !! ~

Well guess what? College has started!

yoochun:"chuleh chukeso..." hahaha


i know chunnie~ah dont cry,i'll get over this one too! ROFL

...and i have alot of projects to do TT_TT
they started so soon...and its all serious and stuff .,..i totally hate it!
its my last year and i have to be more "Active" than never.I allready choosed my diploma teacher and imma start working for my diploma project starting next week...
Lelis started college,too..and she wont be able to fgo online too soon...well not until she installs internet there.
anyway we talk every day on the phone and i keep her updated with the dong bang news ^_~

Im happy..cause i got my book yesterday.
You know..Yakuza Moon by Shoko Tendo..the one i ordered online and been expecting it for two weeks gah! imma post some piccies with it,and guess what?when i looked on its back cover..it was written BOLERO on it! a sign??who knows..maybe...
should i remind u that the writer is japanese?^_~
anyway im sure its just a coincidence...

the book is in romanian.luckily someone translated it..i could've read it in english too..but not in japanese x_X


ok lets get to our dbsk subject:D
so many news and updates everywhere..so im gonna try and sum things up okey?

for a week and something i've been flooding TVXQ with emails on bigeast radio.
in case u didnt know..they recently added an email section where u can send them ur messages...its international so u should not have problems sending them emails no matter where r u from.
anyhow.as i was saying..ive been sending tons of those..lol jk not really..but anyway like 3 emails/week but they didnt air none of them TT_TT so i keep checking their radio program every week just in case...kekek^^
u can listen to the last episode of bigeastation(#133) here:

the last twitter post of New Moons director was:

" DAVID_A_SLADE Just wrapped our last night shoot. Shot with Nikki Reed and Jack Huston all night. Now buzzing and unable to sleep. "

lol am i the only one counting the days until NEW MOON?!!!!

here's some pictures with Rob in vanity magazine i think....

say hello to my micky
isn't HE a "princess"? ;))

they are so alike kkkk^^
both like to play "pretty princess"
nommuu nomu yepu~da!!^^

some pics with jaechun

definetly JAe over flowers!
be careful with the flowers jaeboo.they'll turn pale if u keep touching em^^

aww u got intimidated?^_~
moving on


the soulmate tatoo...but as many of u noticed from the shanghai concert..there were some picture circulating with jaejoong's possibly new tatoo?on top of "always keep the faith" he had another line written but i coulnt descifrate it..cause it was blurry..if anyone knows what the tatoo says please do let me know;)

and OMG have u seen Jae in a suit?!

err jae baby what r u doing?biting ur hand??
ah i know ur addicted to pain..but...not in public jagya^^~~

and make sure u watch Yuhno's drama!!
and if u got twitter folow me!!
ok i guess that's all...ja ne^^

oh and i almost forgot..everybody in the house put ur hands up for JAEJOONG!


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