marți, 5 ianuarie 2010

Our boys gone to Australia+Dating on Earth Caps+Ricky's new hairstyle+Lelis is back...again haha

Hey dears.I'm back in business...I know I haven't posted for a long time but I know that you'll forgive me.
Anyways,Kity kept this blog "alive" and I really want to thank her ^^
Let's see what our boys are doing ,shall we?
Gone to Australia? O_o
Omg,ship me there!Like now!Seriously!

"Dating on Earth" caps

JaeJoong is such a flirty thing

Plus...Smexy Chunnie _^^_
This is for Dee haha

Ricky has a new hairstyle...So do I *giggles* Promise to show u guys later on

Credits: sharringyoochun,as tagged,soompi

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kity spunea...

eh?i translated your comment with goole.what does that have to do with dbsk or us?it is very true what u said though..the only thing we are afraid is the fear itself...:)deep deep my friend ^__^ lol xie xie ni & zai jin

dating website spunea...

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