vineri, 29 iulie 2011

Yunho is JYJ's fan ^__^

Hey there, it's been a loooong time i know, and im sorry but we've been very busy i have a great news for u!! I just found these two videos from the TVXQ(homin version) fan meeting in Thailand and it totally made my day!
Check them out for urselves! Enjoy!

{ 110429 } Yunho is JYJ's #1 fanboy

110429 JYJ song on TVXQ! Press Conference

♥ HoMin recognize JYJ's song @ 2:00

And some vids from the press conf of Jaejung's new k-drama, "Protect the boss".
Everyone please support him and watch the drama^^
You can find many other vids from the press conf on this user's channel


and to end this happy post..
this is the pic that almost gave me a heart-attack

it appears the mc for the press conference asked JJ to strike a pose..and so..he did:))he's such a joker^^

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