miercuri, 26 septembrie 2012

~An incursion in Prague's DBSK history ^^ ~

Once upon a time..there were 5 handsome princes who visited the lands of Prague...they went by the name of DBSK, rising Gods of the east. ^__^
I recently traveled to Prague and had the oportunity to see this beautiful city and all the places they visited, thanks to the lovely admin of DBSK Czech, Anna(click for her blog), and Hiroko.
Prague is a very romantic city and it's definetly a place i recommend for the loverbirds out there. 
It's a city that perfectly combines the old with the new and has many lovely places waiting to be discovered. 
There's an old czech say i like very much and it sounds something like this: "Kdo hleda, najde".
For those of you who are still wondering what it means...it says : "He who seeks, will find".  
And we most definetly found all the places TVXQ went to.ㅋㅋㅋ~

This is where it all started, here's when i first met the girls, at the statue @Muzeum station.

Leaving the meeting place and off to the first adventures~
Follow me in this short journey of mine as i unveil it through photos :) U know what they say...a picture's worth a thousand words...
Let's go!~

The brave Hiroko had the guts to pose on the edge of the Charle's bridge, same as Jaejoongㅎㅎㅎ
My brave spider monkey

X marks the spot ^__^

We also visited the theatre, i sat on Jaejung's place.

THE wall that Anna loves and protects to much :))
We elucidated the long time mistery about this wall. There were some locals who asked us what's so special about that wall because they kept seeing people who came to take pictures there and they never understood what's so special about it. 
Now they know!:)

We drank Junsu's favourite bubble tea. It was amazingly delicious!

Advertising the boys whenever we had the chance :)

 Here our adveritings(taking pictures with the banner) finally had some FINE results lol. 
And i bet u can agree with me on that ^_-
He was so surprised we knew about DBSK and JYJ ^^

The cute badge Anna gave me
I absolutely love this picture..the way i surprised both the modern and the vintage look of the city.

And here ends our journey through Prague..this wonderful and full of mistery city.

Bye bye/ Sbohem~

credit for  dbsk pics: as tagged

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Hiroko Kawauchi spunea...

I enjoyed that day so much!! :33 Thank you n,n I hope you'll come to Prague again, just to visit us! ^^

Lephia Aoi spunea...

awww , I want to go there too >.<

Manohar singh Jodhpur spunea...
Acest comentariu a fost eliminat de autor.
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