duminică, 25 ianuarie 2009

~ It's all about Hero !! ~

Ok i know we have alot of catch-up to do but i couldnt stay away and not post on Jae's Bday so here i am.
26th of January oh happy day..the day when a little talented boy was born,an angel sent above from the heavens....what in the world am i talking about?he ain't no angel..he is a damn deamon who is twisting young girls minds xD true! i would know!
anyways...soon he is gonna be 24 years old in korean age and 23 for the european and american age.I think u guys allready know the thing with the ages there right?every born child is considered to be 1 year old from the first day when he/she was born..for details search google ^^

I wanted to start with his tatoo..me and Lelis came back from california few days ago and we just found out what the entire tatoo means

"The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor
A song will outlive sermons in the memory
Hope to the end"

I think it makes lot of sense for me,you and him.He has suffered alot to get where he is now..and he mostly than any of us knows best the meanings of those words.He is the hope,DBSK IS THE HOPE and he hopes that dbsk will last till the end.so do we.

[ENG]090126 Happy B-day Joongie~夜之晨曦 present (best jj vid ever!!!)

this is a nice fanmade for JAE

chukae jaeboo

look at him how cute he was when he was little awww

I found these two lovely piccies made by two affies

credits:x ietin94@xietinloveshero, 2uAngels.com

Ya'all better buy me presents or else...

DBSK~ Happy Birthday Jaejoong! 26 Jan 09

B4 i go

I want for my Bday permanent DBSK union...yeap,that's what i want ^ ~

that's all folks:)) I'll be back with updates from our lovely trip.We have been where DBSK has been.Stay tunned!

credits:mostly to me *winks

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