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Wassup' everyone? all good? i'm good too...chilling..listening to some fine music on arirang radio so everyone tune-in at arirang radio and enjoy the good music those great MC's play

click here for arirang radio

Thanks to my Jap-knowledgable-ish friends at school for helping me translate it! We all had a conniption when we saw how many kanjis there was in the article, and just decided to connect the "spaces" so there might be a bit of inaccuracies, but the idea is about the same xD

Jaejoong's name, Yuu, (sometimes romanized as only Yu) roughly means gentleness, or friend, a feature of him being Heaven's Postman to those who lost their loved ones. Saki (Han Hyo Joo) means rare blossoming, which probably was derived from her finding love amidst her pain.

Also about Jaejoong's feather necklace It probably has something to do with the heavens granting him 2 more weeks to live .

Credits: As Tagged + Fangirlmitz

Yuhno at a Basketball Game

TVXQ/ DBSK leader U-Know Yunho took in a pro basketball game on Jan 9. The 23-year-old caught the match between KT&G and Ulsan Mobis at the Anyang Indoor Stadium.

Spot the celebs: The man in the middle can't believe his luck!
He's sitting in between U-Know Yunho (left) and Cho Jae-jin

During half-time, the Mirotic singer took some time out to get chummy with KT&G player Yang Hee-jong.

Also spotted at the event was footballer Cho Jae-jin. Despite the celebrities' efforts to stay incognito, they stood out like a sore thumb since they were the only two persons wearing sunglasses in the indoor stadium :-P.

AW just look at him..looking all gorgeous ^_^
P.S: I heart those shades :X digg it totally!

Credits:k-popped+ DBSKnigts + DNBN + U-knowBaidu(for the pics)
Source: MSN News

B4 i go..i was just wondering..who is she?
i think the pic is taken after the CreBeau Press Conference...that is in Beijing..obviously the girl is chinese...but who(dougu) is she??
btw for those who havent figured it out yet..that is jaejoong on the right seat of the driver

Hmmm...i didn't know Se7en and Park Han-byul were an item! This may be old news to some of you though.

Okay it seems that singer Se7en (who's currently in the States now) and Korean actress Park Han-byul (25) has been together on and off since their respective debut in the entertainment industry. I've read in other articles that they were in fact high school sweethearts.

Well, Se7en and Park have been reportedly spending time together in America. This news broke in an Korean-American website where many are talking about Se7en and Park seen dating in LA.

Apparently, Se7en and Park have remained close bosom buddies from way back when and are still good friends. Park was taking a break and visited the United States. Good to know that Se7en isn't lonely in a land faraway from home.


oh btw we solved the cousin was right..Jae's tatoo says:
" Hope to the end "
mistery solved,case closed xD

thats about all for now..comming up next with some pati magazine piccies..but not now..later,i m too lazy now ^^ miahn
see yah!

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