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~ A date with Hyun Joong (F4 Ji Hoo) ~

An interesting korean holiday

I just found out an interesting Korean culture. One month after Valentine's Day i.e. on March 14, they celebrate White Day (화이트데이).

In Korea,
Valentine's Day is a day for females to present chocolate gifts usually to a member of the male gender as an expression of love. On White Day, the men who received the chocolate on Valentine's Day are expected to return the favour by giving gifts, usually more expensive to the women.

Black Day (솔로부대) is celebrated one month after White Day which is April 14. On this day, single people go out together and eat noodles with black bean sauce called Jjajangmyeon (짜장면).

Well, if a lady did not give you chocolates on Valentine's Day and you have no sweetheart to give expensive gifts to on White Day...then go eat black black noodles on April 14! Over here in Malaysia you can eat "Hokkien mee" instead of Jjajangmyeon. ;-)
Now, have you heard of White Day and Black Day? I have not heard of this before one of our readers Clammy mentioned it, and our Korean language teacher further elaborated on this.

White Day is also celebrated in Japan and Taiwan. It actually originated in Japan.

Today is White Day! Did you get any chocolates or gifts? ;-)

Reference: Wikipedia
Artwork credit: Rooster

Kim Hyun-joong's Guerilla Date on Entertainment Relay

Kim Hyun-joong getting ready to go on the Gyro Drop.
It takes you 30 stories high and then whooosh! It drops you...

It looks like Kim Hyun-joong decides to go to Lotte World /Magic Land for his "Guerilla Date" segment on Entertainment Relay. In the entertainment program, celebrities are taken for a walk along the streets or in a public place and is interviewed by one of the hosts on the show.

Kim Hyun-joong (23) took a break from filming KBS2 drama Boys Before Flowers for his interview. Fondly known as Ji-hoo sunbae (지후선배) in the drama, the 23 year-old singer/actor looked just as charming and romantic as his character. Although he was rather playful in this interview session. He challenged the reporter to taking the Gyro Drop -- a heart stopping exhilarating ride in the amusement park.

Hyun-joong's "Guerilla Date" will be broadcast on White Day (March 14) on KBS2, 9:50pm.

Don't forget, you have a date with me on White Day!


or else

aish i am soo sick:( i have a bad flu x_X sorry for the late posts...but i dont have time for anything:( nomu nomu miahneyo

aish i would so love to go to Lotte World once
Gyro Drop :X:X

Lotte World official site here!

In a row!

DBSK - Kiss the Baby Sky PV

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DBSK - Survivor PV

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