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horray the spring has officialy come ^_^
enjoy and have a great spring time ~v

[AUD] 4th Japanese Album - 5 song previews

Rihanna Chris Brown fight explained


Here are some of my favourite bits!:

Rihanna: You had it in for me ever since you thought I was fucking your camel-faced ass husband.

Beyonce: What you need to do is stop fucking little boys and get yourself a man.

Rihanna: What you need to do is stop fucking with them horses and get yourself some hair!

I had tears in my eyes, literally. But fun and games aside, it’s time to report on the more real stuff. Until, we get to hear Chris’s side of the story or some sort of breakthrough, I’m pretty much done with this at this point. Everything reported has been based on speculation. I want first-party information! However, the singer has offically ended his relationship with Rihanna via his Facebook page. He has changed his relationship status to ’single’ and wrote: “You’ll begin to see her true colours. Believe it!”.

Rihanna's Horrific Injuries from Alleged Chris Brown Attack


Rihanna and Chris Brown Make Up at Diddy's Miami House

Rihanna and Chris Brown have reconciled, Usmagazine.com confirms.

Nearly three weeks after Brown allegedly battered the singer, the couple have got back together. Shes not listening to anyone, says a Rihanna pal. And of course Puff got involved in this.

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The couple is staying together at a house owned by Sean Diddy Combs on Star Island near Miami, Florida. Brown has been seen smiling, riding a jet ski, and flexing his arm muscles. Rihanna arrived four days ago, according to a source.

The latest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now, reports the pair have recently begun speaking again, and that Brown reached out to Rihanna on her 21st birthday. Hes been calling and they are talking, says a source.

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Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County District Attorney is expected to make a decision soon on whether to charge Brown for the alleged beating on February 8.

In the weeks following the incident, Rihanna has been laying low, spending time in Los Angeles, Mexico and the ultraprivate resort at Pelican Hill in
Newport Beach, California.

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Rihannas pals recently told Us a reconciliation was always a possibility, Its not easy to shut off a relationship she invested so much in.

oh well enough with rihana-chris buzz...it's time for me to go back to my favourite "boys before flowers" episode ^__^

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