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~ Hwang Bo comeback !!!! ~

uhm before i start this post i want to personaly apologize for the late posts..its not only that im busy but im also very very lazy lately -__- and i cant bring myself to write everything that i would like to here:(
ah there are so many things i want to talk about..but because there are SO MANY i dont think i m gonna be able to do that..since i am losing my ideas very there are soooo so many updates for tvxq that i cant keep up anymore..without lelis's help(since she is busy with her big exam and all)
:( miahn nomu nomu miahneyo
and i also want to apologize for the's loading so slow:( i know...
ok here we go! ^^

as i was surfing the internet today i found two GREAT NEWS
and and last but not least thanks to all the readers we have reached the step of over 60,000 visitor! kamsahamnida!

HwangBo to comeback as singer

[DL] Hwang Bo (황보) - 믿을 수 없는 말 (Can't believe the word)

Release Date: 2009.04.21
Genre: Ballad
Language: Korean
Track List: 01 믿을 수 없는 말
download link:

Singer HwangBo will comeback with a ballad single ‘Unbelievable Words’.

She will comeback with a more matured image, the single talks about the feelings after knowing one had to say goodbye to one’s love.

This is going to be the female version of the same song by singer-producer STAY. The song is rearranged to bring out HwangBo’s style, and also totally different feeling from the original version.

source: kbites

BOF Special Edition!!!!!

ah can this day get any better???~

The Boys over flowers will continue the story with the special edition on 28 th of April 2009.I cant wait,im waiting,counting for the days by days haha. The special edition,will continue about Goo Jun Pyo's (after five years later),you miss the curly hair? Well,in this really special edition no more curly hair, so this is the video of the special edition,i cant wait to see it !,i hope its interesting before this episode,and said no to love triangles ! -.-

Hwayobi & Sleepy Get Lovey Dovey

In Hollywood, it is not uncommon to see couples kiss, hug, and overall showing loving affection in public. But in the Korean Entertainment world, you do not see many stars out and about with their significant other without big hats, sunglasses, or over-sized clothing in an attempt to hide their relationship,let alone smooching right out in the open and on a stage no less! Hwayobi and Sleepy, who publicly announced their relationship are further cementing their couple status with a public kiss at Untouchable's mini concert. More pictures below:

Hwayobi was attending her man's concert to sing her part on the song "It's Okay" from Untouchable's first album Quiet Storm. She also sang "Half" off her newest minialbum and Alicia Key's "If I Ain't Got You." Sleepy initiated the show of affection: the couple has been together for 3 months. I personally hope to see more stars being open and able to have relationsips without public crticism!

credits: soompiradio

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