marți, 7 aprilie 2009

Micky Yoochun's reaction

Micky Yoochun's reaction

I saw this video and also opinions of their fans and I just couldn't shut up.
To be honest I really respect their opinions but I think they're totally wrong and
I care too much about Micky not to say anything about this.

First off,did you actually guys tried to switch places?Have you ever tried to put yourself into Chunnie's shoes?

It's not easy for them too.They are people just like us and have problems.
I love and admire them even more for that because I can see how strong have become to leave their problems at home and always try to look perfect on stage for us.

In my opinion that was a healthy reaction and it shows that he is HUMAN and Micky has limits too.It's a thing called attitude when someone reached that limit.

Secondly,sometimes the fans are just too much...They will follow them everywhere.Is that normal?
Apparently it is for some of their fans.
I mean let's face it : we love them because they are smoking hot,they are talented,they have lovely voices but we must learn to love them even with their flaws cuz they can't be perfect.Again,we must remember that they are humans.

I'm curious where are now the brave fans that were saying they will love TVXQ no matter what.
I discovered TVXQ just a year ago but I believed in them since then.

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Anna spunea...

I agree with you! These fans are completely insane! How can they invade the life of their “idol” like that?
It's completely normal that he reacted like this. Thus I wonder why he didn't do it earlier...

lilah spunea...

I totaly agree with you. Some fans are totaly crazy and I think that some fans thinks they are toys.
Be a fan have limits, I hate stalkers.

Ully spunea...

I know some part of you will be at chunnie's side and some just dissagree to how his reaction.
first I would say, what they do are too much.. but who can that's the side effect of being a very famous idol, who can bring so much proud if you have the latest, newest, or thing about them..
I guess, I just want a share bout humanity side of chunnie and the fans (or u might want to call them stalker)
love dbsk,

Anonim spunea...

Please ,what´s the matter with chunnie? Stalker? ...please what happened