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Vacation almost over ~~

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so....it's been a while eh?:) waddup?everything ok?
hey guys..im really sorry for the silence lately but i've been very busy with...uhm...well stuff..:)
im not sure either..anyway lets recap some of the important stuff we "lost"
i've become a twitter addict..me of all the people..me who swore not to ever make an account there..yeah me..i just luv it now:)
clear case that people change,so do tastes ^^
my curent desktop:
ex desktop:
this is from devianart and i think it resembles jaejoong very much!

im curently watching this series:The vampire diaries....mm twilight much?its very similar to twilight...it was even a scandal abt this...between the authors...the author of vampire diaries says she wrote the books b4 twilight...uhm whatever..i like the both!
True blood is on break..next season is just next year:(thank God there's Gossip girl and vampire diaries! and heding to the ground kkkk^^
btw make sure to watch Yuhno's drama on viikii.net or mysoju!! ^^
wake me up when september ends !!! i want november NAO!!
a behind the scenes!!

"Yakuza moon-Memoirs of a gangster's daughter"

I've become obsessed with a book and i really want to read it ASAP,so i ordered it online...im still waiting for it to arrive!
until i read it...here's some info abt it...its been a best-seller in Japan and it has been translated in 11 languages.

Yakuza Moon is the shocking, yet intensely moving memoir of 37-year-old Shoko Tendo, who grew up the daughter of a yakuza boss. Tendo lived her life in luxury until the age of six, when her father was sent to prison and her family fell into terrible debt. Bullied by classmates and terrorized at home by a father who became a drunken, violent monster after his release from prison, Tendo rebelled. A regular visitor to nightclubs at the age of 12, she soon became a drug addict and a member of a girl gang. At 15 she was sentenced to eight months in a juvenile detention center.
Adulthood brought big bucks and glamour when Tendo started working as a bar hostess during Japan's booming bubble economy of the nineteen-eighties. But among her many rich and loyal patrons there were also abusive clients, one of whom beat her so badly that her face was left permanently scarred. When her mother died, Tendo plunged into such a deep depression that she tried to commit suicide twice.
Tendo takes us through the bad times with warmth and candor, and gives a moving and inspiring account of how she overcame a lifetime of discrimination and hardship. Getting tattooed, from the base of her neck to the tips of her toes, with a design centered on a geisha with a dagger in her mouth, was an act that empowered her to start making changes in her life.
She quit her job as a hostess. On her last day at the bar she looked up at the full moon, a sight she never forgot. The moon became a symbol of her struggle to become whole, and the title of the book she wrote as an epitaph for herself and her family.


she is 44 years old! can u believe that?
that's her little 2yo girl Komachi,kawaii desu^^
she was visiting her parent's grave in japan
lol the "yakuza boss" looked so funny:)could've sword he is a very kind man

many magazines wrote about her story
i consider her a very strong woman and worthy of respect.she has earned it

she is still afraid of what is out there...she is getting some threatening phone calls too..

I found this beautiful remake of her tatoo on devianart

u can read a preview of the book ---> here

Lost bracelet,reward is offered:(
i lost my mum's favourite bracelet..exactly one week b4 her bday:( how is that for a bday present?:( aish stupid stupid me...i bought her a necklace instead...she liked it..i think

my bracelet was last seen at this club! i was wearing it on my right hand,and im not sure exatly when and how i lost it..since i discovered it was missing a week after the incident:(arghhh!!
bracelet if u see this...come back! i miss u!!LOL
Oh yeah..Emy came to visit...he came in Romania for a week
P.S: Emy is my best friend from Italy and he was not hugging me he was trying to strangle me^_~
my friend yunnielen from msia attended the fansigning of SS501 there!
and she got their signatures and a hand-shake from Hyun Joong!
gaaah lucky her!!

and now some vampire-like samples of jaejoong
droll on

Behold! My dark prince

I'm gonna make this a big picture and frame it and put it beside my bed XOXO

as u allready know..the soulmate romance is ON! and kickin'
JAECHUN r on the wave in Japan...attending shows and stuff...singing their lovely new songs,which u can download here btw..and other new kr songs,too^^

so as i was saying..there's a lovely bro'mance between these two...and i like their songs and all..but...it's just that..it doesnt feel right...u know what i mean?
i like jae..and i like micky...and i luv them 2 2gheter but it doesnt feel right without the others!
do u feel me!?!!!!!!
i need them 5 togheter!! ASAP!!!

" We get along perfect lately"
"JJ: I even conviced him to have soulmate tatoos,
but he doesn't know that mine's not permanent.
Chun: Errrrr....."

"LL: Chill man,i was just kidding.
Chun: Ehehe..he..."
ROFL chunnie..not really ur smile:))

ROFL:)) =))))

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