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~ ~ C version 4th album Mirotic! + Jae new hair colours

Hmm how should i start saying this....remember the surprise we[me and lelis] talked about in our previous posts?
well i'm gonna tell you what was all the surprise about
on 17th January we're going to L.A West Holywood[weho]
we won a contest and the prize was two VIP tickets to our "Dream concert" we're heading to "The Roxy Theatre" on 17th Jan night and we'll be there for about 4 nights so if any of our readers live there don't hesitate to email us at :[kity] or[lelis]
and let us know,and maybe we'll meet.
^^looking forward for our trip.
We're planning to re-do DBSK's steps in L.A(remember Holywood Bowl was in LA and they were there two times allready kyaaa).So we're gonna visit all the places they visited ,hoping we can get a glimpse of what they saw and felt that time ^_^

California here we come!

"unwritten law" it's the band's concert we're going at
check them out at:
their official myspace profile

here is gonna be held the concert,at the legendary Roxy theatre

Jae's new hair cousin's favourite colour^_^

behold! i give u Jae...the nude-maker hahahahaha
rofl ^_^

interesting pose junsu


FOUR new songs are added to the repackaged version.. with songs composed by Jaejoong and Yoochun!~
[now that's something !!! and i allready have the first version aish if i'd only knew~!! i would have defenetly waited for the C version of it:( dammit!!]
MIROTIC Repackaged C VERSION Album List

CD 1

01 . Wrong Number

02 . 사랑아 울지마 (Do Not Cry My Lover)

03 . 주문(MIROTIC)


05 . HEY!(Don't bring me down)

06 . 소원 (Wish)

07 . 넌 나의 노래

08 . 노을..바라보다

09 . 무지개

10 . 사랑 안녕 사랑 (Love Bye Love)

11 . 낙원

12 . 악녀

13 . Flower Lady

14 . Don't Say Goodbye

15 . 잊혀진 계절

16 . Love in the ice

사랑안녕사랑(LOVE BYE LOVE) - 1001145892
(Composer: MICKY-W06697 Lyrics: MICKY-W06697 - 동방신기)

소원(WISH) - 1001145888
(Composer: 박준하-W04815 Lyrics: 박준하-W04815 - 동방신기)

사랑아울지마(DON'T CRY MY LOVER) - 1001145885
(Composer: HERO-W08438 Lyrics: HERO-W08438 - 동방신기)

PRE-SALE IS ON NOVEMBER 12, 2008 and goods will be released November 13

pre-order here:

Info from:ⓧMC제제@DNBN + fangirlmitz
Please take out with full credits~

and something B4 i go....this lucky fan aish!!! ^_^

funny piccies from the fan sign in Bundang:
haha look at yuhno making funny faces^^

omg look at chunnie making that face when he tries to open the bottle
buhahahaha ^__^

swallow up now
good leader-shii ^^

ROFL those pants are...sooo...
british!!! haha cool!

credits:as tagged+tvxqvstvxq+fangirlmitz+me[kity]

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