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TVXQ ~~Say No,Save Life~~ Campaign +Stalker Pics+ TVXQ on Yagima Beauty Salon with 矢島美容室+DBSK: HAPPY TOGETHER SEASON 3+Pics Yes24.com FanSing+TVXQ MCD

Hey there !
I soo know we haven't updated lately T.T ~G-U-I-L-T-Y~

But we have big news ^_____^

I can't tell you now...Promise you'll find out soon
Anyway I tried to sum up everything that's new about our boys.
Hope you like it.
We love you guys!

TVXQ ~~Say No,Save Life~~ Campaign

Credits: yuaerubi + elune@soompi

Pics of the set of upcoming MV~Wrong Number~

~Stalker Pics~

Credits: YCinHr + usagis@blogspot

~081030 TVXQ on Yagima Beauty Salon with 矢島美容室~

Credits:erikumi + tvxqkj-8 +usagis@blogspot

[HQ] 081031 JeolChin's Note - JUNSU CUT 1

[HQ] 081031 JeolChin's Note - JUNSU CUT 2


On November 8th, U-know Yunho, Micky Yoochun, and Youngwoong Jaejoong will be participating in the filming of HAPPY TOGETHER SEASON 3.
credit:onlymaxu.net english translation: exotsiax13 @ soompi

~[31.10.08] Pics Yes24.com FanSing ~

Cred: mytvxqzone + usagis@blogspot

Credits: in pics + mytvxqzone + usagis

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