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DBSK my love !!!

some randome piccies i love ^^
enjoy !! !! !!

the infamous pose from mirotic

junsu doing his thing

famouse pose from wrong number

gorgeous jae x_X

somebody tell these two its rude telling secrets in public aish nandeooo!!!

micky looking good

dead ----
hahahaa joygasm:)))

Wrong Number MV making of

DBSK We Love You - 1년 7개월동안 그들이 참아왔던 말

cassies never seize to amaze me ^^ hwaiting

The words they endured for 1 year and 7 months

"Which singer do you like?"


"Oh, so there are still kids who like DBSK..."

And after 1 year and 7 months,

During the awarding ceremony, what could have they been thinking of?

"I worried a lot that the fans might have already forgotten about us."

For the past 1 year and 7 months, although Cassiopeia wasn't by DBSK's side,
although DBSK wasn't by Cassiopeia's side,

It's not just us alone, there were a lot of people who looked after them.

That's why,

This image,

This image as well,

All of these pretty images of ours

We thought they would have been forgotten.
For even when in foreign places, not in Korea, they saw a lot of these pretty images,

Because even if it was not us, there were a lot of people who loved them...

Could we have been forgotten?

We were.

So insecure.

Just like oppadeul.

Album of the Year Award.


Their first words when they received the award,

"To our sunbaedeul and hoobaedeul who watched out for us,"

With a voice close to tears, bowing his head as low as he can,

"Thank you."

And he said,

"We really..."

"Coming back after a year and seven months,"

"We also had lots of burdens."

"'Would we be able to do well,' was the thought that took lead."

The heartaches that they suffered in secret, for 1 year and 7 months,
they started to confess them one by one.

"Can you see?!"

"Thank you for believing in us!"

No one could be sure about DBSK's 4th album,
during their absence the country's music market changed a lot,
The audience's taste, the trend, they went to the direct opposite from them.

The guys who secretly worried much,

Them who were so afraid of being forgotten soundlessly by people.

Behind people who ask what could DBSK ever worry about while laughing,

There is DongBangShinKi who said, "Thank you for believing in us," and who bowed in gratitude.

Behind, there is a DongbangShinKi who weeps.


For the people who cried along with DongBangShinKi,

Those who waited for 1 year and 7 months,

For Cassiopeia,

"Thank you for waiting for us."

"We love you Cassiopeia!"

Do you see?

Their sincerity in thanking us,

The gently smiling Jaejoongie,

Eyes that were filled with tears, the applauding DongBangShinKi

Even during the times we faltered,

Even during the times when we had no confidence

DongBangShinKi has always been like this,

Five of them standing together.

For a year and seven months, in a place where we can't see far enough, or early enough,

Not knowing when would be the next time we'd say, 'Hello.'

Just as always, situations wherein we have to wait once again would come,

But in those times, without change just like now, we'll be waiting.

Thank you, for being with us.

You're MY EVERYTHING to me.

[Translator's notes] I'm not the most direct translator (I translate things loosely at times), and I've been rushing because my stupid electricity can turn off any minute. :( So if you find corrections (especially near the end part?) please correct me. :D Thank you very much!



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