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~ Beware! this post is full of smeexiness !!!! ~

Stalking the boys ^__^

haha thats yoochun trying to escape the fans

haha if u'll listen to the fancam u'll hear the fans go like "omoo omoo" when he arrives with his new smeexy car ROAR

the car is HAWT!

It's Minnie's turn to grow up keke^^
Happy 22nd anniversary Max!

yes he is actually laughing here

yeap that's him laughing^^ funny way of laughing eh?
it's like he is trying to...
trying very hard ^^

those are tears of happiness

aww but don't be sad minnie dear we still love u even though ur a little meanie sometimes to fans with ur harsh UFO replies ^^

i think he is trying to say he is sorry he is such a meanie sometimes

awww gwencana minnie we know...we know:))

haha when he made out with a robot ROFL

but to us..ur still...
Happy Bday!!

mhm u know u want this wallie ^^
come and grab it
its FREE

[FANCAM] 090217 Yoochun with new car on SM Ent Building

dies x_X

and since i'm very much into ROCK lately...this was just for me

[Fanmade] maeil 30 - TVXQ rehearsal version

Hot fanmade,love the BG song

DBSK - ENGLISH SONGS REMAKEs/DEMOS Compilation w/ DBSK's Version [1/6]

DBSK - ENGLISH SONGS REMAKEs/DEMOs Compilation w/ DBSK's Version [2/6]

DBSK - ENGLISH SONGS REMAKEs//DEMOs Compilation w/ DBSK's Version [3/6]

DBSK in Saipan...larger image

[INFO] 26th Single: Survivor

[Trans] All Recent UFO Replies - Yoochun, Jaejoong, Yunho

Replies from Yoochun:

Fan: I really miss you @@!
YC: How much do you miss me??

Fan: I said I miss you
YC: Or not~ ^^

Fan: How can oppa not reply a single message T_T I'm not even taking my meals, just waiting here
YC: You must eat even if you're waiting.. ^^

Fan: I'm doing schoolwork... so tired... I'm hesitating as to whether I should go to the Asian Music Festival, should I go or not?
YC: You must come ^^

Fan: Yoochun is a fool... fool... fool... fool... fool... then what am I, who likes you?
YC: You're a fool too~

Fan: Yoochun oppa~ Its raining outside~ hehe~ do you like the rain?
YC: Of course I like it a lot^^ Hurry up and sleep^^ oppa's going to sleep too^^

Fan: I will wait until the release of the fourth album~~Jaejoong oppa must not fall sick T_T FLY TVXQ!
YC: The other four will fall sick for sure~~

Fan: Oppa is this for real? I'm so nervous (>_<) YC: Of course^^ We're watching in Japan now~^^ We'll be going back after the schedule for today ends~!!

Fan: I.. am.. studying.. now.. give me.. a strong word of encouragement
YC: Don't think of anything else when you're studying, just focus ^^

Fan: Yoochun ah, if Jaejoong's beside you, help me ask him this, "Why are you so pretty?"
YC: The one beside me is Junsu...... -----> Yoosu moment

Replies from Jaejoong:

Fan: Hero Jaejoong fighting Max Changmin fighting Micky Yoochun fighting U-know Yunho fighting TVXQ fighting
JJ: Xiah Junsu~~~~~~ fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!! -------> does this fan saw the funny fighting video?

Fan: Jaejoong ah, think from another perspective: do you know how hard it is for us people who look at your beauty yet cannot have you? T_T
JJ: Why don't you know my heart that is searching for you people? T_T

Fan: Was today's event interesting? T_T I didn't get to go.. T_T I'm Changmin's! Changmin belongs to who??
JJ: Changmin belongs to me~~ ke ------> jaemin moment

Fan: You know what Jaejoong is mine~
JJ: You are... mine too~~

Fan: Uh~ Uh oppa give me a reply~~~~~
JJ: Replied~ Do well~~!

Fan: When will oppas comeback? I really miss yo T_T
JJ: Please wait for us... ^^ we will go back to you guys with more maturity ^^

Fan: Junsu must be really tired alone in Tokyo -massages- must work hard tomorrow as well~ Junsu hwaiting!
JJ: Junsu sent me a message... just nice to be a reply... so jealous~

Fan: Jaejoong oppa, are you good at making hotpot??
JJ: Hotpot... that's my forte^^ After that is kimchi jigae and after that its toufu stew^^

Fan: Changmin ah what are you doing? Thinking of me?
JJ: Changmin is looking at the mirror! Hehe

Fan: If you don't reply I'll take it that you're going out with me
JJ: Hey!!! I Replied!!! Eh? I said I replied!

Fan: Give me, whose dream is to compose songs, some encouragement!! ~~
JJ: Write really good songs, and write one for TVXQ as well~~

Replies from Yunho:

Fan: You'll get punished immediately if you're slimmer than me... so eat more!
YH: What punishment will there be?? ^__^ Hehe thank you for worrying about us!

Fan: Your hand will write a reply when you see this message... ready!! Ke hypnotisation starts now~
YH: Ha!! I really started to reply without realizing it... you're hypnotisation is the best!!

Fan: Ho!! I just donated blood T_T you must praise me for being kind please
YH: You're so kind~ Yurong(Fan's ID)

Fan: I want to jump with joy after receiving oppas' reply too T_T I've only ever received "successfully sent" reports...!!
YH: Hehe are you ready to jump now? Keke goodnight~

Fan: I always think of Yunho oppa as I fall asleep, hope that you will appear in my dreams~
YH: Although I can't appear in your dreams, I'll give you a reply ke

Fan: I bought Lovin' You and the SM Town CD today! My mum has fallen for Yunho oppa keke
YH: Help me thank your mum and tell her I'm so embarrassed ^__^ ah~!! I'm in a really good mood!!

Fan: Hi hello annyeong?! I am the piglet that invents the 21st century... I'm starting school term tomorrow and I need oppas' comfort T_T
YH: I'll leave the 21st century in your hands then... piglet~~

Fan: Yunho oppa must show your forehead more in future T_T
YH: Forehead? The response is so good? Keke

Fan: Yunho oppa! Teach a lesson to those who bully me!!
YH: Who's bullying you!! Ask them to come over!!

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BoA 'Did It For Love'

Following Eat You Up, the young and successful BoA (23) is set to launch her brand new single I Did It For Love, which features singer/ songwriter/ record producer Sean Garrett.
The track is taken off her self-titled English album BoA, which will be in stores on March 17, 2009. The long-player will be simultaneously released in the US, South Korea and Japan.

The MV for I Did It For Love was shot in Los Angeles in the 2nd week of February by famed video director Joseph Khan, who helmed Pussycat Dolls' When I Grow Up, Britney Spears’ Womanizer and U2’s Stuck in a Moment -- just to name a few.

Here, check out this 1min 30sec sample of BoA's spanking new track and tell us what you think of it? Is it chart-topping material?

listen to a sample of the clip here!!

BoA - I Did It For Love feat. Sean Garrett [FULL SONG]

BoA speaking in english for her myspace.

here is Boa's official myspace page

i actually digg the song..it's pretty sweet and catchy.Lelis likes it alot too^^
i'm sure Jae is proud of his friend Boa ne? ^^
she improved alot i must admit

credits:k-popped.com+me+as tagged

B4 i go..

current addiction:Miyavi huhuh who would've thought?

Miyavi - Selfish Love [ENG. sub]

I simply love this! He rocked the shit out of that guitar!
he's got skillz

oh and Yamapi too....yeah still yamapi
actually i m currently watching the third japanese drama IN A ROW with him!
Dragon Zakura.Before this one i saw Stand up! and Proposal and nobuta wo produce and kurosagi long time ago ^^
Pi rullz!

oh and speaking of hardcore ,rock and stuff like that...
here's the latest Chasing Taboo trailer from Tohosexy! it's the best fanfic ever! i swear to God!

Chasing Taboo - You Want...

that's it,i'm OUT

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