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Bigeast Magazine Vol 10 Jeajoong’s Interview +A-Star Magazine January 2009+DBSK - News~ JaeChunHoSu @Super 100 Pop Idol +TVXQ MEETS SMAP

Hey sweeties...I soo know I've been kinda busy (lazy too haha ~mian ne~ ) lately.
I haven't forgot about our boys...Kity did a great job anyways. ^^Kiss ya' Kity dear!
Today I really have an ardent desire to share my thoughts with you guys...
So I woke up this morning with a question in my mind.
"What's freedom?"
Can you define it?Cuz lately I've been kinda stressed out and some people won't make it easier for me.
So the next question is on:
How do you guys relax and feel the freedom?^^

Uhm now back to our business.What's new?
Well...let's see .
The boys spent most of their time in Japan promoting their new single
Bolero/Kiss the baby sky/Wasurenaide.^_^

Oh!I almost forgot!Yunho's birthday is coming soon!
Cheers for our leader!
I promise I'll do my best to make a great post on 6th February.

[News] Bigeast Magazine Vol 10 Jeajoong’s Interview

In the waiting room one day… (S=staff)

S: Ah~ Jaejoong!
JJ: Yes!
S: About the interview for Bigeast…!
JJ: Ah!
S: What is it?
JJ: I haven’t forgotten~!
S: You will go soon right?
JJ: I was thinking of going in between the other interviews.
S: When will you be going?
JJ: Tomorrow, I suppose?
S: En~~~~
JJ: I can’t?
S: No! There’s no problem at all! Can I go with you?
JJ: Yes, but time’ll be a little tight!
S: Why?
JJ: Because I’ll be going during the 30 minute break in the schedule…
S: That means you won’t be able to go if the schedule is full/drags!
JJ: Yeah, but I’ll give it a challenge!
S: So today’s “tekibaki”?
JJ: What is “tekibaki”?
S: En~~ Something like saying that you won’t do anything useless~
JJ: I think I get it.
S: So let’s tekibaki tomorrow too!
JJ: Tekibaki tomorrow too!
So, the next day, Jaejoong decided-”Let’s start now!” during the one hour break…
S: Will we be in time for the next programme?
JJ: Yes!
S: Well then~let’s go!
JJ: Go go~
S: Its really pressurizing~
JJ: Because I haven’t gone shopping in a long time!
S: Have you decided where to go?
JJ: Yes, I asked the consultant, and decided on this place after much research!
S: I see!~
JJ: Well, then, leave it to me!
JJ begins choosing bags and clothes seriously upon entering the shop…
S: Yaaa JJ if you don’t choose quickly, wouldn’t there big a big risk of being late for the next programme~
JJ: Ah? There’s no more time?
S: En? What time’s the next (programme)?
JJ: En, en, what time’s the next one?
S: Ai~ didn’t you ask?
JJ: It’s alright! They’ll definitely call us!
S: En? Did you tell the manager you were going shopping?
JJ: ……I sort of told him before I came down! (laughs)
S: Ah~
JJ: Let’s get scolded together~
S: You only “sort of” told him?!
JJ: Hahaha~!

Source: 灵儿LOVE在 @baidu
Translation by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

[TRANS] A-Star Magazine January 2009

Top 5 Korean artists who got the most requests in ‘Star & Me’ column

1. Kim Jaejoong
Mr. Sweet-face with the shy smile! The very first time that we made this column, it’s Jaejoong that the fans wrote about. It’s always Jaejoong and Jaejoong. The staff gotta swap Jaejoong’s articles with other artists (just trying to spread love to most artists as possible) and the love letters to Jaejoong are in the queue-to-be-posted till the end of 2009.

Most letters are like “I admire Jaejoong Oppa because having been reading about his past, he’s a real tough guy and been working real hard to get to this point. He’s also kind and grateful to his parents and everyone who had been supporting him. I want to support him so that he’d be fighting with his hardwork in the future” and this is just a small part of the letters.

2 Yunho
Mr. Coolest leader! Sweet love letters to Yunho is “Dear Staff, since the day I was born till now. I’ve never seen any guy who is as cute as Yunnie bear. Is there any guy in this whole world who could dance as perfect as Yunho?”

3. Eun Hyuk
Mr. Sincere who loves Thailand. Though he didn’t speak much when he was here but people who saw his lovely smile cannot just escape away from his charms.

4. Lee-Teuk
The Sensitive leader! His sweet face and sincere smile that melts our hearts. This guy is innocent and genuine in everything (talk, laugh,smile or even cry). We received letters from fans about him, “I’m impressed when I first saw him. He has such a warm smile, he’s sincere and generous and always takes good care of other SJ members. He even sacrifices his own happiness to make others happy. I really love him and will support him forever”

5. Han-Kyung
The Generous big Daddy! He seems to be mature than any other SJ members. He takes good care of other members and consults them about everything (including BR) When SJ-M started to promote in China, it’s Han-Kyung who coordinated everything. We received letters addressed to him such as “I really love him. He’s been working so hard and he’s got such a warm heart. He’s so modest. When I see him cry I wanna wipe away his tears”

Other artists include DongHae, Yoochun, Hee Chul, Ki Bum, Tae Min etc

6 Hottest Korean Artists of the year 2008 (fan votes)

1. Super Junior
Since the time SJ debuted till now, we have recieved tons of emails, phonecalls, SMS asking about the boys. Most of the fans said they dont like SJ just because of their cute looks but it’s because they’ve been working hard, their performances are awesome. We cannot imagine how many times they’ve been practicing to get the best performance on the stage. SJ is the inspiration for many fans.

2. DBSK (no one is greater than TVXQ)
Since their debut, we got tons of requests about them such as “What kind of the girl does Micky Yoochun like?”, “Does Xiah Junsu’s father allow him to get married with Thai girls?” etc. The reason why boys received the most request is not because of their handsome looks only but it’s because they’re the best in dancing, singing, performing. They’ve been trained hard and have been working hard. They’re the best role model for teenagers. They all have such a good/ genuine heart, that’s why we all love them so much.

3. Rain (the immortal of Korea)
We cannot deny the fact that Rain is the super star in Korea. From his poor childhood, how much he had fought to be able to be what is he today, makes us love him. From Korea to Hollywood, he’s the inspiration for many many new coming artists. And no matter what he does, he always gets our attention.

4. Big Bang (Wake up the rap phenomenon)
We get used to POP songs but Big Bang woke up the hip-hop nature in our blood. Their songs are not too rough and the lyrics are from their talented leader “G-Dragon” never fails us

5. FT Island (unbelievable musicians)
Many people assume that FT Island’s genre is POP, according to their cute look. But in fact their songs are Pop-rock and they are so good performing live and don’t forget that they’re only 16-18! They are so talented!

6. Wonder Girls (the one and only girl band who win boys and girls hearts)
Actually there are only TOP 5 for the hottest artists only but if we don’t write about Wonder girls, we think we’re gonna get tons of complaints from A-star fans for sure. WG is the only girl band that the fans truely admit they are cool. Their super sexy and super cute and super cool look, it’s not that difficult for us to fall for them. Cuz if they’re not cool, you think they are gonna have the concert in bangkok?

Top 5 Korean artists that had most requests for their pictures

1. Super Junior
The ‘Super Junior Fever’ infected many fans and the volume has never decreased.

5 handsome gods that the fans always love.

3. Big Bang
5 rappers who win the girls hearts.

4. FT Island
Always cute in primadonnas’ eyes.

5. SHINee
New comers who stole our hearts.

Source: A-Star Magazine Jan 09
Translations: Sharing Yoochun
Shared By: KPOP JJANG + DBSKlicious

DBSK - News~ JaeChunHoSu @Super 100 Pop Idol on 09.02.03


1 - Big Bang, Kwon Jiyong

2 - Wonder Girls, Sohee

3 - DBSK, Xiah junsu

4 - Big Bang, TOP

5 - DBSK, U-Know Yunho

6 - SS501, Kim Hyunjoong

7 - Fin.K.L, Lee Hyori

8 - SNSD, Taeyeon

9 - H.O.T, Jang Woohyuk

10 - DBSK, Micky Yoochun

11 - Big Bang, Daesung

12 - SES, Yoojin

13 - Shinhwa, Eric

14 - Wonder Girls, Sunye

15 - Big Bang, Taeyang

16 - DBSK, Hero Jaejoong

17 - 2PM, Nickhun

18 - Fin.K.L, Sung Yuri

19 - SHINee, Taemin

20 - Super Junior, Eunhyuk

21 - 2AM, Jokwon

22 - SNSD, Yoona

23 - G.O.D, Yoon Gyesang

24 - FT Island, Lee Hongki

25 - Sechs Kies, Eun Jiwon

26 - DBSK, Changmin

27 - H.O.T., KangTa

28 - Wonder Girls, Sunmi

29 - SHINee Minho

30 - KARA, Han Seungyeon

31 - Big Bang, Seungri

32 - Super Junior, Heechul

33 - H.O.T., Tony An

34 - Shinhwa, Andy

35 - Se7en

36 - 2PM, Chansung

37 - Super Junior, Shindong

38 - SS501, Kim Kyujong

39 - Wonder Girls, Yoobin

40 - SNSD, Tiffany

41 - SHINee, Onew

42 - Super Junior KangIn

43 - Wonder Girls, Yeeun

44 - F.T.Island, Choi Jong Hun

45 - Sugar, Ayumi

46 - Shinhwa, Kim Dongwan

47 - Buzz, Min Kyunghoon

48 - CSJH, Stephanie

49 - Super Junior Siwon

50 - Sechs Kies, Go Ji-Yong

51 - Rain

52 - S.E.S, Bada

53 - 2PM, TaecYeon

54 - KARA, Goo HaRa

55 - Super Junior Sungmin

56 - SS501, Kim Hyung Joon

57 - 1TYM, Danny

58 - Super Junior Eeteuk

59 - SHINee, Jonghyun

60 - G.O.D, Son HoYoung

61 - SNSD, Seohyun

62 - Shinhwa, Junjin

63 - H.O.T., Moon Heejun

64 - Shinhwa, Shin Hyesung

65 - Click B, Oh, JongHyeok

66 - SNSD, Yuri

67 - Super Junior, Hangyeong

68 - Sechs Kies, Jang Suwon

69 - CSJH, Dana

70 - Super Junior, Kibeom

71 - FIN.K.L, Leejin

72 - Taesaja, Park Junsook

73 - NRG, Moon Seonghun

74 - Baby Vox, Kan Miyeon

75 - Click B, Kim Sanghyuk

76 - SS501, Heo Young Saeng

77 - FIN.K.L, Ok Juhyeon

78 - G.O.D, Denian

79 - Ttma, Soy

80 - 2PM Jaebeom

81 - SHINee, KEY

82 - Sugar, Park Sujin

83 - NRG, No Yumin

84 - 1TYM, Oh Jinhwan

85 - SNSD, Jessica

86 - Shinhwa, Lee Min Woo

87 - F.T.Island, Choi Minhwan

88 - Click B, Yoo Hosook

89 - Super Junior, donghae

90 - Baby Vox, Shim EunJin

91 - Buzz, Son SungHee

92 - Supernova ,Geonil

93 - Taesaja, Kim hyungjun

94 - SNSD, Sooyoung

95 - Choi Changmin

96 - Milk, Seo Hyunjin

97 - Battle, Hwichan

98 - The TRAX, Jay Kim

99 -Sechs Kies, Kang Aunghoon

100 - Baby Vox Yoon Eunhye

Source: etbbong + Daum + Mnet
Translations: Sunmi Jjang
Shared By: KPOP JJANG + DBSKlicious


On January 29 in Japan, THSK recorded 'SUMA SUMA'(SMAPXSMAP) on Fuji TV with SMAP members, THSK appeared on talk show and with a friendly atmosphere they sang a song together. This sneak peek will be broadcasted next month.

Until now, 'SUMA SUMA', already had a Korean star as their guests such as Jang Dong-gun, Song Seung Heon, Lee Young-ae, Choi Ji Woo, ryusiwon, Kwon Sang-Woo, Shin Hye Sung on SMAP BISTRO corner, and Shin Hye Sung has a duet with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi singing "sky~ eternal love" live.

THSK and SMAP met for the first time on December 31 at the most prestigious show "NHK 59th KOUHAKU Utagassen". On the rehearsal the day before the show, THSK had a light greetings with SMAP at SMAP's waiting room.

Takuya Kimura on a radio show explainned about this, "10 people were filling that small room made a frustating situation" then he described, "even Kusanagi's korean didnt help much." telling a disclosed episode that hapenned that time.

THSK signed a contract for their appereance on NHK's programme with SMAP.

SMAP, ARASHI, KATTUN, NEWS, Kinki Kids, known as Japanese Idol groups from a popular management, Johnny, who had many kind of popular shows.

After their appereance in SUMASUMA, THSK soon will be appeared with popular duo, Tsuyoshi Domoto and Koichi Domoto from Kinki Kids, "Domoto Brothers". THSK also schedulled to appear in other Johnny's shows with a friendly atmosphere in the future.

source : DNBN
English translations : L4uRa @ soompi

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