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~~ Dbsk new song + News ~ ~

Stalking Yunho to the motel in Seoul

090210 Yun-ho in the motel swimming pool in the viewfinder (sha_50)

Reprint please indicate the existence of
Children find life life ~
February 10 followed Yun-ho went to Seoul in a shot MOTEL the East and West, specifically do not know what film is that is why the film
The following are some of the interior MOTEL King

uhm ok..some say it's something about some filming here...some say it's yuhno AND jae that filmed something here..i dunno..but...

hmm...looks...cozy x_X

veeery cozy..and welcoming..

Thank God there are two beds:)) ROFL

Stalking Chunnie ^^

DBSK - At Kimpo Airport Heading to Japan on 090212 [Fancam]

omg WTF? Keep you damn love locked up!!!!!!!! let them breathe!!! jesus!

let them be or else...


DBSK - NEW SONG!!!! "STAND UP" Preview 1min50s "The Secret Code" Album

[INFO] Wasurenaide Becomes Kyoko Fukada’s MENARD CF Song,


After Tohoshinki Park Yoochun’s self composed song from their 25th single Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide, Kiss The Baby Sky became theme song of Japanese show ZOOM IN last year, now it’s Kim Jaejoong’s self composedWasurenaide from the same single becomes background song of Japanese top actress Kyoko Fukada’s new CF, MENARD cosmetics.

Bolero is the main soundtrack of upcoming joint project movie Subaru, Kiss The Baby Sky was the theme song for ZOOM IN, and now Wasurenaide is becoming Kyoko Fukada’s CF song. It’s really not an empty can when Tohoshinki introduced their 25th single as TRIPLE A single as each of the song shines in their own way.

This CF is planned to be released on February 16th, however, so far there’s no official statement from related parties yet.

credits: soompi forums
SharedBY: DBSKnights

[News] Hero is a successful acting debut

[My Daily = baeguknam popular culture, a professional journalist], "Hero of the Star saints and try to play my best. Imhaneun acting very jinjihaetda attitude. "

The Korea-Japan joint drama 'Heaven's postman' after shooting the second half to work with all the drama PD doliphan yeonchulja yihyeongmin take the male lead actors such as Hero of TVXQ has debuted.

Made for movie and TV Drama geukjangyong theater and put it on every screen TV in the Korea-Japan joint venture, Tele Cinema 'or' Heaven's postman 'the' sangduya school, I'm sorry I love you''go''The Snow Queen 'of the PD yeonchulja yihyeongmin and falls from the sky of the Stars 100,000,000 '' Orange dijeu '' Beautiful Life 'and other well-known and Eriko has said that should take a play.

Different between life and death in the world, the love story of two people living in the Green 'Heaven's postman' Hero in a vegetative state to be a ghost drifting sinjaejun to portray the real world, only a Hero of the spirits hanhyo I can see the station was johana.

After all the recent shooting late jakeopdeung CG on October 11 to PD doliphan yihyeongmin My Daily in an interview with "Hero of TVXQ in the popular South Korean singer, the star is high. The work was a challenge to play the first act is very serious and sincere attitude imhaneun said. Immersed in the character of the acting performance was above expectations, "he said.

'Let's go sangduya school, he made his debut as actor in the rain topseuta' Snow Queen 'in seongyuri to work with actors who work with singers unintentionally yihyeongmin PD had a lot of the "challenge to the singers, actors, but if you are successful is rare. The height of the smoke concentration and training, and field of expertise is required. Rain 'sangduya school, let's go', as well as taking seutaseong when I got hungry spirit was a huge effort. Hungry to succeed as a performer that the secret of his mind was always on set seongyuri to advance the practice and was very sincere actor, "he said.

South Korea and Japan, the Asahi TV network, a joint venture of the Samhwa as shown in the theater and cinema featuring telescoping two-part drama on TV will be broadcast on the PD's to participate in this work, the author participated in Korea and Japan will be the producer.

Tele Cinema pyominsu the PD, jiyoungsu PD, Lee Jang-soo PD, gimyuncheol PD, PD jangyongwoo include the Japan Writers' satorare of ohjaki Martha, 'First Love' will and of Yoshikazu Okada. PD yihyeongmin of the 'Heaven's postman' and the SBS in the second half will air in theaters each.

[Korea-Japan joint drama 'Heaven's postman' Hero of TVXQ to debut as a performer. My Daily Photo Photo DB]

Baeguknam popular culture, a professional journalist


[News] DBSK to attend the debate

5 in the town raised its artificial Popular Idol Group TVXQ 'High won the 18th to go' said the controversy did not participate.

Dong Bang Shin Ki 12 days of the "Go to Seoul to be held today (12 days),
Schedule of Japan is scheduled to Dong Bang Shin Ki was already well-known fact "that has opened his mouth.

The "Dong Bang Shin Ki, Seoul said it will go to the destination, not clear,
The original schedule and run according to schedule things,
Dong Bang Shin Ki in this situation to go to Seoul, has been absent over bulgeo do not know why, "he said.

The Dong Bang Shin Ki's "So broadcasters go all the teams ranked inside the top 10 programs,
Participate in the upcoming schedule does not broadcast because this is all that 'absent controversy' that lead to? "He said.

Also, "The Eastern New award not just going to go to the non-Seoul
Bonsang is expected to award another singer in a few people I know do not appear because of a special schedule,
Why I do not know TVXQ to raise controversy, "he said.



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