miercuri, 13 mai 2009

Happy belated mothers day ^__^ ~~

imma make it short so..enjoy^^
I wanna begin with thanking all the readers an visitors and all the comments and the loving u sent from the beggining till' now. This may we oficially made 1 year since we have this blog and i just realised it NOW^^ so i decided to make this post in comemoration of
thank u!

Phoenix presents: Mirotic Multilanguage

hehe something nice made by european fans^^we have romanian lyrics there too kkk^^
nice voice the romanian girl^^ u go girl!

THSK 3FE: Junsu and Yoochun speak English

as u may know we are both (lelis and kity) so busy with exams lately..we dont have time for blogging anymore.
i have alot on my mind
i am sad that gossip girl is ending next monday
i am still waiting for the next BOF music video
i still havent finished watching we got married
and i loved tvxq's TSC tour
my heart ached when i saw junsu in a wheelchair
my heart goes to u susu butt,get well soon^^ fighting!
ahh did i mention that CROWN J answered my message on myspace? yes he did and i m so happy .i wrote him that i m happy he's back in A town(atlanta).
i am becoming more and more a BIG ss501 fan
ah i wanna eat icecream from micky's "Time Out" gelato shop ahhh~~~

special customer
the owner's brother ricky

omma yepo da^^
ah beautiful family~~
mm i would like a medium cup with extra mickylicious on top
ah ..for take-out xD
haha junsu's outfit reminds me of that guy from batman's..the one with the riddle pranks
ah i can't remember his name..he always wore a green outfit with question marks on it and a funny hairstyle^^green!
let the fanscreams begin^___^

FileName: [DBSKnights+TVXQbaidu] Tohoshinki - The Secret Code Tour Photobooks.rar
Size: 99MB (Complete Scans 60photos)
Download link:
Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQbaidu
4th Live tour Photos uploading...

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