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~~ Wedding Debts! Lettuce couple ^__^ ~

Omo check these out!
and especially check out Hyun Joong's response!!!!!!
ah also u should check out hwang bo's cyworld status right now^__^
"I only have eyes for you,wherever you are,whatever i see.So ...i'm ok.Don't worry about it but..."
It has so much meaning!!! and her new album too..his new album too
ah they talk to each other through their albums LOL^^
ok ok i know i'm over reacting but still...i do believe they have feelings for each other.
"To the world!"
hwang bo's cyworld!!!
she is soo totally in love with him kkkk
i want them to be togheter!!!
Crown J and In Young too!!!! hehe but i allready told that to Kevin(Crown J) hehehe
let's see if he replies this time to my message on myspace ^_^ i'll let you know if he does.
aha Hollywood Bowl has passed and i was so far :( why?

Wedding Debt 1

This is a translation done by Witchtwitch off a Chinese creation by 不见不爱不痛, who wrote these lists on her blog. Read and enjoy, because it really is adorable!

Parts 2,3 and 4 to follow!

Thanks Witch for translating and 不见不爱不痛 for allowing me to share your wonderful work with the rest of the Joongboers!


To my dearest Kim Hyun Joong,

Due to the fact that we have already divorced, I believe there is a need to calculate the expenses we have incurred during these 31 weeks of marriage and make a list.

1. Rental of the beetle convertible, yacht and suite during the honeymoon --- 2,000,000

2. Rental of the luxurious apartment in the city--- 1,200,000

3. Water used to fill up your favorite pool-like bath tub during house warming--- 60,000

4. Food purchased for hosting friends and brothers-in-law during house warming--- 100,000

5. Entrance tickets to the outdoor swimming complex--- 60,000

6. Birthday cake and gift bought specially for your birthday--- 100,000

7. Dress specially bought to be worn on your birthday--- 100,000

8. Shifting house--- 400,000

9. Medical fees incurred while knitting your muffler--- 20,000

10. Baby blown up pool bought specially for you--- 20,000

11. My trip to Japan because I missed you--- 2,000,000

12. The vacation with AlShin couple--- 500,000

13. Fireworks bought to make you happy--- 20,000

14. Wedding photo shoot for our 100th day Anniversary--- 2,000,000

15. Petrol used during the trip to the rural village--- 60,000

16. First farewell dinner--- 100,000

17. Ant Couple Tour--- 100,000

18. Trip to your favorite amusement park--- 40,000

19. Match-making dinner planned for my beloved brothers-in-law--- 100,000

20. Loss incurred for doing weird actions during my performance all thanks to your strange
mission --- 200,000

21. Skating together--- 20,000

22. Vaccine taken to take precautions for your health--- 40,000

23. Your favorite ginseng chicken--- 20,000

24. Dress and hairdo I prepared specially for the farewell--- 400,000

25. The tasty kimbap bought for the Halla San hike--- 10,000

26. The countless couple tops that originally can be recycled but in the end were ruined by you--
- 100,000

27. More than 10 types of conditioners bought for you and secretly stashed in your bag---

28. Countless facial treatments done for you--- 800,000

29. Gained antis after being married to you, lead to visits to psychiatrist--- 200,000

30. Vitamins and ramen bought for you during your trip to Japan--- 20,000

31. Summit wine bought to celebrate our successful hike--- 15,000

32. SS501 album bought in Japan to support your band--- 25,000

33. Vet medical cost for Jins, you strangled her because you liked my aegyo too much during the Busan trip--- 50,000

At the present moment, these are the items I can think of. If you have doubts to any of the items above, please reply this letter or call my cell phone.

The total amount is 11,200,000 Won.

If there is no issue, please credit this amount into my bank account.

Thank you.

Your first wife,

Hwang Bo Hye Jung

*Credits: http://ssangchu.blogbus.com, http://ssangchu.blogbus.com/logs/38403169.html *

Wedding Debt 2

Part two of the lists! And dear 不见不爱不痛, thank you for writing this up! As you can see, we all love it!! Thanks a bunch!!!!!! And our lovely Witch as well! Thanks for translating!!!

To my dearest Kim Hyun Joong,

After much thought, I think there are some areas where I lack consideration.

You can deduct the items below from the list I mailed to you yesterday.

1. The sashimi and barbeque dinner prepared specially for me because you didn't manage to catch any fish during the honeymoon--- 200,000

2. Bringing me for horse riding during the honeymoon--- 400,000

3. Energizing drinks bought for me as I cleaned the house up and prepared the food alone for the housewarming, even though I really wanted flowers from you--- 20,000

4. Meals at the outdoor swimming complex--- 20,000

5. Facial products specially bought for me in Thailand --- 100,000

6. Medicine specially boought from the pharmacy for me when I was ill--- 10,000

7. Our conquests from Japan's 100 Yen shop--- 15,000

8. The blessing party which brothers -in-law organized in Japan--- 20,000

9. Sharing your favorite snack with me- the huge rice biscuit--- 2,000

10. Specially bringing me to your recording studio to produce the special edition CD--- 4,000

11. The message sent to me during my birthday, international long distance messaging is expensive right? --- 2,000

12. The trip to the doctor for having diarhhea (again) after eating the fried chicken my friend prepared to save me from embarrassment--- 20,000

13. Prizes we won during Mid-Autumn due to your amazing performance, ended up being consumed by me--- 100,000

14. Plasters bought for me after hurting me during the marathon--- 2,000

15. Jajjangmyun and ice cream bought for me at the amusement park--- 20,000

16. Dinner specially prepared for me as my manager--- 20,000

17. Daily wages as my manager for a day--- 60,000

18. Ramen, drinks and sour candies bought for me at the skating rink to clear my hangover--- 20,000

19. Our last trip to Jeju Island together (2nd honeymoon trip)--- 1,000,000

Total amount of 2,035,000 Won can be waived off.

So a total of 9,165,000 Won to be credited into my bank account immediately.

If there's any questions, please call me or write to me to clarify.

Thank you.

Your first wife,

Hwang Bo Hye Jung

*Credits: http://ssangchu.blogbus.com/logs/38491298.html*

Wedding Debt 3

Part 3!!!!! Prepare to melt at Hyun Joong's response!!!!!!!!!

To my dearest Hwang Buin,

The amount 9, 165,000 Won that you have calculated has been credited into your account.

Please check...


As your first husband, whom you have abandoned...

I too, have a list for Buin's reference.

1. Being Buin's chauffeur during the honeymoon--- Free

2. Catching mosquitoes for Buin--- Free

3. Making breakfast for Buin--- Free

4. Playing the piano for Buin--- Free

5. Singing ballads for Buin--- Free

6. Playing the guitar for Buin--- Free

7. Full body massage for Buin--- Free

8. Being Buin's puppy and helping Buin to pick things up--- Free

9. Being Buin's bodyguard--- Free

10. Being Buin's personal tour guide and translator--- Free

11. Folding paper cranes for Buin--- Free

12. Copyright fees for photo taken with Buin--- Free

13. Being Buin's companion, even if it means holding hands and running in the rain (which I hate)--- Free

14. Letting Buin bobo me--- Free

15. Piggyback Buin--- Free

16. Being a manicurist and helping Buin to apply nail color--- Free

17. Being an astronaut and plucking the stars from the sky for Buin--- Free

18. My heart, which no longer belongs to me--- Priceless

Please look through the list above, Buin.

The prices quoted are accurate without a doubt.

If you have any thoughts about this, please contact me as soon as possible.

Your Shillang.

P/S: Did we divorce? Why can't I remember?

[asdjfahvbaksb DIED*]
true..i cant remember the divorce part either! xD

*Credits: http://ssangchu.blogbus.com/logs/38492254.html

Wedding Debt 4!!
hwangbo's reply

The last installment... but the most touching...

Dearest Kim Hyun Joong,

I have received your reply.

I have also checked my account. Thank you very much.

Regarding the priceless heart you mentioned in your letter, after much consideration...

I have decided to repay you with my entire life.

This is my most valuable item, so let us reconcile our marriage.

Below are the things I am willing to do for you after we are married...

Make all sorts of delicacies for you.... including your mother, father older brother... and your little younger brothers...

Catch dragonflies for you anytime...

When you want to kill mosquitoes for me, I will not stop you...

Save all the text messages you send me...

Cook seaweed soup for you on your birthday...

Call your mother on behalf of you to thank her for bringing you into this world... because of her, I have the chance to meet you...

When competing with you, I will try my very best not to show that I lost to you on purpose...

Avoid going to beaches with sharks with you...

Brush up my drinking skills...

Work hard to keep fit, so that you can see the same slender me at age 40... but I won't despise the 40 year old you with a tummy and a balding patch...

You do not have to buy me expensive gifts, peanut necklaces and paper cranes are good enough...

But I am willing to buy guitars for you, no matter how much they cost...

I will not force you to say mushy things... because I know even if you do not say them, it does not mean that you do not love me...

I will pay attention to the weather changes in Japan and China, because these are the places you work in...

When you have activities abroad, I will check the airline company for the boarding and landing time...

I will always check your luggage bag to see of there's sufficient vitamins and ramen...

Help you to take care of Jaksalee (Hyun Joong's dog)...

Ask Jins to get along with Jaksalee...

Train Jins and Jaksalee to perform the aegyo you love the most...

Of course, I will also practice my aegyos as well...

I will give up my favorite short skirts... but I can still wear them when we are alone right?

Introduce nice girls to brothers-in-law...

Work hard to support the family... but if you are willing to support me, I am okay with that too...

Your little adorables? One football team? No problem... even if it means sacrificing my figure...

But I wish to have sons and daughters... so I can see how you grew up... and you can see how I grew up as well...

I will put on mufflers which I knitted for you personally...

And sew thin cooling outer wear for you in the summer...

Wear couple tees and go exercise together in autumn...

Of course, I will help you alter the couple tees until you are satisfied...

Take the initiative to ask you "Let's take the roller coaster at the amusement park together"...

You can use me as a crutch when you are tired...

There is no need to pluck the stars from the sky for me...

There is no need to tell me "I love you"...

Because... I love you...

*Credits: http://ssangchu.blogbus.com/logs/38933015.html

source:@all seoul'd Out

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