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~ SS501 2nd japanese album "All my love" released! ~

ah i've been waiting for this for 3 days! i kept searching and searching for the famous track! u all know which one i'm talkin' about(track no.8).the one hyun joong and hwang bo recorded in japan.sadly they cut her part..i mean obviously^^

click to listen to the FULL song! yay i love imeem^^

Lets Break Away - SS501

13.5.09 - Making Photo Shooting "All My Love" - SS501 2nd Album Japan part 1/2

13.5.09 - Making Photo Shooting "All My Love" - SS501 2nd Album Japan part 2/2

The album was released in Japan yesterday and I believe that it landed number 5 in Oricon Chart. ^^

Here is a teaser of all songs included in the album but this only has Kim Hyun Joong's vocals.

Song #8 'Let's Break Away' I'm pretty is very familiar to all Joongbo believers. ^^

13.5.09 Kim Hyun Joong singing - "All My Love" Collection -2nd japanese album

To listen to all 5 of them, here are links that hyunie501 compiled and posted on SS501 thread @ soompi. Thanks to all uploaders!

these are all just samples,except track no.8
if u want the full album contact me at or
i zipped them but i dont want to support piracy so i will only give it to the first 10 people who contact me.thanks for understanding and please buy the album!

:: All my love ::
:: Time of destiny ::
:: 浅い夢の果て ::
:: LOVERS ::
:: Promise to Promise ::
:: Message ::
:: Mermaid ::
:: I want you ::
:: ーグライダー ::
:: Believe in Love ::
:: Let's break away :: (full!!)

Please suport the artists by buying their album ok?^^
SS501 fighting!


14.5.09 [News] F4 After Story part 2 is coming 19.5.09 - Boys Over Flowers Drama

[rumor] + may be Hyun Joong don't appear 5 years after
- F4 after story scenes is made before F4& Hye Sun go to Japan fanmeeting ( april ) .

F4 5 years later with Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo's story is coming 19.5.09 - Boys Over Flowers News


THE one that caused all that mess is....
ah...i'm not sure u're all ready for this....
here he is
the big bad evil swine flu bringer!

dont let urself mistaken by his looks...he's evil
^_____^ jk jk

ah B4 I GO...
Danniel Henney.
I discovered him long time ago actually..but i didnt pay much attention to his hottness,but after i've seen "Seducing Mr. Perfect" i totally SAW him,and he's hawt.
I like the actress too.She is funny and natural.I liked her in "Changing Partners",too.^^ah i watch too much k-drama...

he also plays in Wolverine X-men Origins,Spring Waltz(korean drama),My name is Kim Sam Soon,etc etc.
Another movie of his i wanna see these days is "My father".I found the story of the movie very interesting and its based on a real story.I really like the way he plays in the movie...and i LOVE his american accent..his father is a british american...and u can totally tell his accent is special^__^

eye candy

ah but dont worry Hyun Bin shii^^
ur still my ultimate lover,with those awesome kawaii dimples,u'll always be my no1.
or is it Hyun Joong...ah
ahhhhhhh nevermind,i love u all ^___^

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