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Dream Concert and SM Town '09 ahead ! ~

Yay its official! dream concert 2009! arent u guys excited??

i'm not..because i wont be there..argh remember lelis when we stood up late at 4 in the morning just to see the damn concert streaming live on freaking pandora tv who was loading soo slowly OMG:))) but we still stood and watch it until the end..or was it hollywood bowl? oh whatever..u got the idea^^

Some of Kpop scene’s biggest names like Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang, So Nyeo Shi Dae, WonderGirls will be coming together to perform on one stage.

‘2009 Dream Concert’ will be held coming 10th October in Seoul SangAmDong Seoul World Cup stadium.


Bigeastation 120- Korean Corner: "Unzipped fly/ There's no one but you"

SM Chief Lee Receives Global Frontier Award

SM Entertainment Chairman Lee Soo-man was recognized for his contributions to Korea's cultural boom. Last Friday at the Global CEO award ceremony in Seoul, he received the Global Frontier Award. He is best known for creating top pop idols acts such as HOT, BoA, TVXQ, and Super Junior. After he was presented with the award, he gave a speech on the success story of the phenomenon known as hallyu. He talked about SM Entertainment's plans on advancing to oversea markets, including a three step localization strategy. [check this out--> ] He said, "Once the Asian network gains stream, the Asian market will grow to compete with the US and Europe.(europe! he said europe!!!)
oh please conquer europe:)) please please please

SM Entertainment will continue to foster Asia's market as a leader of Asian pop culture and carry on various projects to raise Korea's profile."

Source: KBS

Dong Bang Shin Ki plays a part in English education

in Korea? [click on the link!!] thank you^^

well isnt that cute?:)
kkk advertising my affies ^^ sharing is caring!

Crown JIZI uhm...really...what was that?!

i know its like his signature or whatever to do this in concerts but if u would know the ppl in my country who do that at would feel the same way like me right nao:))

Crown J - Flyboy @ Circle Nightclub New York City

check out the moment when he starts throwing hm hm

and now check out the vid below-romanian version
gipsy version haha OMG i cant believe im actually comparing crownj with these people but seriously that's what he reminded me of ! can't help it

omg crown jizi! U know I luv u’n’all but please!!!!no more throwing money in the audience..its sooo…ewww
check this in romania we’ve got these people called “manelisti” LMAO and they do the same exact thing! And its annoying…they call themselves musicians..but what they do is defo not music!
So baby ur fly'n all and I luv u but stop doing that!

err...beware for those who can't stand too much cockiness

SMTown Live concert 09 to take place coming August

Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, So Nyeo Shi Dae etc will come together for SMTown Live concert this year again.

SMTOWN LIVE 09 will take place on 16th August from 5pm till 10 pm in SEoul JamSil Olympic stadium. The artistes from SM Entertainment like Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, Jang Ri In, So Nyeo Shi Dae, SHINee etc will be performing in front of their fans.

The artistes will be putting up a variety of performances. And also for this concert, there will be a special performing guest appearing.

Sales to the tickets to the concert will start on 23rd July on GMarket

Jaejoong and Yoochun get their Hello Kitty on

for more infos click on the link
yay they love hello kitty!
and kity loves them kkk^^~

THE most awesome storybook ever!

:[DBSKnights] Complete AADBSK3 'Please Be Mine'
Size: 108 MB | 214 Pictures
all credits go to: dreammssxx @ dbsknights
DL Link:

Hyun Bin reveals beauty secrets in Cosmopolitan

for more infos click on the title^^
credits k-popped

hyun bin shii is always hawt and smeexy!

lol for ss501 fans check this out
its hilarious!

it wasnt enough that beomie's got killer looks but he is also a smooth singer too!
ah and that drop-dead smile
oh the dimples!!!!!!! :X:XX:X:X:X::XX

click to see pics with kim beom in high cut magazine!

look at them
how cute is that?
more clumsy than cute...but a cute clumsy LOL:)))

OOOO so u can do that too eh?*grinn
yeah u almost made it
junsu's face seems so weird in this pic..its like his nose is not really his nose:))
peek-a-boo i see u!

here..grab my hand and lets escape from this mad world
he sits so funny

uri yochun-ah moshita

that's not cool...
leader should find other "toys" to play with...

b4 i go i wanna share with u my hapiness^^
i just bought the tickets for the trip to the seaside today!
the train tickets too!
argh cant wait!!! kyaaaaaaaa
sea here i come!
and i will be ON A BOAT:)))
im not sure whats the thing with that fraze:"i'm on a boat" but i saw that everyone's using it,so im using it too:))
so hell yeah imma be on a boat soon!
oh and i finally downloaded that bruno movie cant wait to see it.maybe 2morrow cause now its allready too late
i just finished watching paris hiltons BFF and real world@cancun
anybody else watching those? i love ^^
oh also i downloaded blood the last vampire xD looking forward in watching that one too
ok ja ne^^

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