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~ TVXQ and TWILIGHT(just two of my addictions) ~


B4 i start this post i wanna ask all the readers a favour!
if u know by any chance where i can find a fancam or picture from TSC@nagoya when they sang "Wasurenaide" please i must see it! I heard that jaejoong and micky cried at that song and i wanna see it!




ok..so the concert was..."HOT" as in they boys had the dancers all over them AGAIN!
so..who wants to be a dancer in the future?:))
*cought luckybitches cough*

xiah was like dancing ..it was ok..but uknow?!!!!
what the effin God is that? did he really kissed her?
or my eyes r playing tricks on me?
i'd go for the "YES" option:( dammit!

and what about this one???
perv much?!!!
P.S: That's yuhno's hand in case u didnt notice!

yeah looks like micky got kincky too:))

hahahaha Jae was the only one who didn't aproach the dancers(THANK GOD!)
for their sake anyway:))
d'awww look at him so sweet and inocent on that bicycle:)))

"Yeah look at me ,i'm so hot holding this PINK umbrella ella ella eh eh " :)))
and it has TVXQ written on it too!

don't u dare laught at me or i'll shoot ya head off!

yeah thats right!

micky looks so good with his hair like this and dressed in white:X

look what i found !!!
hyun joong(SS501's leader) with a baby!!!!
awww how cute is thaaat???

he'd be such a good lucking father:D



ok so today i realised! I always need my dose of kpop gossip and news.! i need to be in touch with everything thats happening with our boys(dbsk) and with other kpop and jpop artists and actors! MUST! so thats why i added so many affies so they keep me in touch XOXO love my affies and my readers!

I was reading olivia's blog these days and i realised how much i like her:)
she is a great person with a big heart!
u can follow her on twitter,she has a myspace account too and her own personal blog and site
and facebook too if im not wrong.

thanks to lindsay(aka. tohosexy) i found out about her,through her fanfic-chasing taboo
if u hadn't read it yet,DO IT! ASAP!

I think she'd be the only girl i wouldnt mind seing Jae with!
I swear!
they'd be so great togheter
also i think she'd do a great bella swan(twilight saga).

Olivia Lufkin& Kim Jaejoong

this is michael Jacksons house in beverly hills CA,we took the picture this january in our celebrity houses tour.
I was so shocked and confused about the flowers on the doors.i couldnt understand why they were there...i thought someone died there....
I'm still shocked of his dead:(

R.I.P MJ !

mmm some mor eeye-candy^__^

hyun bin shii (Army look)



mmm i can't make up my mind..which one i like more playing the piano,"Edward",Jaejoong,Micky or Hyun joong(in BOF) mmmmm:-? OTOKE??

Ok! i know u saw that comming...
How about a little TWILIGHT time?
Just "you" and me ^_~

today i found some Uh-mazing TWILIGHT SAGA posters and fanart
that includes all the 4 books
here they are..some of my favourites

arghh!! can november come faster pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee??????!!
dakota as jane(volturi)

Edward with Renesmee

"It will be as if i never existed"

one of my fav

" life sux...and then u die..."

I heard that rob(edward) was feeling kinda left out and even gelous a little because of taylor(jacob)
in the next movie
and now i think i know why!

love this one too:) in their honeymoon


this one is good too
taylor has been working at the gym alot for the next movie!
he's very excited abt it:)
welll...helloooo taylor xD

the cullens:)

how cute is that?!
at the wedding:) hehe i love these:)
bella and jacob and the wolf pack on the BG
bella and her daughter resmee

hah the imprint stuff...jacob and renesmee:) and...LOL a dog! classic
That's exactly how i'd imagine bella turned into a vampire :D
u can download it and use it as a desktop

hah i cant stop smiling when i see this picture:))
Rob looks like he's gonna take a poop:))) ROFL
the cullens in real life are so much fun:) especially dr carlise(peter facinelli).I'm following him on twitter and myspace and he is sooo hilarious:)
I can only imagine how much fun was on the set with all of them
And "Victoria" is such a nice and beautiful girl in real life too(i'm following her on twitter too)
Im kinda starting to like this twitter thing LOL

I'm gonna show u why i think Robbert Pattinson and Kristen should be 2gheter:

the way they look at each other...

its undeniable

they have fun togheter
they have alot in common

both of them are so humble and so down to earth(like few celebrities are nowadays)

and because...they cant deny this picture!!!!!!!!!!!1
BUSTED suckasssss
hah! I KNEW IT!!!
and u cannot tell me that is pure friendly! because u all know it is not:D
case closed!

hahaha and as a bonus...this hilarious picture!
dont u think theres something just wrong with this picture???like...jacob with fangs..and edward without:)))))and he looks so terrified..maybe they switched places:)))

and now the BIG new i just recieved from mtv@twitter

Eclipse is starting filming on august 17! AS IN THIS AUGUST yay!!
R u excited or what???

check out more details here: http://www.stumbleupon.com/s/#2NDzHu/hollywoodcrush.mtv.com/category/movie-news//

see ya ^__^

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