sâmbătă, 18 iulie 2009

JYP sent me a prv msg on twitter ! ~

Reminiscing my time in L.A

Come to think of it..Lelis told me few days ago that she dreamt she was in L.A and I wasn’t in the dream…
And tonight I dreamt that I was back in L.A without Lelis. LOL? What could that mean?That we will be back one day but not togheter? omo ottoke?we promised ourselves we'll be back to visit koreatown 2gheter and do all the unfinished business ottoke?

ah the dream last night*sight…so real..if felt so real..i could like..almost feel how I was getting ready to go out with my friend helen from L.A(whom I didn’t get the chance to meet personally when I actually was in L.A and i'm still so pissed bc of that).
I could actually feel how I opened the curtain from my hotel room’s window(same Sunset tower floor 9 hotel room:X:X) and I could actually feel the sun’s warmth on my face and the beauty of the so close,yet so far downtown L.A.
I actually remember thinking in the dream that I waited so much to see this view again..and I was surprised too I got to see it again..
It was one of those dreams when u don’t realise ur dreaming that’s why I was so sad when I woke up..i almost felt like crying when I realised it was a dream.
I woke up so hard..i didn’t want it to end..i tried to get back to sleep but it didn’t work
Everything felt so real..so good.
My friend helen was so real too,even though I never met her personally.

ahhh rewind juseyoooooo

who said sky is the limit?
there's so much more beyond the sky...

L.A sa lan ghae, bogoshiptayo
i'll be back! yaksoke

talshi talshi

this is the exact image from my dream last night when i pulled-off the curtains! :x:x
downtown L.A from our hotel room window
9th floor Sunset Tower Hotel

one day i was checking my twitter account and saw one of JYP's updates...it said something like "i didnt know i had a daughter" and it caught my attention so i clicked it..and i found this funny picture..and i couldnt help myself to comment ,so i left him a message saying:"the pic is very funny ,cheers from Romania"

click here for the original source(JYP's twitpics)

and after that i found the next morning a mail with a private message on twitter from him(JYP):
"Our 1st fan from Romania!"

haha as if i'd be his one and only fan from Romania..I'm sure there are others too^^

follow JYP and his artists on Twitter
click here for his twitter profile

click here for kity's twitter

another online "encounter" of mine with a kpop artist is the one with Crown J
i sent him a private msg on myspace and he replied the 2nd day:
check out the screencap from my myspace inbox

Crown J's official myspace here

kity's myspace here :D xD

Elton John’s song at the end of Bruno’s movie:
“Stop fighting north and south korea,you’re both basically chinese” LOOOOL
hilarious! omg the movie was a blast!!! too much gayness though

check out this crazy bastard:)


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