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[TRANS] 101124 CH[V] JYJ Taiwan Interview

T/N: The MC uses a lot of actions so the ellipses are used to reflect the breaks in his speech.

MC: Now on our programme, we'll be watching JYJ's interview. Later on, during this interview, you'll see that I showed JYJ something. What is this thing? It's the ticket stub that I kept after going to watch their live in Tokyo Dome in Japan in June this year.

So I showed it to them during the interview to tell them that I went to watch their performance at the Tokyo Dome. And I also remember that at the end, Jaejoong teared. I saw that too. So when I told them that, he was like, "Wow, why is this announcer like that? he follows us to this extent?" That's right.

This time they came to Taiwan and I'm sure that they left a deep impression on a lot of our Taiwanese friends. Of course, I think that the person who got the biggest reward is myself, since through this job, I've gotten many opportunities to interact with them. For example, meeting them backstage, or meeting them for interviews.

So just before they left Taiwan, they took my ticket stub and looked here and there... I remember it was Jaejoong... so he looked around and found a ballpoint pen. It belonged to the staff, and he started drawing on the back of my ticket stub. After that, he solemnly passed it on to... the second person was Junsu. And Junsu too started to... And the third person was?

It's Yoochun. Yoochun looked at it for a long time and then signed it. After that they gave it to me (as a gift), because they signed their names on the back of my ticket stub, so I'm really grateful. When we took pictures after that I even felt like they treated me as a friend. Why? Because during the photo-taking, it was a little embarrassing to stand among the three of them and I didn't know what pose to do. So I just did a "JYJ Jjang!" pose.

All of a sudden, Jaejoong grabbed my thumb and Jaejoong's thumb (on top)... Junsu grabbed it, so there's one more right, so Yoochun grabbed it! So we took a photo like that in the end. Prior to this, I shared it with everyone on Weibo (t/n: Chinese version of Twitter).

OK! Now let's take a look at this exciting interview and also have high expectations because JYJ are going to enter the international market so let's hope that they will achieve great results and that they can come back to Taiwan again soon.

MC: Annyeonghasaeyo! Hello everyone! Today, on "We just love JK", we have with us awesome guests! Yes! They are... JYJ!

JS: Hello everyone (t/n: he says this in Chinese^^)


MC: Yes. We're really glad that JYJ have come to Taiwan and accepted our interview. First let's have JYJ greet all their fans and within this greeting, let's definitely get them to use all the Chinese words that they know, ok?

Caption at 02:39 - (Yoochun) Wants to escape

JS: Hello everyone, I am Kim Junsu. Uhhhh... Are you busy with your job?

Caption at 02:50 - Junsu: Are you busy with your job?

JJ: Hello everyone, I am Kim Jaejoong. Uhhh... hehehe... You wanna dance?

Caption at 03:01 - Jaejoong: You wanna dance? Dance what?

JJ: Oh! You... You all... Us...

JS: (in the BG) Them

JJ: Them.

MC: Awesome!

JJ: Thank you.

YC: Hello everyone, I'm Yoochun.

Caption at 03:20 - Yoochun: Hello everyone

MC: At the very least, Yoochun should know three words... it's a type of food.

YC: Xiao Long Bao

Caption at 03:29 - Yoochun: Xiao Long Bao. Essential Chinese words that stars have to learn.

MC: Still xiao long bao!


MC: Although their time in Taiwan is really short, but for this short period of time before they leave Taiwan what other thoughts do you have? Please tell everyone.

Caption at 03:43 - How JYJ feel about coming to Taiwan again

JJ: We haven't been to Taiwan for about 5 years. It's been a long time but although we haven't been here in so long, there were a lot of fans who have been waiting for us, cheering us on. I felt really blessed last night.

MC: Yes. How about Junsu say something too. Ok?

JS: Firstly, we also missed Taiwan as a country. Yesterday, we were together with so many fans. Standing on the same stage and looking at them... as well as because we were able to stand on a stage and sing, I felt really blessed.

MC: Alright, does Yoochun want to say something? Yoochun.

YC: Actually, I think what I want to say is pretty similar... We came here to do our showcase and although the time was really short, I hope that if possible, we will be able to do a concert here, so that we can be with everyone for a longer time. I also think that this is something that we should do. It's also too bad that we didn't get to eat xiao long bao.

MC: I see. If you have a chance to come here for personal business, do tell me and I'll bring them out to have fun.

JS: Then remember to leave your number.

Caption at 04:58 - Wants his number on the spot

MC: Ok, I'll leave it later...

JJ: (raises his hand) All our members think this way... In Asia, the country with the most number of pretty girls is here, in Taiwan.

Caption at 05:09 - His mouth is so SWEET

JS: Because of their image.

MC: Mmm, mmm. Yes, that's right, that's right. I can...

JJ: You look like you don't think so!

MC: Taiwan just has a lot (of pretty girls)...

YC: Most of the people think like that.

MC: Yeah, that's right. So, if we have a chance personally, we'll properly introduce some Taiwanese friends to them.

JS+JJ: LOL. (YC claps in awe)

MC: Yeah, like Guo Cai Jie...

JJ: If you come to Korea please call us.

MC: ... Cai Yi Lin and so on.


MC: So for us, we were able to work with them on stage last night, I felt like it was really special.

JS: Me too, me too (t/n: in English)

MC: Oh, thank you thank you. Kamsahamnida. Because I specially went to Tokyo during June this year to watch JYJ's concert.

JS: Ah... Tokyo Dome.

MC: That's right, at the Tokyo Dome. It was for the programme, to bring stuff back for all the fans here. It was their first concert in Tokyo Dome, so I specially flew there to watch the concert.

JJ+JS: Thank you... (t/n: in Chinese)

MC: I even queued for a really long time just to get the member t-shirts that were sold there.

JS: Thank you (t/n: in Chinese)

YC: Which one did you buy?

MC: I bought all 3.

YC: Ohhhh...

JS: Thank you (t/n: in Chinese)

MC: Yeah. But just as the concert was about to end, as the three of them were really moved, they cried and I saw a lot of the fans crying with them. So from that time until now, when I'm meeting all three of them again, breaking records with this new album - do you have any thoughts on that?

MC: I think the first person to cry then was Jaejoong.

JJ: I cried then.

MC: Yeah...

JJ: During the showcase in Korea, I also said this during the press conference, but at that time, we haven't stood on stage for a really really long time, so at that moment I just felt really blessed. Also, a lot of things happened last year, so because of all the things that I couldn't say, the happiness I felt at standing on stage and the sadness I felt; all those things came out together with the tears that fell.


MC: Then, because they collaborated with a lot of internationally acclaimed producers for this album, we heard that there was a lot of changes made in this album. At the beginning when you had to sing songs like this, what's the difference in singing these songs compared to the style you're familiar with in the past?

JS: If we're talking about differences then firstly, we're not singing in Korean and we have to perform in English, so we weren't really used to it. And we thought a lot about it. This is also a factor; we also recorded it in America so it's also something unfamiliar to us. It also includes working with overseas staff, but everything and everyone and all the staff were really kind to us and they're all really nice people. This was also why we could release our album in East Asia and we could also work hard promoting it.

MC: Then, for them, they're constantly working so they must be under a lot of stress. So I know that Junsu has 4 cats, this must be to release stress, right?

JS: That's one of the reasons and also because the house is just a little bit big...

JJ: Huh!

JJ: A littttleee, littttleee, little bit. It felt a little empty, so I kept a few kittens to accompany me and to get rid of the loneliness. When you're sleeping they'll disturb you from the side... at that time I'll feel especially happy. And they're really cute too, yeah... hehehehe.

MC: Then, how about Yoochun?

YC: I have dogs.

MC: He has dogs, I see. You're away from home for long periods of time, so do you miss your pets?

Woman (in BG): Yoochun says it's still alright.

MC: Still alright?

JS: They will continue living well on their own.

MC: Then only Jaejoong has showed us the scar after getting scratched by his cat. Oh, there it is. He got scratched by his cat.

JJ: This...

JS+JJ: Was from the claws.

MC: Yeah, he got scratched.

JJ: Yesterday during the showcase, didn't I say that I wanted to make my cat exercise, so I put him on the running machine? I said that it was for the good of the cat but when I went on to Twitter to check yesterday, everyone said that it was my own fault.


MC: Let's talk a bit about their future plans. Up until now, all their fans and everyone has been really supportive, so can we talk about what plans you have in the future?

JJ: Right now we're concentrating on the international promotions for this album, so the most pressing thing is the worldwide showcases. Also, it has been decided that we'll have our second concert, so we'll be preparing for the JYJ concert.

MC: OK! So we'll be looking forward to the plans for the concert and we're really happy that we could meet them today in Taiwan. I hope that in future they'll be able to come here often to meet with the Taiwanese fans and there are a lot of pretty ladies that we can introduce to them too. OK! So, we're really thankful to JYJ for coming to "We just love JK", thank you!

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