vineri, 26 noiembrie 2010

Watch JYJ Rock Billboard

When we featured the debut album by JYJ, "The Beginning," as a Billboard Release of the Week this fall, the response was amazingly huge and positive. So we gladly invited the Korean pop trio to our studio recently to perform two songs and chat about working with Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins and bringing their music to America. Consider it a kind of holiday gift to JYJ and K-pop fans everywhere, from to you.

"Ayyy girl"+interview:

JYJ called it a "great honor" to work with Jerkins (who produced "Empty") and West. "When we met [them] we realized we had a similar goal," the guys added. "For them it was to take their music to the east, while for us, we wanted to bring our music to a wider audience in the U.S."


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