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“We Got Married” Jun Jin & Lee Shi-young couple becomes a real-life couple!

YESSS!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!
at least one couple was formed for real in this show...too bad its none of the couples i wanted:(
but i did see the sparkles between these two...he definetly fell for her from the first moment he saw her at the church.
and she fell for him while shooting...

We knew it was bound to happen eventually. A make-believe We Got Married couple FINALLY becomes a real couple. Of course this has to happen after everyone stops watching the show, but better late than never I guess.

Although they had denied that they were in love back in April, singer JunJin (aka Park Choong Jae) and actress Lee Si Young have admitted to being a real life couple. JunJun said "We're meeting cautiously. Although I have been seeing Lee Si Young for a few months, because she is still a newbie, I was careful about revealing our relationship because I didn't want to negatively influence her activities." Definitely a wise move by JunJin.

According to their management, the two met on the set of We Got Married and while filming, formed a good relationship that developed into something much more and they started dating officially 3 months ago. Their interactions on the show was much too real instead of make-believe to most of the viewers watching. In addition, Lee Si Young was featured on JunJin's new mini-album Like a Fool and also made an appearance in his Hey Ya music video. Both of them also appeared in Beige's Jijiri music video.

check out the videos

Jun Jin - Hey Ya MV (ft Lee Si Young)

Beige (베이지) - Pitiful (지지리) feat. Lee Si Young & Jun Jin ["Hey Ya" MV part two] MV [HD]

part three is comming! wait for it

Their relationship is gaining more attention due to the fact that JunJin is the final member from Infinity Challenge to find his girl. Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo are married men, HaHa's relationship was revealed ages ago, Jun Jun Ha is dating someone, Jung Hyung Don announced his marriage in September while Noh Hong Chul is dating Jang Yoon Jung. JunJin wrote on his Cyworld, "I Completely Love You".

Another cute happy couple to add to the list of growing celebrity couples. Maybe Infinity Challenge can consider having a special episode where all the members bring their partners and have a huge group date. That would really achieve a high rating!



TVXQ ch-@ TOKYO DOME interview ½

「Stand by U」PV(メンバーver )

full PV(LQ)

JAEJOONG - EverySing "SEXY!" at Wrong Number Making Cut

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