vineri, 26 iunie 2009

Ups and downs ~

I allready forgot why i wanted to write on the blog but anyhow since i allready loged in...
I have so many things that bother me,i just wanna scream!!!!!!!!!
i mean..this should be like..the best day of my life cause i just finished those damn examn and look at me,I m pissed like hell!! and there is nothing right now that can completely calm me!
I am like so pissed right now because ...oh well i have my reasons
i do have reasons to be happy to.I can tell u this reason:D
I just finished my last exam from this final! yay! that means:FREEDOM!
and for this i dedicated myself this song that i love!
"you know its freedom when bad things seem so damn good"

Dj Andy feat. Stella - Freedom

argh its been such a full day by all means i need a time-out!
just a time with myself.
so i'll play my two fav chill-out songs:D
as u allready noticed i m a twilight fan.

* Twilight - Clair de Lune *

the way he plays those notes...just kills me every single time!

and ofcourse river flows in you by yiruma(japanese pianist) :x

Twilight - River Flows In You

and last but not least,
my condoleances to Jacksons family:( my heart goes to his little children to give them strenght
this was a complete shock
R.I.P MJ :(
You will always remain the KING OF POP,and what u created nobody can ever destroy !

ahh such an emotion twist day this was:( one min i was like HAHAHA AND HAHAH
and now i m like "why is everything so sad and everyone so bad and bitchy" arghhhh
but thank god there;s twitter HAH:D
Joey from "The real world@CANCUN" just private messaged me on twitter hihiihh
he just made my day! thanks joey mwah XOXO
hes hot!wanna see him?

shiet he's like the caucasian version of Myiavi i swear!!!
check him out on in the show the real world

and i dont usually like blondes,especially the ones with blue eyes..but for him i can make an exception xD ^___^

ok now something hilarious and crazy at the same time ROFL:

its this..program that based on the photos of the "MUM" and "DAD" it can create "THE BABY"!!
and watch these lollies:)))
lelis's and jae's kid



and LOL
mine and jae's:))))))))))))))))
he looks like an alien LOL:)))
no offence sweety:)))
aww look,he has his fathers eyes BIG AND ASIAN:x
so help me God:)))

ok now somebody has to tell me if this pic is real or photoshoped or else i'll die of heart attack:D

uhm somebody asked me today what do i think of when i say "Sexy"...
hmm oh well lets see..its easy:D
i ll show u a few examples of what sexy means to me NOW,because u see my friend,my tastes change from day to day
here it goes
i give you: SEXY:)) lol

Robert Pattinson aka. Edward Cullen in ladder jacket and his signature messy hair
Rob "SMOKIN'" hot
hahaha lelis knows better:))))
this picture has a history from me and lelis i tell u this:))

Jang Ja Yeon,case finally closed !

yes!finally justice has been made! R.I.P Jang Ja Yeon.(BOF)

The main culprit of the Jang Ja-yeon case, CEO Kim, has finally been arrested!

Kim, the CEO of The Contents Entertainment, which happens to be the agency (under a different name in the past) of celebrities Choi Jin-shil, Jung Da-bin and Unee, has been under the radar ever since the Boys Over Flowers’s Jang Ja-yeon suicide case this past March. He has been on the run, even after his visa expired back in March, leaving the case unsolved. As many of you may already know, this case caused a stir in the entertainment industry, due to reports that Kim, allegedly threatened, beat and forced the actress to serve alcohol and act as an escort, for business purposes.

Fortunately, the shady and disgraceful CEO was finally captured in front of a motel in Japan around 5:30PM (Japan time) by the Japanese police. He was charged for being in Japan illegally without a passport, so the authorities are able to immediately extradite him back to Korea, where he will be questioned for further investigations into the Jang Ja-yeon case. Kim has been accused of fraud and rape in the past, but he was never been given a sentence. Hopefully, justice will be served. This won’t do a thing for the late Jang Ja-yeon, but this should be a warning to others in the industry that haven’t yet learned their lesson.


Dong Bang Shin Ki, “Disbanding? Just groundless rumours”


There has been rumours that group Dong Bang Shin Ki is disbanding.

Curiosity rose as the group’s schedule to film for ‘2009 Summer SMTown’ jacket on 25th June was called off. This had made fans even more curious why so especially with rumours about the group disbanding coming up recently.

With that SM Entertainment cleared in a phone interview on 26th, “This is just rumours. Like the past, such rumours came up and there were all groundless. This time this is the same thing.” emphasising that rumours about the group disbanding back in year 2004 and 2006 were all groundless.

The representative said, “Dong Bang Shin Ki had left Korea on 26th June for their performance in Thailand.”

Meanwhile, Dong Bang Shin Ki recently started on their Japanese tour concert in May. And coming 4th and 5th July they will be having a large-scale concert performance in Tokyo Dome.

sookyeong@wp + Dbsk Dream

oh Jae Jae what would i do if it wouldnt be for ur pretty lil' face to cheer me up everytime i'm down?

yay its finally on biatches! finals r done now i can feel the summer
beach here i come:)))
mountains wait for me i m comming too!
hallelujah chance!!:)))

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