luni, 29 iunie 2009

Rambling ~

ok so how do i make my posts lately u wonder ey?
oh well..its very easy...the entirely day thoughts pass through my mind...thoughts that i write down in a spcial doc.exe i have on my desktop and when i find the time and the mood i just kinda..copy paste them in here..and with a lill' adjustments done...voila...posts like THIS come to life:) genius eh?:)))

“Life sucks, and then you die.
Yeah, I should be so lucky”


from Breaking Dawn

Omg I love the voice of the dj that's on now on arirang:X ahh so smooth
Today I was looking for a dress,for a wedding I m attending this july and as I was clike andering around with nothing in mind...when my eyes caught something “Familiar”.it was a frame,with a picture in u probably know..when they expose frames in a shop,they don’t just put it like that,empty I mean.they put a picture inside…to make an idea of how ur own pic would look like in there…and guess what picture THAT PARTICULAR FRAME had?!!!!!! Rain and the leading female from FULL HOUSe!!! And I was like omg omg omg?!!! And it said "made in china" on the frame lol
I was like..can I just have the picture please?))))))
no i m kidding i did not said that:D i just like freacked out arround it a little then left:)lol
i think i ll go back tomorrow and buy it:D

I bought a nice dress for my neighbour’s wedding^^
It was sooo hard to find one..since I don’t do dresses! AT ALL!
I just don’t..the first time I wore a dress was when I danced at school for my dance contest.
Second..was at the prom,after graduating highschool..and now! For this wedding..oh that I think abt it I guess there were other weddings too..oh whatever!

I dont know if its real or not but i so want it to be! like so badly!!!!
i just arghhhhh!!!!!
remember the twitter account i told u about...ok:)
the thing is..i found many people i didnt expect
It looked pretty real to me.they like had LOTS of people following them and they were also following other artists like wonder girls,hyun joong(ss501's leader),min ho and others...
aaahh can it be?!!!!
yunho is the most active among the members,and max is the best at english:D i bet micky would beat him,only if he'd twitter..he just has an account but no updates:(
hah jaejoong is like addicted to twitter lol:))) he loves to ramble around abt his cooking and being the uhma of the house and stuff like that
lol i remembered i saw something abt YunJae at yuhno's account:)))) he replied to a fan something like :"Yunjae fighting!! believe what you want"
mmm fanservice much?
I'd had so much to talk to them about:) if only they'd had the time to listen...
and many many others...and they like i dunno..they seem..real:(
can it be possible that its really them?:(

ah:( headdesk*goes back to reading breaking dawn
P.S: I just got myself a brand new New Moon POSTER!

so..."egoisi cuna cono ioluni cheers !"
" Cheers to this egoistic night !"

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