joi, 18 iunie 2009

Got finals? ~

'the hell...its 2:04 AM and I am blogging..myeah…the lack of sleep..
oh well..since i'm at this..lets get this shiet started!
I'm gonna make it a quicky since it's late and I haven't had any sleep last night either,I was busy u know like out partying with my girls and stuff…since its summer..
I have two more exams to go,failed one and another 3 for the autumn but oh goes on…and so does the recession LOL
all i can say its that i got tan xD
why am i such in a good mood at this late hour??i wonder:)
i would post some pics with me and my girls having fun but i dont think i i'm not gonna do that.not now anway.
omg it's been such a long time since i posted and i guess that explains why i am doing it right now,at this late hour..because i can barely find time to check my fav sites.
ok lets see the 411.

ok so I ve decided I went on silent mode for far too long.
I ve got SHIT to say!
I am currently watching(out of boredom) Paris Hilton's(whom I used to hate once..) My new BFF variety show not necesarly changed my opinion…but I am trying to learn something from her way of being and the other”beeotches” that r sourrounding her.
P.S: U can watch the show exclusively on
mmm lelis and me had a star-home tour in beverly hills ofered by our hotel in hollywood for free,looooong if im not wrong..we visited the BFF mansion too..not sure though..but we DID visited many star homes in beverly hills
xcuse the typos,its like really late and i m really tired so..whatever.

i'm so Nell-holic.
ever since i discovered there's a band called Nell and its south korean and plays indie rock korean songs and i listened to a song of their i was like soooo in luv with them.
and today i remembered abt them and i downloaded all their albums xD
check them out sometimes.
i totally recommend separation anxiety album! first!

oh yeah we got married new season started,with real married or soon to be married couples...not so sure abt that..
but i m sure i dont like it
i've watched several episodes and i totally hate it.
it was way funnier before.

Lady gaga in korea..i mean come onnnn have u seen her? She is sooo paris wannabe ugh

I just discovered my new fav song..oh well…I wonder how long will this one last:ra d feat kelley-couple song
just listened it at soompi radio and downloaded it!
Loves it

Ra.D - Couple Song

don't u just love this song?
thanks soompi radio!

Mmm hyun joong is getting hotter and hotter..i would definetly not mind if he would replace Robert Pattinson in a future Twilight saga movie
*grins,waves to rob ^^V
u know I luv u too XOXO

Mmmm looks like watching too much paris bff show is bringing a bitchy side in me :>
True blood season 2 has started!! Who’s happy??? I AM!!

ok ok enough abt my currently obsessions...lets talk DBSK :D

let's see..what do we have here
mighty max telling us everythings going goooooood
qui qui moi aussi:))))
man my french sux:)) lol

lol? jae is using everything he has.
well...teeth are handy too:) sometimes :))))

whats that look?

uuu is it just me or my baby is growing some ass?^__^

Cheer up Jae boo,will u?
whats up with that gloomy face?
they are all sooo sumerish
loves it

here u can have a closer look at chun's tatoo

where's it burning?
whats the rush leadershii?

ok biatches..its time for me to go to sleep now...let me know what plans u got for this summer
and how do u plan to survive the reccesion,ROFL:)
Focus on exams if u have them.Study first ,party after,ok?
thats my kittens

Cheers,Kity !

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