luni, 6 octombrie 2008

~ DBSK DBSK DBSK!!!!!!! ~

Finally i can post pictures! yes kity is back in business hehe kiddin`..anyway it was very hard for me not being able to post :(

Asia Music Festival !!!!

Proud leadershii

jae's keopta pose

ur hair is fine!

haha yuhno!!!


haha dorky CHUNSU

viva korea!

and the final pose beautiful as always ^^

this is...PRICELESS!


DBSK SSexy - 081005 Rehearsal

DBSK Visits Yeh-Eun [Eng Sub] - the sweetest clip!

I've been waiting for the subs^_^ enjoy!

Cassiopeia pwns once again in the Most Awesome Fanclub Ever~ category. Several fansites got together and prepared these amazing gifts to our boys. Food, food, and even more food! ♥ Fatten up boys, especially you, Chunnie. *points finger at the manorexic Chun*

List of fansites who participated:
- melitehero
- onlyyunho
- picnicxiah
- mickydong + mickyhouse
- babychangmin + FLC (Four Leaf Clover)

credit: as tagged + baidu

shared by: ..::*Nikki*::.. + fangirlmitz

Happy Together preview


FLH (Farenheit) attended the 2008 Asian Music Festival (in which DBSK won best artist!!! congrats boys :]]) and during the midst of FLH's Chu Shen Ru Hua performance, the mikes broke down. However, the fans were still supportative and backstage, DBSK found the FLH boys and congratulated them on their performance despite the technical difficulties. FLH's Jiro also told DBSK that when DBSK went to Taiwan for a concert, FLH went to see their show despite the typhoon. FLH also invited DBSK to visit Taiwan again and perform there again.

Source: ChinaTimes Showbiz
Trans by: friend of bl00_4ng31@dbsg xD

sexy gif of Jae


B4 I i found se7en's official myspace profile and i thought i should here it is.It would be grate if DBSK would have a english site too don't u thing?*sights

credits:as tagged+toocutedoggy+ginnele@multiply

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