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~ ~ DBSK'ish ~ ~

I would like to start this post with a speciak thank you to ginaya.I didn't had the pleasure to talk to her,yet ,but i am really very gratefull to her because she subbed all this wonderfull shows with our boys.Soo here's a big kamsahamnida for ginaya ^_^ really thank you!

Today,while i was watching MC Mong's radio...(after i finished watching another 3 other shows with dbsk) ,i realised my father was watching me for some time...without me noticing it x_X and he was like...wtf ?still watching the same thing????he still can't understand why i'm watching these shows and most of all why i like this korean boy band.He says this is a thing he will never be able to understand and indulge.aish..and i tried to explain it to him this way...:"Daddy it's like u watching ur fav tv channel when u wanna relax and stuff"..and he was like..."yeah but i do change the channel from time to time!!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHA that cracked me up!!He has a poin though...*rolls eyes
Well anyways here's the Mc Mong's radio series!enjoy ^ ^

DBSG_MC Mong's Radio 1/5 [ENG SUB]

DBSG_MC Mong's Radio 2/5 [ENG SUB]

DBSG_MC Mong's Radio 3/5 [ENG SUB]

DBSG_MC Mong's Radio 4/5 [ENG SUB]

WARNING! this part(4/5) contains major smeexiness..jae stretching and the infamous scene of MC MONG bouncing jj on his knees and touching him x_X !!
QUOTES: when mc mong asked where do you get inspiration? micky said...:"when we drink..." LOL?!! LMAO!! ROFL!! AHAHAHA [minute 1]
He also says "from reading a book" well...if u watch happy togheter Yuhno says they like to read alot of manga books...so i wonder what inspiration can come from a manga? When do they find any time to read books anyway???
You also have a various sample of Xiah's famous "ue kyang kyang" and Jae's "HA-HA-HA" trademark laughter ^_^

DBSG_MC Mong's Radio 5/5 [ENG SUB]

awww in part 5 Jaeboo is melancholic because of the season(autumn).Aigoo dont worry Jaeboo it's normal to be like that during this season.That's the beauty of it anyway ^^

YOOCHUN'S Grandmother's famous restaurat in Seoul

i must say koreans have the most amazing dishes ever!

*Note that: Chunnie mentioned about his grandma's restaurant in Happy Together*
Seoul’s Jongno, a 70-year-old traditional Korean restaurant, has been frequented by celebrities,South Korean President dynasties, the Japanese prime minister, political and economic circles.It has a total of three-over 360 seats and requires reservations.DBSK has visited this prestigious restaurant in Seoul (micky took them there)Because of the recent re-development [/construction] of the city, business was suspended for a while.It is said that it will re-open in Oct.
Employees have work there for long periods of time. Some have worked there for than 50 years.More than 40% have worked for more than 10 years.Yoochun’s grandma is skilled in operating her business.
Yoochun must have experienced vast changes [emotional] after coming to the US. After all, the environment is very different.His wealthy childhood environment has given him a graceful and calm temperament,while the hard times in the US has made him stronger and more insightful.

credits: portiaisabel @ soompi + baidu
shared by: minsarang & mirotic

Stalkish picks of JAE and some..girl grrr dlvksdvsdl X_X

just look at him listening to that girl haha he is so funny

omg look he is aware of the camera^^and he goes like:"what are you saying my head hurts! just stop it allready!" hahaha
and the girls keeps "yada-yada"

i wonder who she is hmmm,they seem pretty close

credit: sharingyoochun + mirotic

DBSK ~091008 Happy FM [1/8]~

just follow this link and u'll find the rest of the parts there ^_^enjoy

and some photos from the same radio:

"kiss me till' it bleeds"
"kill me with kisses"

You can have a glimpse of Jae's tatoo here ^_^


DBSK on Happy Together [Eng Sub, 1/4]

don't forget to turn on the CC button so u can see the subtitles ^_^ enjoy
follow the link below and u'll find the rest of the parts too!

credits: mickytoho

FM photos

B4 I GO...


Twin Peaks Theme

I just love this song..it's so old...and nice,
suits my current mood perfectly.Just enjoy and relax!

credits:mirotic@blogspot.com+As tagged+ginaya@youtube

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