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Dong Bang Happy Family

the video i most expected!!!!

A beautiful fancam..i think the girl who filmed this was wait..i'm sure she was crying:)) who wouldn't anyway?She was like..."otoke when jae started to sing " kawaii and at the end of the video i loved her reaction when yuhno kissed Eun's hand hahaha awww cute neh?

[kaede81] 080927SBS Kim Jeong Euns Chocolate YOU RAISE ME UP



A new Japanese song!..and the lyrics and melody was made by Yoochunie!!^^

Starting from October 1st, “Zoom In!!” would be having a new theme to match its weather. The title of the new song is “Kiss The Baby Sky”.

THSK who is very popular in Korea for singing would be singing this song.

THSK, who debuted in Japan in 2005, released 3 consecutive singles this year that won first place in Oricon Chart. They’re the J-POP best!

The song writer for this song is…MICKY YOOCHUN!!!

CD is yet determined to be released.

Song lyrics:

♪Kiss The Baby Sky 東方神起

ずっと僕には眩しかった そう笑顔が似合う君
もう泣かないで 抱きしめたくなるから 君に
Goodbye Goodbye さよならは言わない
だから先に背を向けて Youll be fine still be mind

Baby sky All the dreams and hopes made of your eyes
明日もきっと晴れる そのままの君でいて with me

Another day 目覚めて ふと気付いた
消さずにおいた写真のふたりは いつまでも笑っている
Goodday Goodtime 包んでいた Your heart
空に手を伸ばし放つ Kiss the blue sky your sky

Baby sky All the dreams and hopes made of your eyes
明日もきっと晴れる そのままの君でいて with me


Never cry, Never ever hide of myself prime
未来はきっと笑う そのままの君でいて with me

Baby sky All the dreams and hopes made of your eyes
明日もきっと晴れる そのままの君でいて with me

Rough Translation by az1989@lj

(Soon there will be a romanized version of this lyrics)

As you know, DBSK has topped Daily, Weekly, Monthly and YEARLY chart! .... woot!

as of 6PM KRT

(14:00) 7 --
(15:00) 3,8-- +3,100 (15:00) 3,8 - +3,100
(15:20) 4,8-- +1,000 (15:20) 4,8 - +1,000
(16:00) 6,6-- +1,800 (16:00) 6,6 - +1,800
(16:20) 7,3-- +600 (16:20) 7,3 - +600
(17:20) 10,1-- +2,800 (17:20) 10,1 - +2,800
(17:20) 11,0-- +900 (17:20) 11,0 - +900

(78,367 + 12,100) = 90,467

DBSK's Schedule

1st October - [japan] Mirotic MV broadcast on Space Shower Music TV - 10am to 12pm
1st October - DBSK Comeback Special: 4th Album Showcase on SBS (12pm, KST)
1st October - DBSK filming of MBC's Come To Play (daytime)
1st October - Taeyeon & Kangin's Chin Chin MBC radio - (8pm, KST)
1st October - Park Kyunglim's radio show - (10.05pm, KST)
1st October - SBS Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate show broadcast - 12.30am
2nd October - M! Countdown (88 deungchondong Gymnasium) - 7pm LIVE
4th October - Asia Song Festival (Seoul)
5th October - SBS Inkigayo - 3.10pm
9th October - M! Countdown - 7pm
10th October - KBS2 Music Bank - 6.30pm
11th October - MBC Big Music Festa (Ulsan World Cup Stadium)
11th October - MBC show! Music Center broadcast - 3.20pm
12th October - Yunho + Junsu on Family Outing (Episode 17) broadcast - 5.30pm
15th October - 24th Japanese single 呪文-MIROTIC - release
18th October - Recording of KBS+CCTV gayoje 10th Korea-China '(Seogwipo, Jeju World Cup Stadium)
19th October - Yunho + Junsu on Family Outing (Episode 18) broadcast - 5.30pm
23-26th October - Korean Wave Festival 2008
25th October - [japan] 2009 Calender release

15th November - 2008 Mnet MKMF Awards
25th November - 2008 Bucheon World Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo "SUPER CONCERT"
29th November - SM Festival in Bangkok 2008

18th January - [japan] Bigeast 3rd Fanmeet (Makuhari Event Hall)
21st January - [japan] Bigeast 3rd Fanmeet (Kobe World Hall)

Please credit KPOP JJANG if taking out!

Jaejoong 재중 - Forgotten Season 잊혀진 계절

B4 i go i want to apologize for the lack of photos in this post but i have a major PC freak and i can't upload any pictures,at all:( miahneo.I hope i can fix up my PC soon so i can post properly...until then DBSK FIGHTING!!! ^^

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