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~~~~~ DBSK STUFF ! ~~~~~

Fan Meeting DBSK!

look at him so concentrated!

omo i love xiah's new hair colour
crazy red!!

and a handshake^_^that's our leader

take a bow

aish just look at him standing there in his perfectness^^

bored jaeboo?

DBSK 동방신기- Family Outing 10/10/08- Part 1

you'll find the rest of the parts there,just follow the link of the video! enjoy^^no eng subs,yet!

[FANCAM] 081012 SBS-R Power FM - Jaejoong version 3

[FANCAM] 081012 SBS-R Power FM - Jaejoong version

[FANCAM] 081012 SBS-R Power FM - Jaejoong version 2

(HQ) DBSK~ 081004 Champagne~ Part 1/5 {ENG SUBBED}

you'll find the other parts there,just follow the link of the video ^_^ enjoy

081012 SBS Inkigayo - MIROTIC + Ending (Mutizen)

DBSK ~121008 Ment @ Power FM Aniversary~

funny ^_^

[FANCAM] 081012 SBS Power FM - Yoochun ver 2

[FANCAM] 081012 SBS-R Power FM 12th Anniv - Yunho ver

[FANCAM] 081001 YUNHO on MBC Come to Play

kawaii desu ^_^ when is this out? i wanna watch it full!

Jaejoong @ Hollywood Bowl [2008.05.17] - Rising Sun

haha remember this? HB 2008 USA,me and my cousin(lelis) stayed up until 4 AM in the morning to see this!!!! remember lelis?:))) hahaha this one's for you!:)) hahaha


Is everyone doing well?~
We DBSK are always having fun day after day thanks to everyone~^^

It's about time for this cold to fall away but it's still going with us^^

Now while relaxing with a good feeling~
I played 1 round of a game for a while and am writing with a super happy mind/heart~
Now that I'm focusing on the monitor it's a bit hot.(2)
Shall we turn on the AC now?
This is why the cold stays with us - is what YooChunee said~^^ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

With everyone's love (we) got the Mutizen song. ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
I'm really really happy.
Tears felt like coming out but I tightly held it in!
What YunHo-hyung said when we got the award is all DBSK's heart~^^
Everyone knows right? Let's all continue to run together.

Recently because everyone does everything with us all the time, every moment gives a good feeling..
Especially the cheers!~ That's why we have a lot of strength ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Our most beloved pearl red~(3)
I'm always very thankful~ You know(understand) my/this mind/heart right?

The signing (event/meeting) was also really fun,
every time we stand on the stage a happy power fills (me)!!
I'm saying let's cheerfully go together~(4)

Sorry about making you guys wait while sitting alone all lonely...
From now on we'll sit together^^
No, should we stand?^^

Don't forget that (I/we) always love you~^^ (5)

This... is not word-for-word. >.> Chun wrote practically everything casually and all cutsy-ish so it wouldn't make sense if you translated it to english like that. It's kind of sad how I like this kind of talking more but it's harder to translate into english. orz If I figure out how to reword some parts I'll do that.

(1) 에고 as a word is like ego so I think he's just using as a sound.
(2) Sorry, can't word it right. Like he's focusing on the monitor and it's a "now that I think about it" moment
(3) Idk I think I made it sound too mushy that's all LOL
(4) There's an implied 'I'm saying' and 'try'
(5) It could really go either way because he didn't finish the sentence (like 1/2 his other 'sentences')

Oh, and ㅎㅎㅎㅎ is like *laugh* w/ a 'h' sound. hahaha huhuhu just 'h'

credits and translator: annneonet

Hello~ This is YoungWoong JaeJoong.
First, we got Mutizen song today~
It's all thanks to everyone.
I am really happy and feel good
whenever I meet with everyone on stage with [주문-MIROTIC] but
even allowing us to get an award like this...!

Please cheer for
A DBSK that works harder and harder! and YoungWoong JaeJoong.

Today there was a fan signing for the first time right?
Buying the album to attend the fan signing, and
I heard that everyone waited for a long time, but
just those fans who got a signature from me didn't get their names written(1)... I apologize...
While looking at everyone coming to get a signature with a name attached,
I realized after some 10minutes of signing diligently
that I didn't write the names.
It would have been right to sign the names from then on, but
everyone waited the same amount and because the fans who didn't get it in the front might feel bad.
I didn't write anyone's name till the very end.
I said this at the end before but I'm really sorry.
Instead it's ok if I put your names here once right?(2)





신연희/악원/양로/오오가와 루미코/오주영/오지나/오지현/오현경/왕우정/요코야마 나츠미/







Uwa there's so many!
And thank you to those who came overseas and attended the signing event for me.
From the next time on I won't forget and without fail~ write your names! I promise~!!

Continue to cheer for our [주문-MIROTIC] activities and~
The cheer that everyone does (for us) during the refrain~ As expected you guys are the best~!!!(3)

The weather has become quite cold so take care to not catch the cold, and
let's meet again at the next performance!!^^

I'm counting on you for the cheers~!!(4)

(1) - It's more like "I wasn't able to write it for you" but couldn't figure out how to word everything so it works. :S
(2) - He wrote/typed them but the actual words he used is that he'd "call out/say" the names
(3) - Idk, what would you call this, slang? casual talk? Yeah, the phrase he used was "짱머그셈" which is pretty must the best/kings/etc
(4) - Kinda counting on them but requesting it at the same time-ish

Credits and Translator: annneonet

for chinese fans:

and the original stuff here:

081013 Mnet My Favorite - 동방신기 Love in the Ice cut

*Official MV Rain 비 - Love Story 티저 영상

Okay more teasers. Rain's Love Story full music video (MV) is out. Here's the video. The song is an excellent R&B ballad. But his character in the MV looks like a jerk. He tries to look funny and cool at the same time. I don't think that works. The part where he acts funny in the beginning of the video doesn't gel with the intensity of the song. Famous Korean actress Ha Ji Won is in the video, but she didn't leave a lasting impression.
Check out the first music video from Rain's 5th album, Rainism. Here's Love Story...what do you think?

Yoo Jae-suk & Jun jin's Infinite Challenge aerobics


Remember the two MC's from Happy Togheter? Here they are :

The members of South Korean hit TV show Infinite Challenge donned their sparkly shorts leotard for an aerobic gymnastics competition this morning (Oct 13).

The guys included comedians Yoo Jae-suk, Park Myeong-soo, Jung Hyung-don, Shinhwa member Jun Jin and actors Jung Joon-ha and No Hong-chul.
The men pranced around to music and exercise routines complete with some interesting team formation!

Their costume was a laugh, but the guys had the last laugh. If I'm not mistaken, they came in 2nd at the competition (out of 8 teams). Their routine earned them 16 points out of 20. Wow!

Aren't they hilarious? Wearing that costume alone takes a lot of gut.

credits: k-popped

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