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Sorry u guys for my late post but i've been so busy these days...with school and all...I'm so not in the mood for anything lately...what is wrong with me??? Anyways i'll try to make a decent post so here i go... -_-

Rain and DBSK critisized for suggestive music

Just when i thought Rain could do no wrong in the eyes of Korea, i read headlines in a Korean website that singer Rain and DBSK are under heavy criticism for their erotic songs.

Rain's 5th album title track Rainism is said to have sexual connotations and the cane Rain uses at the end of the dance (which he refers to as a "magic stick") suggest sexual innuendos.

The problematic part of the Rainism song?
"떨리는 네 몸 안을 돌고 있는 나의 magic stick
더 이상 넘어갈 수 없는 한곌 느낀 body shake
make it Rainism The Rainism 내 몸을 느껴 버렸어"

"My magic stick is spinning in your shivering body.
You can’t go beyond my body shake.
Make it Rainism The Rainism feel my body.”

Also, the part where Rain sings "I'm gonna be a bad boy" is not well received by the public.

The lyrics for Dong Bang Shin Ki's 4th album MIROTIC song has been analyzed and it was found that the words "crystal" refered to the male sperm and "red ocean" symbolizes the women's hymen. Thus MIROTIC's "I got you under my skin" is highly sexual as well.

Rain and DBSK have always been portraying a sexy image. But did they just cross the line with their new songs?

Tone it down guys, if you still want parents to let their teenage kids go to your concerts!

Source: StarNews Korea
credits: k-popped

yes well i think the article has a point..Bi has passed the line long ago...but that's his charm..he is sexy! ^_^ and the fans love that neh?And as far for DBSK..they have a long way to go until they get as "suggestive" as Bi ^_^ so LEAVE DBSK ALONE!! and Bi! lol

soo Rainism is out...lemme show u the
"suggestive music" of Bi

081017-Rain Come back Stage [RAINISM]

don't forget to click on the "watch in high quality" button!

081017-Rain Come back Stage [Only You]

yeah thats what i'm talking about

081017-Rain Come back Stage [It's Raining]

081017-Rain Come back Stage [Rain with Kim Suna]

and the infamous tango! I can feel the chemistry between these two! they should date!haha i allready left Rain a message on his official site with my advice on dating kim sun-ah^^

My Secret Dance Teacher
(Rain & Kim Su-nah Special)

Go behind-the-scenes and see how Rain taught Kim Su-nah the Bad Guy tango steps. They also became friends and enjoyed spending time together.

Rain Comeback Special Pt 1 w Kim Sun Ah (17.10.08)

there are another 4 parts to see ,just follow the video's link and u'll find the other parts there^^ enjoy!
this was really fun to watch for me...

I love this Lotte family pic ^^
and chunnie with those glasses looks so dorky ne?

official lotte duty free website here!

Hero and Han Hyo Joo casted in "Heaven's Postman" drama!

yes she is the one who will play next to jae! dont hate her ok? she seems nice..let's give her a chance^^

[News] 081022 YTNStar- JaeJoong in films With Han Hyo Joo

Actress Han Hyo Joo is slated to play in the upcoming drama “Heaven’s Postman“, which is a joint collaboration between Korea and Japan and will be working with Hero JaeJoong of Dong Bang Shin Ki. The scriptwriting of “Heaven’s Postman” will be undertaken by Japanese screenwriter Eriko Kitagawa, who also wrote “Long Vacation” and “Beautiful Life”. The director will be Lee Hyeong Min, who directed “Sorry I Love You” and “Snow Queen”.

This is the first time the two renowned writer and director will be collaborating together. As the male lead Hero JaeJoong enjoys a very high popularity in both South Korea and Japan, the drama has already attracted much attention since its preparatory stage. With the addition of Han Hyo Joo, who the Japanese viewers got to know from the drama “Spring Waltz”, the Japanese viewers are already eagerly waiting for the drama to air.

Hero JaeJoong plays as a postman who delivers letters for those who had passed away while Han Hyo Joo plays as his lover.

“Heaven’s Postman” is scheduled to begin filming in early November and both Hero JaeJoong and Han Hyo Joo are currently familiarizing with the script.

credits: Hanfever + francesca @ AF + mirotic

DBSK fansigning in Daegu

whoa chunnie is so wrapped up kekekek^^

ATTENTION: GREAT news for people live in the STATES ( L.A.)



+ NO more must be ASIAN rule !!!

..... YEP ~

Yuhno anc Chunnie endorsing codes combine

Yah what's with the scarves?It's like a new trend or something...everywhere i go i see scarves!! enough allreadyy gezzz

that's it! i'll go buy one tomorrow!!!!


omooooooo please dont do that!!!
SM where are you when we need you?!!!

Song Hye Kyo Mcdonald Ice Cream Ad

haha watch this is hilarious!

Song Hye Kyo Mcdonald Ice Cream Ad ending

and the perfect end!

Sade - It's Only Love That Get's U Through

I love this song! This woman can sing!

It's Seoul Fashion Week!

I loooove korean fashion!!!

Seoul Fashion Week kicked off on the 15th October, 2008. Top Korean designers will present their 09 spring / summer collections for 8 days at the Seoul Trade Exhibition Center (SETEC), Daechi-dong, southern Seoul.

Fashion shows for men's wear will run from Oct 18 - 19 and for women's wear, Oct 21 - 25. Asian designers will get to show off their creations on the catwalk on Oct 20. Men's wear designers will include Chang Kwang-hyo, Park Jong-chul, Song Hye-myung, Park He-rin, Kim Seo-ryong, Song Zio, Park Sung-chul, Lee Ju-young and Seo Eun-gil.

Women's wear designers include Song Jain, Gee Choon-hee, Lee Young-hee, An Yoon-jung and Cho Sung-kyong.

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Hi! I'm a fan of your blog and was finding something I saw on KBS World Seoul fashion week... the models and designer all came out with Micky's hairstyle!!! XDDD