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~~~~~ RANDOM : K-POP, TWILIGHT... ~~~~

but it was fun kekeke^^

hey mr. Dj play my song again^^

with my girls,i'm green and abadiabadaaa and abadiabada:))

Lately i'm having problems in choosing a title for my posts otoke x_X anyways...enjoy the post please ^_^

Airport piccies
Gimpo Airport

aish that cat-walk again nandeoooo

kawaii beanie Jaeboo

and the infamous LV wallet ^^

thumbs up micky!

I simply love Junsu's jeans ^^

naughty hand aishhh *giggles

"i really wanna touch myself"

i see belly^^

Hey Mr. Big jajajajajaja

As u probably allready know from the last post my cousin(lelis) did,our album allready arrived kyaaaaa ^_^ and the "Yuhno's style earings" are simply gorgeous!

Piccies in my photoalbum i can't stop staring at :

oh the cd looks good in my car..u should see it ^_^

A movie i'm looking forward to see ^^

Behold k-pop girls attak!

BoA - Eat You Up MV (english subbed)

this is some strong s***!! me like it ^__^

Lee Hyori - Hey Mr. Big MV (english subbed)

Korean pop star Rain introduces fashion brand SIX TO FIVE

Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) used to be called a "quadruple threat". He's a singer, actor, dancer AND model. Now, you can add entrepreneur to that list. After finishing his 5-year contract under JYP Entertainment and leaving mentor Park Jin Young (JYP), Rain set up his own entertainment company, J Tune Entertainment. Okay, we all know that story.

Now, J Tune Entertainment is also branching out and has a subsidiary company called J Tune Creative (www.jtcreative.co.kr). The 26 year old "World Star", is delving into one of his personal passions - the fashion industry.

Rain simultaneously makes his 5th album (Rainism) comeback (via the special MBC program Me.Rain.Dance) and showcases the 2009 Fall/Winter collection for his fashion brand "Six to Five". Actually Rain himself modeled the clothes. He wore this "Six to Five" (식스 투 파이브) ensemble during his tango performance with Kim Su-nah. Recognize it?

SIX TO FIVE F/W 2009: Rain wore this red
velvet jacket & jeans
ensemble at his comeback show.
The term J Tune Creative coined
for this look is "intelligent vintage style".

Lee Jong Mi, J Tune Creative's design team chief said, "The pieces Rain wore at his comeback performance are from the 2009 F/W collection. Street style and classic cuts are mixed to form an overall intelligent vintage style."

Rain in SIX TO FIVE F/W 2009
dances with Kim Sun-ah
in his 5th album comeback special

don't u think these two look HOT 2gether? ^__^ i feel the chemistry huhuuhuh


Twilight (Crepuscolo) !!!!

Great news.. the submit entertainment is going to realease twilight movie on 21/11/08

Shorter Version of ET Final Twilight Trailer HD

he bit her ajsdkljashdjasjdas
the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest! indeed!!! ^_^

singing Bella's lullaby

he goes for the kiss

sjdajshdjas it's PERFECT!

he kissed her awwwwwww

Lotte revealed
They look stunning !!

awwww just lovely!


O.k. I just finished voting..so now it's u'r turn girls...I've already posted on how to create an account on mnet.com so instead of rewriting the whole procedures again let me just redirect u to my previous post here-->PROCEDURES TO SIGN UP-HERE . You just have to follow till step 7 n after that u can sign up yourself & go here-->VOTE HERE to vote for our boys. If u get lost or don't understand where to vote then i suggest you to just tick the boxes wherever you see MIROTIC (that's how i voted ^^;;). Also note that there are 17 categories & our boys are nominees for 6 or 7 awards (i think so cus i voted 6/7 times only wherever i saw MIROTIC ^^;)..so guys, go now n register urself or if u're already registered like me then directly head toward the mnet site(link provided above) to vote for our boys + I think 1 account can vote only once but since i've 3 accounts, i votted 3 times *brags :P* lol~~

Remember girls! Even 1 vote from u will be of gr8 help to our boys to get 1 step more closer to the award~~SO PLZ VOTE EVERY1

credits: mirotic

[NEWS+VID]TOHOSHINKI aka TVXQ’s “Mirotic” Confession To BigEast Fans

TVXQ had a commemorate activity for their newly released 24th single “Mirotic” on the 16th in the Tokyo Center. With “Mirotic” as the theme, fans were able to express what they wanted TVXQ to say to them the most (Love Ju Mun). Five fans were picked randomly from the audience, and brought onstage for the members to speak into their ear secretly. This surprised the whole audience. But only Junsu’s sweet “Please talk with me on the phone for 24 hours” was rejected by the fan, who said “This will only bring other fans’ anger, so let’s just say friends.”

TXVQ is made up of Leader Yunho, Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Changmin. After their single “Purple Line” was used in a Chevrolet commercial and reached #1 on the Oricon Weekly, Beautiful You and Doushite followed, marking the third time they had earned the #1 spot on the Oricon Weekly charts. Mirotic also reached #1 on the daily charts on the 15th.

The five of them whispered sweet talk to fans, but Yunho said “In private, we don’t say these things. To someone I like, I’d write a note to her either in a book or in a letter. The success rate is high!”

credit: Hey! JJ + Mr. TVXQ
translations by: jae!fany@Shinki! Forums
source: Ivanne @ AF
shared by: mirotic

DBSK's Love Spell [Eng Sub]

As a foreign artist, TVXQ is the first one to take the #1 spot in the Oricon Weekly charts three times. On the 16th, their newly released Japanese single “Mirotic” held a commemorate press conference in Tokyo. Based on the song name, the members decided to confess to fans with words such as, “i don’t want anyone but you,” and “come with me quietly,” wooing the fans present.
They called fans onto the stage to say these words to them, and Jaejoong was so shy he turned red. He also said that even in private, “We don’t say these things because we’re shy. Although we don’t have anyone yet…” The only brave one was Yoochun, who said, “If you like someone, say it straight out!”
Yoochun yelled out today, “From today on, we’ll have more and more activities in Korea, but we want to love Japanese fans a lot too!” Leader Yunho also said, “Just like the song name, we want to let everyone fall into our spell through this song.” Touched, many fans started crying.
The 24th single “Mirotic” earned the #1 spot on the Oricon Daily Chart on 10-14, and now, TVXQ is looking toward working hard for even better results.
credit: oriconjp + sharingyoochun
translations by: jae!fany@Shinki! Forums
source: Ivanne @ AF
shared by: mirotic

[SCHEDULE+INFO]Upcoming TVXQ's schedule UPDATED+ Sales trackback + Past radio programs TVXQ attended


October 17th
• MBC FM4U Kangin & Taeyeon Chinhan Chingu "Ah! Let's Bet!" [radio broadcast] - 8:00 pm
• Incheon Airport Sky Festival - 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

October 18th
• KBS2 Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter [broadcast] - 12:15 am
• MBC Music Core - 3:20 pm
• KBS2 Music Bank - 6:30 pm
• 2008 10th Korea-China Friendship Festival - 7:00 pm

October 19th
• SBS Inkigayo - 3:30 pm
• SBS Family Outing part 2 [broadcast] - 5:20 pm
• 4th album Kyobo Book Hottracks Mukdong Fansigning - 6:00 pm

October 20th
• 4th album Kyobo Books Hottracks Daegu Fansigning [JS + YC] - 4:00 pm
• 4th album Kyobo Books Pusan Fansigning [JS + YC] - 8:00 pm
• 4th album Media Synnara Incheon Fansigning [YH + CM] - 4:00 pm
• 4th album Media Synnara Daejon Fansigning [YH + CM] - 8:00 pm
• MBC Come to Play [broadcast] - 11:05 pm

October 23rd
• Mnet M! Countdown - 7:00 pmOctober 24th
• 2008 Seoul Hallyu Festival - ASIA AID Concert - 8:00 pm

October 25th
• MBC Music Core - 3:20 pm
• 2008 Bucheon World Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo “SUPER CONCERT” - 7:00 pm

October 26th
• SBS Inkigayo - 3:30October 27th
• Lotte Duty Free Event


Week 1 total: 111,847
Week 2 total: 92,029

Week 3:
10.11 - [*4,495] = 208,371
10.12 - [*2,376] = 210,747
10.13 - [*1,296] = 212,043
10.14 - [**,783] = 212,826
10.15 - [*1,269] = 214,095

credits: Blaze + soompi

Radio Programs TVXQ has been on…
-Chin Chin
-Shim Shim Tapa
-PKL Starry Night
-SBS Power FM
-Happy FM Gayo
-MC Mong Radio
-Tablo Dream Radio
-KBS Cool Radio
-Mnet My Favourite

credits: senorita + soompi

B4 I GO:

[HQ] 081018 YDH's Love Letter - MIROTIC!

Another great performance of Mirotic! enjoy ^__^

[HQ] 081018 YDH's Love Letter - In the Still of the Night

And a great accapela XOXO

Aish aish keopta and sexy!!!!
omo Koda Kumi is making many fangirls jelous right nao NEEE??
Micky goes like:"Junsu des ^_^ "



credits:tvxqvstvxq+toocutedoggy+as tagged+me(kity)

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