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[080811] Airport pictures ~Back to Korea~+A-nation 2008+~T~ Tour Making Movie caps+TVXQ Interview

[080811] Airport pictures ~Back to Korea~

Our boys are back.They are so fast!^_^
Oh God....I swear Jae is getting wilder these days.
And Micky looks so funny...the way he smiles...haha

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[080810] A-nation pics

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Purple line Live @A-nation 080810

~T~ Tour Making Movie Caps
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TVXQ interview

Q:If the 5 of you were to go on a camp, what will your responsibilities be?
JJ: I’ll be chef
YC: I’ll clean .. and Junsu? Soccer?

Q:That isn’t a responsibility.
JJ: Ah. Preparing for soccer.
YC: Preparing the uniforms, and as for Changmin, maybe ..
JJ: Preparing to eat.

Q:Together with Jaejoong?
JJ: No, no. I’ll prepare the food while Changmin waits.

Q:Changmin is also the kind who doesn’t do anything?
JJ: Yea, totally.
YC: Maybe Changmin and Yunho hyung will be those who stays in the tent, but I dunno ..
We’ve never been on a camp together before.

JS: What are you guys talking about?

Q:Yea, we’re talking about what if you all go on a camp together.
YC: So Jaejoong hyung shall cook, I clean and you, soccer.
JS: Oh no. I’ll take charge happily.
JJ: And that is that.
JS: gag, or variety?

JS: Yup, that.
YC: Then again, maybe you won’t do anything.
JS: Then I shall take charge of the money. Yay!

Q:Oh my. Seems like you’re rich?
JJ: But also alot of debts.
YC: To Jaejoong hyung it isn’t debts it’s just things you borrowed.
JJ: It’s inevitable ..
JS: Thank you!!

Q:Now if you were in the same class, what positions you think you will hold?
JS: Me, monitor!

Q:Oh, in japan being a monitor is tough and everyone’s afraid of the monitor ..
JS: In Korea, the monitor is like the leader of the committee. I’ll be monitor, Yuchun will be in charge of the duty roster and Jaejoong .. Yankee.

Q:Even yankee is a duty?
YC: Jaejoong shall be the chief of skipping class.
JJ: Wow a chief.
JS: That’s how it usually is in dramas. You begin with zero and finally you succeed.

Q:I don’t know if that is a compliment .. Anyway, Yuchun shall clean at the camp and even in the class he’s in charge of the duty roster?
YC: Yea. I’m beginning to like cleaning.
JS: Yes, and Changmin shall be in charge of the meals and Yunho hyung, the monitor who has lost his powers.
JJ and YC: That is possible.
JS: Seems like I’m really smart man!
JJ: Please do something about the next question.

Q:Got it, adding to that, if 5 of you were in the same class will you befriend each other?
JJ: No.
YC: Maybe not.
JS: Our levels are different.
JJ: We’ll be in different worlds isn’t it?

Q:Who do you think would be easiest to befriend with?
JS: Yuchun.
YC: Why?
JS: Because you clean the place.
JJ: As for me it’ll be Junsu. I can order him around to run errands.
JS: Like doing your homework right? Then I have to go “JA!” like that rite?
YC: Something like “go buy ramyun”.
JS: Wahhhhh~
JJ: Anyway, it’s because Junsu plays the soccer well. This type of people are popular, so that’s why I think we might be friends.
YC: Yea, I think I’ll befriend Junsu too.

Q:Ultimately, it’s still the person with the most popularity eh?
JJ: Now Junsu’s a little cranky but he was popular in elementary school.
JS: It’s not like that. I was popular till middle school.

Q:Yea, when did you take on this cranky persona?
JJ: When he joined DBSK.
JS: When I came to Japan? Anyway, I don’t care.

Q:If you could choose among being a cameraman, producer, manager, stylist, hair/make-up, soundman and lightings, which will you choose?
JS: Manager!

Q:That’s a tough job, because you’d have to manage people like DBSK.
JS: Then can I change? But anyway maybe still manager, because I feel that a manager seems to be almighty.
YC: I’ll take photographer.

Q:You also wanna try taking pictures of DBSK?
YC: Not so much of DBSK .. More of things like a child’s smile ..
JJ: I’ll be entertainment representative. [CEO]

Q:A boss?
JJ: No, no.
YC: Bingo~
JJ: I will cooperate with an open mind with all my staffs. That’s the kind of superior I wanna be.

Q:Anyway, between yourselves, what type of jobs do you think fit the members?
JJ: Junsu, public relations.
JS: Why?
JJ: Becaue it seems that you will do well in pr. Its the same as going on to radio shows and say “please assist” or doing gags..
JS: Ah. Quite good.

Q:Ah, that was convincing.
JJ: Yuchun will be in the cleaning dept.

Q:Seems like everything’s about cleaning.
YC: Is it top class cleaning dept?
JJ: It’s elite.
YC: Tthat’s okay.
JS: Jaejoong hyung, stylist.
YC: And there’s this signboard in Shibuya right? Attending to someone like the person in the poster.

Q:Attending to someone? You’re good at that?
JJ: No, totally.
JS: Maybe it’s that kind of stylist. Do they sit for a test? I like that.
YC: Every question for Jaejoong is answered by Junsu. Changmin shall be PE trainer. As for Yunho .. I don’t know.
JJ: Yunho will be guarding behind the building. He’s an amazing person.
JS: Protecting the building with his strength.

Q:That’s his character?
JJ: Yup, because he has a lot of authority as a leader.

Q:Amongst yourselves what are the nicknames you give to each other?
JJ: Junsu is junjjang!
YC: Junjjang~!!
JJ: And Yuchun, skull.

Q:Junsu’s derived from his own name so why skull for Yuchun?
JS: mick-skull.
JJ: Yuchun’s nickname is Micky, so when Micky and skull combines, it will be Mick-skull.
YC: And master forehead, forehead master.
JJ: Everything revolves round forehead.
YC: And Jaejoong ..
JS: Dracula.
YC: Oh ya. He’s like a vampire.

Q:And why’s that?
YC: When he’s tired, he goes so pale he’s really like one and his eyes turn red.
JJ: And the dark circles are not a joke too.
JS: That’s why Dracula.

Q:And if you all were to be described as animals ..?
JJ: I wanna be an ancient monkey, an ape.
JS: Orangutan!
JJ: Or gorilla. Yuchun will be a duck’s skull or a dragon’s skull.

Q:Why’s it revolving around skulls again?
YC: And Changmin will be a dog.
JJ: A kind of scary dog, the type with the drive.
JS: I wanna be koala.
YC: A perverted koala.
JJ: Koala or hyena.
YC: Or timon. [those from my era can refer to lion king’s timon and pumbaa, remember hakuna matata?
those in gen z please google lion king. anyway its a meerkat]
JJ: Yunho will be mosquito. A fat mosquito.
JS: That would be fish.

Q:Anything else?
JS: And Yunho is quite alike with a tiger. Changmin’s like a stag and I’m a cat.
YC: (taking up the writer’s handphone which has his pet cat on it) Like this one?

Q:Eh .. It’s not quite similar it seems ..
JS: No! it’s cute isn’t it? It’s really alike! And Jaejoong hyung, a Shisa. [a shisa is a guardian which wards off evil in Okinawa]
JJ: Let’s skip to the next question.

Q:Now if you were to go to a deserted island, who would you bring?
JS: Yuchun.
YC: To clean up?
JS: No. Because it seems like if you go with Yuchun, you can do anything, and be anything. [awww]
JJ: Yuchun .. Wherever he goes, whatever he does, he will be able to make his own stuffs. [in other words, good adaptability]
JS: Can make his own place to stay, his own food, seems like he can do all those things. He has a great will to live.
YC: Like in “castaway”? “wilson, wilson” [castaway is a film starring tom hanks screened in 2001]
JS: it definitely has to be Yuchun.
JJ: I’ll bring Changmin, because he swims really well. I’ll ride on Changmin to escape. [LOL!!!!!]

Q:That’s an extreme idea.
YC: I’m fine with going with anyone except Junsu.
JJ: Junsu doesn’t have the will to live.
YC: Going with Junsu will only be a burden to me. Dangerous and Junsu’s burden? It will be the same.
JS: Definitely.
JJ: Next to Junsu will be Yunho. He’ll be at a corner, and the longer he is on the island the more unreasonable he will get,
but I think that because he wants to live he will do everything so it’s quite okay ..
YC: Junsu can do nothing other than soccer.
JJ: “Soccer will not be allowed!!” it will definitely be like that.

Q:So you’ll spend time doing your own stuffs?
JJ: Yup. Controlling the island and it will be good like now.

Q:What will your respective roles be when you go on a camp?
CM: I’ll be director. I’ll only be giving orders.
YH: I’ll help out everything a bit.

Q:Just now when I interviewed the previous 3, they said you both will be in your tents.
CM: Oh really?
YH: I’ll help out by putting up the tent.
CM: We two will give orders, because this way the 3 of them will do more work than us.
YH: And they’ve got one more person, so we’ll take charge.

Q:Actually you 5 haven’t been on a camp together before so have you had that thought of going on one?
YH: Of course.

Q:Seems difficult to spend some time during summer?
YH: Yup. It’s a pity but our schedule is packed.
CM: Packed.
YH: It’s a little impossible this time round but if we can go next year I would like to go.

Q:Now, if you were in the same class, what positions would you be?
YH: Monitor.

Q:Oh, it’s the class counsellor thing rite?
CM: Assistant manager.

Q:Junsu wants to be the class counsellor.
YH: No way.
CM: Yunho hyung has a little more leadership skill than Junsu.

Q:Only a little?
CM: Actually as a leader, he’s okay.
YH: Junsu can be in charge of playing.
Cm: A duty to not prevent things from happening within the level.
YH: the smaller role Junsu plays, the better it is.
CM: He helps best in not preventing things from happening.
YH: Certainly. Jaejoong will be in charge of food, and Yuchun ..
CM: Cleaning. He’s best at tidying up things.

Q:Ah so it’s true. I thought it was a joke cracked by the three of them previously and Changmin?
CM: I just wanna be seen in class, to just be a normal member of the class.
YH: That’s lonesome, seems like it’s quite good to be normal member of the class.

Q:Yunho, don’t you have an assignment for Changmin?
YH: Director, seems like he can give good orders.

Q:What if you 5 really become classmates will you befriend each other?
YH: definitely.

Q:Previously the three of them were not definite about being friends.
YH: Really? Seems like I will be friends though ..

Q:Who will be the quickest to get a friend?
YH: That’s difficult.
CM: Hahahaha. I wanna be more confident to increase my friendliness.

CM: Sorry.
YH: our characters are rather different but it seemed like we got along well. maybe it’s because we are so good now that it might be a different situation when we are in school.

Q:If you were to be cameraman, producer, manager, lightings, which would you choose?
YH: Lightings, because whether the artistes turn out to look good will all be due to the lightings. Although everyone usually know
about the director or producers .. They usually neglect the lightings, but lightings play an important role in the production so
I wanna help artistes that way.

Q:So you feel empathetic towards the lightings staffs, which is why you say this?
YH: Yea, most people don’t know but the lightings are really an important role I think.
CM: I wanna be cameraman, actually I’m interested in cameras and because when you view your own works in future, you will
have a lot of nice memories. That’s why I wanna try photography.

Q:Then what about the previous 3?
YH: Yuchun shall be sound manager.
CM: Jaejoong shall be .. cleaner.

Q:Ah, so to Changmin, it’s Jaejoong cleaning instead of Yuchun?
CM: yup, and Junsu .. a person who does nothing.
YH: I object. Jaejoong should be coordinator.
CM: Or stylist is good too.
YH: It would be good if Junsu does nothing. Haha. It’s a joke. A joke.
CM: Junsu shall be assistant.

Q:Junsu can’t be a main?
CM: It would be better if he doesn’t be one.
YH: Junsu would work well with the stage director.

Q:That was good because he promoted from an assistant.
CM: That doesn’t change my view.

Q:What are your respective nicknames?
YH: We don’t have any in Japanese but we’ve got a lot in Korean. Changmin’s changdol. It has a cute meaning to it when we say it out.
CM: But it doesn’t have any meaning to it ..
YH: It’s the pronounciation of it.
CM: Yunho doesn’t have any.
YH: Not amongst the members.
CM: But he told us that amongst his friends they call him Yunja and we’ve seen it for ourselves too because we’re younger so we don’t call him names.
YH: is “hyung” considered?

Q:Yuchun said he’s called skull. It’s good that you both have safe names.
CM: Ah. We also do have that sort of names.
YH: Hahahahaha.
CM: But I can’t say. [ooooh..... O__o]

Q:What kinds of animals would you describe each other to be?
YH: they must have said that I’m like a rat, but I think, not tiger, nor cheetah, a kind of panther? A black panther,
because a panther seems to be the kind which works hard to reach its goal.

Q:Oh oh perhaps!! The others said that you resemble a tiger. It’s quite similar.
YH: Yea. Junsu’s a hyena.
CM: And I’m a giraffe. [now that he mentions it]
YH: Hahahaha!

Q:You’re tall and you’ve got large eyes .. it’s so true.
CM: Yea and if you haven noticed, my neck’s longer than an average human being.
[I’ve always admired him for his courage to say this sort of things]

Q:The rest said you to be a stag. It’s quite similar.. Based on the gentleness of the creatures.
CM: That’s good. Yea.

Q:Who would win when you fight for the TV?
CM: Probably Yuchun. Normally when he says something it’s usually with authority.
YH: Same. Yuchun is quicker than anyone else in DBSK when it comes to that.

Q:Other members said that you two watch TV a lot. So what types of programs do you watch?.
CM: Music shows, music station, music fighter, etc
YH: Movies. I like to watch movies.

Q:If you were to go to a deserted island, who would you bring?
CM: No one. I don’t want anyone of them to have a hard time.

Q:Oh, even your mentality is so kind.
YH: I’ll bring Jaejoong along because he can cook.

Q:What about one person you wouldn’t wanna bring?
YH: Changmin because there will be a scramble for food.

Q:But you’re saying it in front of him right now.
JJ: Yup. Controlling the island and it will be good like now.
CM: I won’t bring Junsu because he won’t do anything.

Q:Junsu’s character seems to be like that. Even previously while interviewing the three of them I found that Junsu is really unpopular
amongst you all. Can you both please guide me on about this?
YH: Junsu has an independent character so it’s okay to say all these.
CM: I don’t need any help with this. Junsu hyung needs to reflect upon this.

Q:Jaejoong said that he would bring Changmin along because you can swim well so he could ride on you to escape.
What do you think about this?
CM: I’m so sorry. I’ll swim and escape myself. [lol.. their soul-fighter relationship.. lol]
YH: What a waste. Jaejoong made the wrong choice.

Q:If you were to roam around the island, what would you do first?
CM: I’ll scout around for what’s on the island.
YH: Build a boat immediately so I could show it to Jaejoong.

Q:and the person who will be most likely to adapt in the environment?
CM: Jaejoong, because he has a strong will to live and he will bring along a strong mindset to live.
YH: Yuchun is the quickest. he can do well in everything so it won’t be too difficult. Junsu will be the most unadaptable one
because he has a strong dignity so even on a deserted island he will be relaxed and all so he probably won’t do well.

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