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A-nation pictures~08.08.10~+UFO BOOK

A-nation Ishikawa pictures~08.08.10~



Summary: Compilation of all their UFO replies so far.

UFO Book

Fan: Today I bought [Lovin’ You] and a SM town CD! My mummy liked Yunho at first sight! Keke

YH: Please tell your mother thanks and that I’m really shy Ah~!! I feel good!!

Fan: I feel like the distance between us is getting wider. I’m worried that Oppas will forget me.

YH: That’s impossible~!! Thank you for always brightening up our hearts. Please continue giving us light in future

Fan: Hello annyeong! I’m a little pig who created the 21st century! *makes snorting noises* I’ll be starting school today. I need a lot of encouragement from Oppa! T_T

YH: We’ll be counting on you in the 21st century….Little pig~*_*

Fan: I heard that Yunho likes girls with long hair so I haven’t been cutting my hair…but I still have short hair….

YH: Aigoo! Although I like long hair, I like girls who are hardworking more ^^

FanL Yunho Oppa, please comb your fringe up more often.

YH: ^____^ My fringe….Will the response be good? Kekeke

Fan: Oppas will still be together as TVXQ even after you celebrate your 60th birthday right??????? Am I right?????

YH: Of course~!! Don’t worry about that…..Kekeke

Fan: Oppa! I’m lonely! Please keep me company

YH: Who’s lonely!! Come here!!

Fan: Please reply when you see this…..Red Sun!! Ke. I hypnotized you. (T/N: Red Sun was a popular phrase not long ago, something like a finger snap after you hypnotized that person.

YH: Ah! I just unconsciously sent a reply…..Your method of hypnotizing others is the best in the world!!

Fan: I was so excited after receiving Oppa’s reply that I wanted to jump up and down T_T Please send me a message everyday!

YH: ^___^ Kekeke. Are you ready to jump!!! Keke. Good night~

Fan: Boo! I went to donate blood just now T_T Please tell me I’m a good girl!
YH: You’re a good girl. Yurongi (T/N: Fan’s userID)

Fan: I always think of Oppa before I sleep. Seems like I’ll be able to dream of you that way. Please appear in my dreams <3>
YH: Even if I don’t appear, I’ll give you a reply. Ke.

Fan: Do you like Megaton or Ssangssang? (T/N: Ice cream names)
YH: I like watermelon

Fan: Youngwoong Jaejoong hwaiting! Choikang Changmin hwaiting! Micky Yoochun hwaiting! U Know Yunho hwaiting!! TVXQ hwaiting!

JJ: Xiah Junsu~~~~~~~~HWAITING!!!!!

Fan: Was today fun? I couldn’t go today T_T I’m Changmin’s! So who does Changmin belong to? <3>JJ: Changmin’s mine~~ ^^
Fan: (T/N: Same fan) No, Jaejoong’s mine <3>
JJ: You’re mine, too. ^^

Fan: Excuse me ^^ The oppa there! Please give me a reply~~~~~~
JJ: Here’s your reply~~ Congratulations~~!

Fan: When’s Oppa going to do your come back? I miss you T_T

JJ: Please look forward to it ^^ We’ll come back after we’re more mature ^^

Fan: Junsu’s doing promotions alone in Tokyo? It must be really tiring. Work harder tomorrow~~ Xiah Junsu hwaiting!

JJ: Junsu just sent me a message… I just received it. He replied that he’s happy..

Fan: If you don’t reply you have to date me

JJ: Ah! Did you see the reply I sent?? I sent it!!!

Fan: Jaejoong oppa, you’re really good at cooking bean paste soup right?
JJ: Bean paste soup is what I cook best ^^ Then comes Kimchi jjigae, then bean curd stew ^^

Fan: Please give me some encouragement because I want to be a composet!
JJ: Please write really cool songs and give one to TVXQ ^^

Fan: What’s Changmin doing now? Thinking of me?
JJ: Changmin’s looking at the mirror? Keke

Fan: Oppa hasn’t replied me at all T_T I haven’t been eating, you just left me hanging here…..

YC: Even if you’re waiting, you still must eat ^^

Fan: I’m doing my homework now…I’m really tired. I was thinking whether I should go for Asia Song Festival. Should I come?
YC: You must come ^^

Fan: Yoochun babo (T/N: Fool/Idiot)…babo…babo…babo….what should I be called for liking you?
YC: You’re a babo too~

Fan: I miss you @@!
YC: How much??

Fan: I miss you~
YC: I know~

Fan: Yoochun oppa~It’s raining outside~~~You like rain right?
YC: Of course I really like it ^^ Please early! ^^ Oppa will be turning in now ^^ Good night

Fan: I’ll be waiting for your 4th album <3>
YC: Do you want the rest of us to get hurt~~~

Fan: I…..am…..studying…..now…just….reply….anything….even if it’s just a phrase….

YC: Don’t think of anything else when studying. Just study ^^

Fan: Oppa, does this mail really get to you?? I’m scared (>_<)
YC: Of course ^^ I’m now reading this in Japan ^^ I came back online after our work ended in Japan

Fan: Yoochun, can you ask Jaejoong if he’s beside you ‘why are you so pretty?’?
YC: Junsu’s beside me……

Fan: I miss Jaejoong too T_T T_T *sobs* Please tell me what do I do when I miss him?
JS:Go to naver and type ‘Youngwoong Jaejoong’……………………………^^

Fan: Oppa must be full because you’ve received so many questions right?!
JS: I’m so happy my stomach seems like it’s going to burst

Fan: I’m looking forward to your performance today <3
JS: You’re just looking forward to the one today~~~ ^^

Fan: Junsu oppa….of course you wouldn’t reply…..

JS: Although you didn’t expect it, I was smart enough to give you a reply

Fan: When you speak of Cassiopeia, you think of Dongbang. So if you speak of Dongbang you think of?

JS: Obviously Cassiopeia!

Fan: YA! Don’t be like this to Junsu! I received Junsu’s UFO
JS: Thank you T_T Please try to discipline Changmin, this kid

Fan: What should I do to have thigh like yours? T_T Please tell me your secret

JS: I’m so embarrassed ;; but my thighs are thicker now

Fan: Our Junsu is so cute I can die! What do you believe makes you this cute?
JS: I believe in you. Keke ^^

Fan: I like TVXQ more than eating

JS: So please stop eating from now on

Fan: Who’s more charismatic? Yunho oppa or Junsu oppa? Eukyangkyang

JS: My charisma comes from within, it’s invisible

Fan: Chic Chang. Please reply me oppa!

CM:;;;;;;;;;;; Chic Chang seems to have become my nickmane…..;;

Fan: My friend’s a Cassiopeian too, so her boyfriend’s really jealous of oppa. Therefore…keke. I’m jealous

CM: ^^ Tell that boy ‘Hwaiting’ from me if you see him. In future, please have a good relationship with him

Fan: Changmin-ah! Please eat properly and don’t fall sick! You must eat 8 meals a day~ T_T
CM: 8 meals….Ummm. I’m really hungry…;;

Fan: Changmin-ah <3>CM: I’ll fill it up myself~ Hehehe

Fan: Changmin-ah. I need your reply more than winning the lottery. We need to talk

CM: Think about it carefully…Lottery jackpot….is a lot more than you can ever imagine….Think again;;

Fan: Oppa! If you’re alive, please reply. Kekeke. If you don’t reply, I really will marry oppa! I can cook well and can look after kids well too

CM: I replied you! That means I don’t have to marry you! That’s how it works!!!!! Hehe

Fan: If you reply me, my grades might just go sky high…

CM: Try making them shoot up!

Fan: Actually I’m not a human but an alien….didn’t you know that?
CM: Please don’t tell anyone this secret before I present you to NASA

Fan: Congratulations on topping the Oricon chart! Hehe. Please don’t forget that we’re always watching over you

CM: I’ve never forgotten it ^^ We’ll work harder Go go go ^^

Fan: I finished watching [SAW] 1.2.3 at one go. I’m going crazy T_T

CM: You’re amazing……^^

Translated by: Sparkskey
Credits: DNBN

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