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~ Chukyotv andu TVXQ+New UFO replies+bonus piccies ~

chukyotv andu TVXQ screenshots

for the videoclip click HERE


NEW UFO replies

Fan: Oppa’s, in August I’m going to qi Zhou island to play…oppa we should go together!
Yunho: I really want to go! Qi Zhou Island!

Fan: The way you dance is like an Intangible cultural asset!
Yunho: Is my dancing really that good?

Fan: Harsh Yoochun!!! Ruthless Yoochun!!! Yoochun who doesn’t want me!!! Cruel Yoochun!!! I don’t want to play with oppa anymore!!!!!
Yoochun: Oppa hearts is very pure, how can you change your love like that?

Fan: Jaejoong oppa, can I not call you Jaejoong?

Jaejoong: Oh no! haha. Lets sleep now! We’ll go to dream land together.

Fan: If oppa’s give me a reply, next time I’ll wear bi mo ni (don’t know what this is) . For real
Junsu: Really??!! Then I’ll see you at the concert!

Fan: I got surgery on my double eye lid! Now I’m pretty!
Changmin: haa.haa…

Fan: I’m on my way back to my village, and I passed han jiang and it was beautiful! It’s been a while since the last time I came here.
Changmin: It’s been a while since I came to Japan, So maybe it’s like that?

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