joi, 21 august 2008

A dose of celebrity gossip never harmed anyone neh?I give you Celebrities revealed!

Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba - The price of celebrity is sometimes a knife away.Pretul celebritatii sta uneori in cateva operatii estetice.

omo where did Vicky's butt go?

HA-HA-HA sad...sad..

Celebrities revealed! our idols on whom songs/movies we've grown up are going down one by one...Wemen we never imagined as wives and they are!

the rebelious singer Avril Lavigne made the big step a while ago.

First it was the marriage thing among the celebrities..and now the pregnancy is top.why the rush people?it's like a marathon and the start was taken huh...did the Planet X rumors scared you or what?uuuu the end is near let's get married quick and have lots of babies...scarry!!! more about planet x here

Now this is something i didn't expect to see too soon

Gwen looks gorgeous pregnant...just lovely

J.Lo as a mum..i think i did see that comming..

remember "Cat woman" Halley Berry? Who's the cat naooooo?xDDD

Ben Afflek and one of my fav actress...they make a great couple

Stars on vacation to...?

Oh's Rihanna and her BF, R&B singer Chris Brown on their vacation to Barbados.Lovely island,lovely couple,lovely love-story..what's next? marriage...maybe kids? we'll see..stay tunned

These are shots of Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls in Ibiza. I hate to say it but Nicole does kind of remind me of Kim Kardashian. But, you know, minus the pending heart attack, cellulite and facial hair. Other than that, it's like they're sisters!

"Gossip girl here,your one and only source into the scandalous lives of celebrities ellite. You know you love me XOXO Gossip girl" xDDD hehehe i can't wait for the second season to come out on 1st of October! Stay tunned! more about Gossip girl season2 here news

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