marți, 26 august 2008

~Han airport(Korea) part 2+Yuhno stalked+Bigeast fanclub

Some fancams from the airport.Enjoy ^_^

ya jaebun what are u doing?ehem ehem...picking ur nose eh? BUSTED hahaha ue kyan kyang

~Some piccies of Yunhno on the korean streets~

i wonder what is he drinking

Tohoshinki's Official web's Members' Calculation

taken from Tohoshinki OFFICIAL FANCLUB " BIGEAST " which has recently stated their information. Dated August 2008, the OFFICIALLY registered member is MORE that 85.000 people.

From the first time the web is made until now, dated April 01st, 2006 - August 2007 was listed more than 20.000 people.

This year around April, it's around 40.000 and for the recent 4 months, due to the new singles and the A-nation, the member's number is multiplied.

Ps. The Japanese Fans themselves are quite surprised with this number because for those official members, they will have to pay regular annual fee ( 4000 yen ).

we have more than 1 MILLION REGISTERed FANS in the WORLD

CASSIE: 930, 000

BIG EAST: 85,000

credits:Thsk Ofcl blog+ Japan blog+JJBaidubar+ CTF+TVXQINDO
trans : YRYC@TVXQINDO+tvxqvstvxq+toocuteydoggy

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