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~ JaeJoong Called in Chin Chin [27Aug2008] ~

Here's the translation of the conversation:

T: Hello, this is SNSD's Taeyeon
JJ: Ah, hello, hello!
K: Hello, this is Super Junior's Kangin
*they all start laughing*
JJ: Hyung is there too, right? (i'm assuming the hyung is one of the guests on the show)
K: Hyung left..
JJ: He left? Ah.. I see..
T: Please greet yourself to our ChinChin family!
JJ: Ah.. yes.. hello, this is Dong Bang Shin Ki's Youngwoong Jae Joong!
K&T: waaah~!
T: It's nice to meet you!
JJ: Yes.. hello~
K: Where are you.. who are you with right now?
T: What were you doing?
JJ: Right now.. we were filming our music video. We took a short break for dinner, and i was just listening to the radio in the car..
K: Who are you listening with?
JJ: Right now, I'm listening by myself
K&T: Ah, really?
JJ: Yeah.. and now we have to get ready again [to film]
K: Since you're friends with me, you listened to the radio program I host, right?
JJ: I actually listen to ChinChin very often
T: really?
JJ: I listen to ChinChin often, but I have a lot of complaints
K: Why?
T: Complaints?
JJ: Because Kangin hyung.. Taeyeon-shi is so good to Kangin, but Kangin hyung keeps _____ (not sure!) so I wanted to talk to him. When I was in Japan, I tried calling Kangin hyung several times, but he would never answer the phone.
T: What has happened..
K: To tell you the truth, I have some debts..
*they all laugh*
T: But.. Jaejoong-shi
JJ: Yes?
T: You said you're filming your music video.. does that mean your album is going to be released?
JJ: Ah, yes
T: Around when will it be released?
JJ: Probably the middle, or end of September
T: Ahh.. does that mean we can anticipate DBSK's performances?
JJ: Yes.. the music is very.. there are many genres [he's talking about the music in the album] and I think this time, there are going to be very cool [.. not really the right word] performances
K: Woooow! So many people are waiting for your comeback.
T: Since a lot of people are listening to ChinChin..
K: I'm not even kidding, we're getting so many texts like "Jaejoong oppa is the best" "W want to talk to him~" "Oppa i love you~"
T: When you film your music video, eat well, get more energy~
K: When the album releases, you'll come on ChinChin right?
JJ: Ah, ChinChin?
T: Yes
JJ: *pause* of course!
T: you promised!
K: So you'll be on ChinChin first out of all your radio program schedules?
JJ: Of course!
K&T: *cheers*
JUNSU: Kangin hyung, pay your money back [LOL SO RANDOM HAHA]
*they all laugh*
JJ: Junsu just ran over here and told Kangin hyung to pay his money back
T: Ah, so Kangin-shi really has some debts!
K: To Junsu shi.. uhh.. I do have some ^^;; anyway we thank you very much and after the program ends we'll call you again!
*everyone says thank you and bye etc*

credits translation: sujinny@soompi+credits on the video

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