marți, 19 august 2008

~ Han airport 08.18 + Hero and his family +Showing some luv~

Ya long time no see...good to be back home.I've been away for a while back and forth from the seaside to the country side hehe i guess it's time to spend some time home now:) It's good to be back.Today i spent a nice day with my little cousin Edy...he is so smart and kawaii,never stops surprising me.Even today in the car on our way to the city we had a small chat that turned out to be very interesting:
"[Edy] Ur computer is dead?
[me] Yes!
[Edy] But u can’t burry the computer cause u won’t be able to see the screen anymore…when Happy [his teddy bear] dies I will burry him...
[Mother] It’s not necesarry my dear…teddy will never die
[Edy]: Cool! I wanna be a teddy bear too!
[me] :Do you ever dream in black and white edy?
His reply came quick:
[Edy]: Never,why?
[me]: just asking...I heard some people do.
[Edy]: In the old times u could dream like that when there was no coloured Tv!
[me]: ROFL =))"

Isnt' he the best ever?god i love back to our business...enjoy the updates!

boy i can't notice but to notice u noticing me roar!

u can see very good his tatoo in this pic

i love xiah's T-shirt kekeke ^_^

NANDEOO that cat-walk! aishh

And the award "Picture of the day" goes to Chunnie!have u ever seen something cutter than this?!

Hero and family

with his little sis`

next to his biological mother and perhaps uncles or something dunno miahneo

Showing some Luv' !

me THEM and delia

always love and support!

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