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~ Chunseok Holiday in Korea !!! ~

Royal palaces open for Chuseok Holiday

It's Chuseok, one of Korea's biggest holidays and a fine time to rejoice in the rich crop harvest and good friends.

On this joyous occasion, when people gather for good meals, good times and folk games, the Cultural Heritage Administration under the Culture Ministry has once again announced the opening of historic palace grounds for all to enjoy.

During the Chuseok Holiday from Sept. 13 to 15 a total of 19 historic sites including palaces, royal tombs and temples will be wide open for people to attend events and experience the flavors of Korean traditions and pastimes within.

2008 Chuseok Holiday Period: Sept. 13 (Sat.) ~ 15 (Mon.), 2008

One of the most significant holidays in Korea is Chuseok, a Korean version of Thanksgiving. This year it falls on September 14 (August 15 on the lunar calendar).

Chuseok is usually celebrated for a total of three days, the day before and after the actual holiday (Sept. 13–15). Many places are closed during this holiday period. Therefore, visitors coming to Korea during this season should plan their activities in advance.

People gathered at Changgyeongung Palace

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Hehe i just found out about this holiday from my korean friend,Ecole...soo basicaly the holiday started yesterday,and TODAY it's the most important day of this entire thing.This holiday lasts for three days as u allready read in the article.I bet Korea it's a place u wouldn't like to be today as a tourist cause u wouldn't have anything to do there.Everybody is away at their parent's house.Hehe i wonder if DBSK is celebrating with their parents too...^_^
Oh and B4 i go i wanna share with u a nice blog i discovered during my researching for chuseok.It's about an european girl living in Seoul,and i discovered she had an article about chuseok there too..hehe so u can "taste" a bit of the atmosphere there too through her story(even though the article is one year old but doesnt matter). Oh she also experienced a DBSK concert (lucky her!!) . Enjoy!

here's my fav part from her article

"I was bored out of my mind because all Koreans were off spending Chuseok with their families and/or left Seoul to go back to their hometowns. I managed to snatch my boyfriend away from his family several times to spend time with him, but overall it was a very boring experience. I have officially decided that, despite having no objective reason for it, I severely dislike Chuseok. Thankfully, it’s not for another year now. Yippah-deedle-doo!"

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