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~JJ new tatoo?+Japan Airport pics[part2]+Lotte Duty Free Photos+MinSu UFO Replies+Airport fancams~

Have u noticed JJ's new tatoo,on the left arm ? I wonder what it means...any suggestions?

Japan Airport piccies [Part2]

The pictures were taken yesterday at the airport

Jaejoong fashion victim as always...i love the way he dressed here..except that belt...aish that belt just shouldnt have happened!!!

there he goes...doing his hahaha

Yuhno was trying some tongue action? eh?0_0 HAHAH nice try Yuhno...

"dressed to kill" as usual minnie...
... with those long jeans and flip-flops..i dont know what to say about that..just that it's soo wrong!

aish my eyes hurt when i see this strange combination minnie has here...the flip-flops and long jeans..aishhh soo wrong!! my eyes hurt!

I like Yuhno's style

not so "dressed to kill" this time Minnie..sorry...

here it comes..the cat-walk..nandeoooooo

Jae looks so pale and thin...

...and upset?

Yuhno always aware of the fans
I like Micky's outfit too

He's so sad...:(
the look on his face..i dont like it..he is upset...angry maybe?

hehe daydreaming:)) wake up JJ!!

Lotte Duty Free Photos

haha they are gettin` touchy with JJ^^

09-07-08 MinSu UFO Replies

Fan: Hello again, I'm anticipating the day you guys come back~ I'll be waiting! I miss you guys a lot!
Junsu: We'll come back to you guys for sure! ^^

Fan: TVXQ is on fire! I saw the cover picture~ Haha, take off some more!
Changmin: ;;; What a pervert, like this! ;;

Fan: Changmin, I like your orange hair! How about having orange hair during fourth album?
Changmin: ^^

Translation: omE! @ Shinki! Forums (
Source: All For TVXQ + Mr. TVXQ Shared by: jae!fany@soompi

Airport fancams

As we allready got used...the boys are always going back and forth from Korea to Japan...always on the run. Here are some fancams from youtube:

credits:as tagged+tvxqvstvxq

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