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Hey i wanted to thank all the readers of this blog(even the silent readers too hehe)because without them there would be no blog.All this we do it for you and we really hope u apreciate it and...always love and suport DBSK..and don't forget comments are love...and TVXQ loves u!We are all Cassies even though we don't have an official account there.Please let us know what u like and especially what u don't so we can improve our blog.Kity luvs u all.

So today i felt like i wanted to post something else beside the mirotic teasers gifs piccies and previews...i felt i need something not necesarly new but something refreshing so...
Haha so ok i know this is kinda old but i was listening to it yesterday and i tought it was fun and wanted to share it with u guys ^_^ so enjoy..this is a real phone conversation between some fangirls and DBSK!
click here to listen to the conversation:

Fans Called DBSK (Jae, Yunho, Yoochun)

These were real phone conversations between DBSK and fangirls, they somehow managed to get the boys' hotel phone number and called them.

Fan: Jaejoong oppa!
Jaejoong: Yes?
Fan: I have something to say to oppa.
Jaejoong: What do you have to say?
Fan: This year's Shanghai (?) concert, I was -- So tonight, you have to do well.
Jaejoong: --
Fan: And also, oh my (uh tuh kae yo?) She was having trouble with thinking of something to say ;A;
Jaejoong: --
Fan: In summer (?) break, please be happy forever.
Jaejoong: -- please be happy forever? I think he was trying to correct her Korean, or he was having trouble understanding her. He sounds confused XD;
Fan: Also..
Jaejoong: Yes? (laughs)
Fan: We will always be by Oppa's side forever.
Jaejoong: You will be by Oppa's side?
Fan: Yes..
Jaejoong: (laughs) Okay, thank you~
Fan: Yes, take care~

Yunho: Hello?
Fan: Ah oppa, stay healthy, we take care (protect) Dongbangshinki forever--?
Yunho: What? (laughs)
Fan: Uh?
Yunho (or Yoochun?): Hello?
Fan: Which oppa is this? (More like "who are you?")
Yoochun (?): Hello
Fan: Ah...Yunho
Fans: @#$$#^$%
Yunho (or Yoochun?): Why, why?
Fan: @#$$#^$% -- fighting!
Yunho: What?
Fan: Eat a lot! So random, ahaa.
Yunho: Okay~ (laughs)
Fans: @#$$#^$% --
Yunho: Thank you...
Fan: Oppa, thank you.
Fan: -- fighting!
Yunho: Okay..
Fans: They start talking all at once
Yunho: Thank you..
Fans: (goes crazy) They start talking all at once again
Yunho: Huh?
Fan: -- It sounds like she said "shower well" or "come again" or something D;
Yunho: Eung..thank you.
Fan: Take care~
Yunho: Yes~

Micky: Hello?
Fan: Hello~ Changmin ah?
Micky: Yes?
Fan: Where's Changmin? Who are you?
Micky: Who are you?
Fan: Ah? Nuna yah~
Micky: Which nuna ya?
Fan: Ah? Kody!
Micky: Kody? Which Kody? What's your name?
Fan: Hong-I (not sure, but she said some name)
Micky: Ah?
Fan: Hello?
Micky: Hello? *LOL, he sounds so incredulous here* Kody, which kody?
Fan: Hye Jin!
Micky: There's no one like that here.
Fan: Ah? Who are you?
Micky: Who are you??
Fan: Hengh~! (cute sound)
Micky: (sniggers) (In English) Please don't call me back right?
Fan: *screams*

Translations taken from DBSG@LJ
Micky - milkaddict91
Yunho & Jaejoong - bakarero

TVXQ: Together we cry

I really enjoyed these fanmade videos.A bit history of DBSK...through good and bad we've been toghether! always love and support! Cassies hwaiting!

TVXQ Fourth Album “Mirotic” MV to be played in front of the City Hall on the 21st

Before it’s official release, TVXQ’s fourth album MV will be revealed on a big scale in front of City Hall on the 21st.

TVXQ’s fourth album MV finished filming around the end of August, with “curse,” “mystery,” and “darkness” as themes.

The producer of this MV mainly used a 35mm film camera during filming, enhancing the overall feeling of the video, with the TVXQ members and a female character immersed in the “curse,” and the members who wake up beautifully from this “curse.”

The full MV is to be released on the 21st at 6 PM Beijing time (I think it’s 7 PM Seoul time), with the theme of “giving young adults dreams and hope- TVXQ’s Mini Concert” for their showcase. The 20 second teaser, released on the 16th, has already received explosive reactions from the public.

Also, TVXQ plans to release their fourth album title song on the 24th on various music sites such as Melon, Cyworld, Soribada, etc.

Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums (
Source: OhMicky + Mr. TVXQ

[TEASER 2] [HQ] MIROTIC MV (33secs preview)


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