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~ DBSK Schedule 08/09 [updated]+Asian "chocolate" ~

DBSK Schedule 08/09 [updated*]

2nd September - Mnet tvN Mad.com Show (2-3pm)
3rd September - TOKYO LOVELIGHT feat. Yoochun PV release
7th September - SM Town Press Conference in Bangkok with 5 SUJU members [POSTPHONED]
7th September -SBS Inkigayo 500th Episode: 4th Album teaser video release (3.10pm KST)
8th September - KNTV Kpop Vintage: Golden Week TVXQ Special I (replaying old DBSK MVs)
10th September - KNTV Kpop Vintage: Golden Week TVXQ Special II (replaying old DBSK MVs)
13th September - SM Town Summer Festival concert SHANGHAI
13th September - AVEX Gallery in Kijima at Kijima Kogen Amusement Park (TILL 23 SEPT 08)*
20th September - aNATION 07 Broadcast
21st September - 4th Korean Album Showcase
24rd September - 4th KOREAN ALBUM RELEASE!
24th September - DJ Makai's Album Release (feat. Yoochun in Tokyo Lovelight)
27th September - aNATION 08 Broadcast + Lotte Event in Korea

4th October - Asia Song Festival (Seoul)
11th October - MBC Big Music Festa (Ulsan World Cup Stadium)
15th October - 24th Japanese single 呪文-MIROTIC - release*
23-26th October - Korean Wave Festival 2008
25th October - 2009 Calender release

29th November - SM Festival in Bangkok 2008

18th January - Bigeast 3rd Fanmeet (Makuhari Event Hall)
21st January - Bigeast 3rd Fanmeet (Kobe World Hall)

Credits: ♥ KPOP JJANG 짱

Asian chocolate

Good day everyone..not so good for me though...anyways I would like to delight your eyes with some asian hotties..sooo here they are..please make yourself comfortable in ur seats and enjoy!
Imma start with Bi Rain...korean singer and actor and also producer!My fav dramas with him are" A love to kill" and "Full house". The piccies were "borrowed" hehe from his official site.It also has an option for english version of the site(which i think it's the best idea ever!)...i made an account on the site.It's nice and easy,just try it.

This is an MV of "A love to kill",his best drama(i cried my heart out watching it):

My next fav asian star would be Yamashita Tomoshita aka. "Yamapi". Japanese actor and singer,he played in several dramas.My fav one is "Nobuta wo produce" and "Kurosagi",must see them! Here we go...My fav vid of Yamapi is this one:

Akira shock!! ^^

My next fav taiwanese actor is Mike He...also played in several dramas...I personally consider him the best drama actor EVER! One of his best dramas is "Devil beside you",here's the MV:

Another GREAT drama of his is "Love contract",here's an MV:

Some piccies of Mike He:

This one i stole it from his blog hehe i thought he was so natural in this one:)
if i'm not wrong..the description of the pic was something about behind the scenes of a movie filming.He was having a filming break so he thought to check out the "Toys"hehe such a baby ^^
Oh i made an account on his blog too xD...but i couldn't do it myself..because it was all in taiwanese so my taiwanese friend from Taipei,Lucky,helped me.I wanna thank him again,he's the best!

Mike and Ariel Linn
Mike and Rainie Yang

And last but not least is Se7en , korean singer,model and actor.Also played in a famous drama called Goong S.(haven't seen it,yet).

This video was the first one i saw of se7en and i fell for him instantly!

A great performance of his in a concert:

Se7en's performance in X Man:

Piccies with him:

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